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Light Me Up
"Frank kisses him so hard that the cuts on their lips break and they’re bleeding into each other’s teeth." (2437 words) Alt scene for It Takes a Village.
matt_murdock  frank_castle  matt/frank  bottom!matt  top!frank  pov:frank  pwp  hothothot  sex:rough  sex:shower  kink:manhandling  kink:praisekink  kink:bloodplay  first_time  fandom:daredevil  author:beguile 
february 2018 by elwarre
True Colors: A Triptych
"Frank hasn’t seen white torture since he was overseas. Now, he’s found Red curled up in a hole in the wall, sense-deprived, and he killed the guys who did it too quickly for him to truly be known as the Punisher." (8633 words)
frank_castle  matt_murdock  gen  protective!frank  hurt!matt  kidnapped!matt  tortured!matt  drugged!matt  hallucinating!matt  pov:frank  character_study  escape/rescue  kidnapping  torture  abuse:emotional/psychological  drugs:nonconsensual  hallucinations  fandom:daredevil  fandom:marvel  author:beguile  have:pdf 
february 2018 by elwarre
akamine_chan: Come Catch Me
REC: Frank and Gerard help relocate an Allosaurus arcticus. Another outtake in the The Life of Dinosaurs series. Lots of fun but now I really want there to be white, featherd dinosaurs in our world too! (2016-09-04)
QUOTE: "What's your situation?"
"Well," Frank started. It was embarrassing, to be honest. "I'm inside the cage, of course, and the allosaurus can't get to me, thank fuck." The allosaurus opened its mouth, displaying teeth designed to tear and rend. It tried to get a good grip on the steel bars, but couldn't fit its head very far between them. It yanked and the cage jerked a few feet across the snowy ground.
About 300 feet away, Frank could see the tundra rover where Brian, Gerard, Ray, Mikey, and their A. arcticus expert, Kenojuak Ashevak, were safely ensconced, away from any allosaurus with big, gnashy teeth. There was a grinding sound, and Frank watched, alarmed, as the allosaurus chewed on one of the thick metal rods that made up walls of the cage.
"I'm safe for now, but it looks like with some effort, the allosaurus can get through the bars." He sat down on the ground and crossed his legs, because his knees were suddenly wobbly.
He could hear Kenojuak talking calmly in the background. "Well, Kenojuak says they can put a lot of pressure behind their bite, so yeah. The cage wasn't made to withstand a determined allosaurus with time on its... uh, claws," Gerard said.
"Ask him what the fuck happened," Brian said. "I swear to God, he told me he hit the mark. "
"I did!" Frank was indignant. "Tell Brian that I did!" (2,290 words)
author:akamine_chan  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:slash  fic:category:gen  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:fluff  fic:genre:action/adventure  beings:animals.dinosaurs  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:alternate.world  setting:tundra  geography:Canada  relationship:established  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pov:Frank  +length:short.1k-5k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2016-05  recced:2016-09  activity:exploring  occupation:explorer 
september 2016 by turlough
akamine_chan: Finds You in the End
REC: A one-night stand that developes into something more. With a twist. A very sweet story that gives us a glimpse from a fascinating universe. (2016-09-04)
QUOTE: It had been an impulsive decision, to visit the House of Secrets. Franc's life was too dangerous, too transient, for him to form bonds, and sometimes he just needed to be touched. A craving that he couldn't satisfy with drink, or powder, or the twist of his own slicked hand.
A quick trip to the House, a donation to the Mistress, and a night lost in carnal indulgence. Simple. Quick. Easy.
Franc should have known better; his Luck was never that good.
He couldn't stop thinking about the man, the way he moved, rocking slowly into Franc, making him feel the stretch and pull. The sounds he made when Franc sucked a bruise onto his thigh, the way his fingernails dug into Franc's shoulders to pull him close, *closer*, how he watched Franc's face as he drowned under the sensations trembling through him.
