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Bitcoin must die
If Bitcoin were to cease trading tomorrow, 0.5% of the world’s electricity demand would simply disappear. This is roughly equivalent to the output of ten coal-fired power plants, emitting 50 million tonnes of CO2 per year – which would cover one year’s worth of the carbon emission cuts required to limit temperature rises this century to 2C. It is not a solution by itself, but it would be a good year’s work. Bitcoin is made from ashes, and if ashes were legal tender, humanity would burn everything in sight and call it progress.
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4 weeks ago by jm
Ravencoin an Open Source Community Coin Project.

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11 weeks ago by randyhilarski
The State of Cryptocurrency Mining – Sia Blog
For those new to the blog, I am the lead developer of Sia, a blockchain based cloud storage platform. About a year ago, myself and some members of the Sia team started Obelisk, a cryptocurrency ASIC…
mining  asic  cryptocurrency  hardware  analysis  economics  strategy  manufacturing  centralization  bitcoin  pow  consensus  politics 
may 2018 by orlin
Secure ledgers don't require proof-of-work
Software, decentralization, peer-to-peer systems, and more.
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may 2018 by orlin

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