When he closed his eyes, Franc couldn't see anything but the man, laid out under him, strung out by Franc's touch, his face *open*, unashamed and honest. (1,500 words)
author:akamine_chan  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  activity:transformation.animate  beings:dragons  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:magic  occupation:bounty.hunter  smut:anonymous.sex  smut:fucking  setting:other.world  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pov:Frank  challenge:2016.Pod_Together  +length:short.1k-5k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2016-08  recced:2016-09 
september 2016 by turlough
turps: untitled ficlet
REC: Frank and Mikey are the failiest spies. Hilarious! (2016-01-10)
QUOTE: "This is awesome!" Hands on his hips, Frank looks at himself in the mirror, unable to hide his grin as he walks forward, his hoofshoes clattering against the ground. "No one will recognise us in this." (170 words)
(also at http://archiveofourown.org/works/5803444 )
author:turps  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:gen  fic:genre:fluff  concept:ordinary.lives  occupation:spy/secret.agent  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pov:Frank  +length:short.-1k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2016-01  recced:2016-01 
march 2016 by turlough
prophetic: Merry and Bright
REC: The mall is weird, but it has its moments of Christmas beauty. A charming and happymaking story about Frank's job at the mall from Thanksgiving to Christmas, both the good and the bad, and how he meets Gerard and the evolution of their relationship. Parts of it made me laugh out loud and others made me sigh with happiness. (2016-01-10)
QUOTE: Frank puttered at the counter, rearranging piles of clothes into other, slightly more stable piles, connecting garments with hangers where he could. It wasn't much good without a rack to hang them on. He collected as many of the dressing room number tags as he could - the tags and number limits hadn't even begun to control the flood of people today - and started to replenish the empty tag hooks.
"Can you help me?" A small, worried voice floated out from the dressing rooms.
Frank looked down the row of doors and saw the guy had peeked his head awkwardly out of the last door and was looking at Frank. Frank hurried down to him.
"What can I do for you?"
"Well, I..." The guy's voice trailed off and he edged open the door, which he had been using to shield his body from the view of Frank or anyone else who might have been in the hallway. "I'm kind of... not sure about these pants."
He was wearing a pair of pants that was, Frank estimated conservatively, about three sizes too large. They hung with reasonable security off his waist, but the front pleats drooped sadly and the cuffs creased and bunched around his feet. Frank frowned in concentration as he took this in. The guy was anxious, and this was why. He didn't know how to shop. Frank felt a smile pricking behind his cheekbones and the beginnings of a laugh at the back of his throat, so he frowned harder.
"I... haven't had to buy dress pants in a really long time," the guy offered by way of explanation.
"Well, okay," Frank began carefully, fighting the prickly feeling in his cheeks. "I think these might be a little big for you." That was the least of the pants' problems, really. Frank flashed back to the day he'd come to work in an old pair of pants he'd pulled out of the back of his closet. They had pleats at the front and cuffs that just barely brushed the tops of his shoes. Pete had sent him home to change, with orders not to come back until he was in different clothes, had disposed of the pleated pants permanently, and could explain the difference between a half-break and full-break hem. And now the fit of men's pants had turned into something Frank could evaluate quickly, thoroughly, without thinking. Something he knew an embarrassing amount about.
"So, the fit," Frank said to the guy, "The fit is the first thing. I can get you some different sizes." His exhaustion was making him chatter, but the guy was looking at him so earnestly. And those eyebrows. (10,420 words)
author:prophetic  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:fluff  activity:shopping  concept:ordinary.lives  holiday:Thanksgiving  holiday:Christmas  occupation:shop.assistant  relationship:friendship  relationship:UST  setting:shop  setting:mall  things:snow  band:My.Chemical.Romance  band:Mindless.Self.Indulgence  band:Fall.Out.Boy  band:Gym.Class.Heroes  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pov:Frank  challenge:2015.Bandom.Holidays  +length:medium.10k-20k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2015-12  recced:2016-01 
march 2016 by turlough
ermengarde: Somebody Needs To Sing a Christmas Carol
REC: A charming story from the North Pole about Frank the Union Rep Elf and Gerard the awkward and charming nerd who's at risk of losing his job. So much fun and so sweet! (2015-12-27)
QUOTE: It takes Gerard six fucking days to respond to Frank (six fucking days and another four chimney mails) and then he doesn't respond like a normal person, replying to the mail and setting up an appointment, he turns up at Frank's *home*.
Actually, he's dragged to Frank's home by a lanky dude that Frank's seen around the mail-room and the union meetings and more or less anywhere there's a coffee pot. The lanky dude bangs on Frank's front door until Frank comes through from where he's been trying to replace the taps on the kitchen sink, and then Lanky Dude pushes the rumpled, paint covered vampire dude he's holding by the wrist forward until Vampire Dude is trapped between Lanky Dude and Frank's door. Frank looks at them warily through the bubbled glass of his front door... neither Lanky Dude nor Vampire Dude are, like *big* and it's fucking freezing outside and they're both in fucking band shirts... and really it's the combination of goose pimples he can fucking see through the glass and the Misfits and Bouncing Souls shirts that decides Frank. No one wanting to do harm would dress like that.
Frank opens the door.
Lanky Dude shoves Vampire Dude in the back, and he stumbles forwards into Frank. "Gee, this is Frank, the nice man who's been trying to help you for a week. Frank, this is my idiot brother, Gerard."
Lanky Dude turns and leaves, Vamp...Gerard, Lanky Dude's brother apparently, is half collapsed into Frank's arms, and he smells of hair dye and cigarettes.
It takes a moment for Gerard to start pulling himself back off of Frank, it's like he doesn't quite believe that his brother actually just did that. When he's eventually upright again, Frank looks at him, raises an eyebrow and waits.
Gerard stares at him and runs his hand through his already messy black hair, pulling it into his face. He looks like a teenager, and Frank knows for a fact that Gerard is older than him. He'd heard rumors that the original elfing families had a little bit of, like, actual *mythic* elf blood in them, but looking at Gerard's face is the first time he's ever actually believed it.
"Ummm." Gerard bites his lip.
It is physically painful to watch someone being as socially awkward as Gerard is currently being and Frank is not an actual fucking monster. "Hi." He says, sticking out his hand for Gerard to shake. "I'm Frank Iero, your Labor Union representative." (5,900 words)
author:ermengarde  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:fluff  beings:Santa.Claus  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:genderfuck  concept:art  holiday:Christmas  occupation:elf  occupation:artist/designer  occupation:union.representative  relationship:UST  setting:office  geography:North.Pole  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pov:Frank  +length:medium.5k-10k  challenge:2015.Bandom.Holidays  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2015-12  recced:2015-12 
january 2016 by turlough
prophetic: A Late Night Double Feature Picture Show
REC: New York City, 1948, a meeting in the dark at the late night movie theater. This is a lovely little story with beautifully evocative writing. The characters feel very true both to themselves and to the time. And the ending has so much quiet hope for the future. (2015-12-20)
QUOTE: He heard the man take a breath, but Frank kept his eyes on the screen, face expressionless. Figures in the theater stood and moved, strolling quietly, unhurriedly, to other seats to become pairs. On the screen, the Martian shot a man with his laser gun, and the man slumped to the ground, writhing in magnificent agony. The Martian clutched his laser and laughed triumphantly. Somewhere, a woman screamed, and Frank and the man fell into each other.
The man's mouth on his, in a surprising, swooping sensation that made Frank's joints weak. Despite the many times he had been to the theater, he had never, never kissed another man before. Frank's hand on the man's wool coat, and then finding its way inside it, feeling the warmth he wanted to wrap himself in. The man reaching to touch Frank's face and then to put his hands in Frank's hair.
Frank's hat toppled to the floor, between the seats.
Shedding coats, unbuckling belts, and behind them, fire and fumes as the prototype rocket braved Earth's atmosphere and made its way into the uncharted emptiness of the solar system. (1,680 words)
author:prophetic  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:homophobia  setting:cinema/theater  smut:frottage  smut:public.sex  smut:anonymous.sex  period:1940s  geography:US:New.York  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pov:Frank  pov:Gerard  +length:short.1k-5k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2015-11  recced:2015-12 
january 2016 by turlough
akamine_chan: It Was Really Me, It Was Really You
REC: Gerard and Frank are rival hosts of dinosaur nature shows but their new boss forces them to work together. This is a great story. I loved the way Gerard and Frank's relationship evolved and all the shennaningans they got up to filming dinosaurs all over the world. And looking up and reading about all the dinosaurs they encountered was so much fun. Also, make sure to check out the art, it's very cool. (2015-09-27)
QUOTE: "I think it drags a little in the middle."
Gerard's temper flared. "Fuck you, it *doesn't*. Not everything has to be super sparkly bells and whistles."
"We're trying to dazzle Morrison with what we've got planned." Frank pointed out.
Frank was calm, clearly not being contrary for the sake of being difficult, for once. Gerard took a deep breath. "But we don't want to oversell ourselves, either."
Frank made a so-so motion. "I think we need to go big or go home." He grinned. "Besides, we *can't* oversell this. It's going to be fucking amazing, and we're going to win awards and Morrison is going to erect statues in our honor..."
Gerard giggled against his will and flipped through his presentation notes. "Okay, boring, huh?"
Frank blew his bangs out of his face. "No, not *boring*. It just loses a bit of momentum. And it shouldn't, because we're going from ceratopsians to our miscellaneous episode, and there's going to be some epic dinosaurs and dinosaur-like animals in that episode.
"And instead of presenting it like a dumping ground for dinosaurs that didn't fit in any of the other episodes, we want to act like we put these dinosaurs together because they're so damn awesome."
"Oh." Gerard chewed on the end of his pen. "Yeah, okay, I see what you're saying." He took a few quick notes. "I'll fix it."
Frank beamed at him. "All right. Let's keep going."
They ran through the rest of the presentation, hammering out further details, smoothing out a couple of rough spots. They argued a little over who should present which part, but for the most part, it was done.
They ended up budgeting seven and a half minutes to talk about each episode. It wasn't enough, of course, because Frank and Gerard could go on and on about dinosaurs, but that kept the presentation at a reasonable sixty minutes.
"You know, I could do all the talking, and get it done in half the time." Gerard pushed his hair away from his face.
Frank snorted. "Yeah, you could. And no one would understand a word."
"True," Gerard admitted. "Just a thought."
"Yeah, no." Frank shuffled through his notes. "Anything else? Or are we done for the night?" It was early for them, only a little after two A.M.
"Done, done, done," Gerard said, and Frank noticed for the first time how tired he looked.
"You're exhausted."
Gerard nodded. "Haven't been sleeping well. Nervous about the presentation."
Frank squeezed his shoulder, and couldn't help letting his hand linger for a little longer than necessary. "We're almost done. Dress rehearsal tomorrow, Morrison the day after."
Gerard paled a little, and swallowed. "Yeah."
"We're gonna be great."
"I know." He did; they were going to rock Morrison's socks off. It was just the anticipation and the waiting that made him anxious. (25,240 words)
author:akamine_chan  fandom:Bandom  fandom:Comics.RPS  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:fluff  activity:film.making  activity:exploring  beings:Grant.Morrison  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:alternate.world  condition:injury  occupation:scientist  occupation:explorer  relationship:UST  setting:beach/lake/ocean  setting:forest/jungle  setting:animal.shelter  geography:Asia:China  geography:Australia  geography:US  band:My.Chemical.Romance  band:Fall.Out.Boy  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pov:Frank  pov:Gerard  challenge:2015.BBB  +length:long.20k-50k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2015-09  recced:2015-09  beings:animals.dinosaurs  geography:South.America:Brazil 
october 2015 by turlough
reading_is_in: Five times Ghoul Didn't let Poison Kiss Him (And One Time He Did)
REC: What it says in the title. A wonderful glimpse of life in the Zones with a great Frank characterisation and a heartbreaking ending. (2015-05-10)
QUOTE: Ghoul sighs. He's uncomfortable. "We all chose this life," he says at last.
"Yeah," whispers Poison. He tilts his face, so that their lips are suddenly very close, and his eyes are liquid. They seem to draw in breath at the same time.
"Stop," Ghoul says.
Poison blinks.
"I wasn't -"
"I know. It's just. Not now, okay? It's not -" It's not time. It's too much. Too much of one kind of feeling and not enough of the other, and Ghoul doesn't understand Poison's motivations.
"Right," Poison blinks, draws back.
They watch the night together. (2,080 words)
(also at http://bandom-meme.dreamwidth.org/19917.html?thread=652493#cmt652493 )
fandom:Bandom  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:character.study  beings:draculoids  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:char.death  concept:rebellion  relationship:friendship  relationship:UST  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pov:Frank  +length:short.1k-5k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2015-05  recced:2015-05  author:reading_is_in  universe:Danger.Days 
may 2015 by turlough
akamine_chan: The Glam Rock Life
REC: Frank is exhausted when he arrives at Gerard's hotel room. A lovely little story. So warm and full of love. (2015-03-08)
QUOTE: His face was ashen in the mirror, unshaven and stubbly, reflecting his bone-deep tiredness. His hair was greasy and lank, his mouth tasted like death, and he was just barely holding on to consciousness.
Twelve hours from JFK to Abu Dhabi, an hour layover, and then another fourteen hours before landing in Melbourne, trapped in a tiny economy seat that felt claustrophobic even to him because there'd been nothing available in first class. That would teach him to impulse fly around the globe just because he fucking missed Gerard.
He grinned at himself, because he was stupidly ridiculous. Gerard had the next few days off, but Frank would be back on a plane the day after, racing against the clock to get back in time for his next show. (669 words)
author:akamine_chan  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:fluff  relationship:established  setting:on.tour  geography:Australia  band:My.Chemical.Romance  band:Gerard.and.the.Hormones  band:FrnkIero.and.the.Cellabration  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pov:Frank  +length:short.-1k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2015-03  recced:2015-03 
march 2015 by turlough
gorgeousnerd: Our Hands Were Just That Close
REC: The first time Gerard lies on the gurney on the Black Parade tour his daemon isn't with him. A fascinating and thoughtprovoking little Daemons AU. I really like the way the daemons are used to show us things about the guys. (2015-02-01)
QUOTE: Gerard and Nadine are never onstage together during the tour. There's a flurry of press at first, and people ask what children will think of such a display and about Gerard's health in bullshit ways, but it dies down as soon as the paparazzi catch Nadine flying around Gerard's shoulders while he's out on a walk. Frank still sees Gerard talk about it with worried fans sometimes after that, but there's less hand wringing overall.
Frank, on the other hand, gets more worried as time passes even though Gerard seems as good as ever. Better, considering how ugly their touring in the Revenge days had been.
He probably wouldn't have started worrying if Mikey hadn't sent Hortense off to get him something from the bus when the band was in the green room on the opposite side of the arena. Up until that moment, the additional range Mikey had gotten before he'd had to leave the Black Parade recording sessions had been something that had become part of the fabric of Mikey, something that niggled at Frank now and then but was mostly a mark of Mikey's survival. Hortense rarely tested their range, though. She usually hung out around Mikey's neck, tail curled on Mikey's chest.
Some kind of trauma is behind Gerard's range, too, but what part? It wasn't Elena; Gerard's decline after that point would have made it impossible to hide from the band.
"It's none of your fucking business," Rizzo reminds Frank when he's picking at a Pop Tart on the bus one morning and worrying about Gerard.
"But what if something's wrong?"
"Then you ask him if he wants to talk about it. But this is between him and his daemon." (1,900 words)
author:gorgeousnerd  fandom:Bandom  fandom:His.Dark.Materials  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:character.study  fic:genre:fusion  activity:performing  beings:daemons  condition:mental.illness  concept:addiction  concept:sobriety  relationship:established  relationship:friendship  setting:on.tour  setting:on.break  tour:2006-2007.Black.Parade  time:post-band  geography:US:Los.Angeles  band:My.Chemical.Romance  band:Gerard.and.the.Hormones  band:FrnkIero.and.the.Cellabration  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pov:Frank  +length:short.1k-5k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2015-02  recced:2015-02 
february 2015 by turlough
prophetic: Something Wicked This Way Comes
REC: You can't fight evil without guitar solos. Awesome double drabble. I love the interplay between Ray and Frank. (2015-01-18)
QUOTE: "Stop talking." Ray's voice was tight. "We don't have time."
It was the fastest they'd set up a stage since the old days. Frank kicked a pile of wires. "This is stupid. Crazy."
"No," Ray said solemnly. "It's our duty. What true rock ‘n' roller wouldn't stand against demonic hordes if they were called upon?"
"Duty?" Frank glared. (200 words)
author:prophetic  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:gen  fic:genre:urban.fantasy  activity:performing  concept:apocalypse  concept:music  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pov:Frank  +length:short.-1k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2015-01  recced:2015-01 
january 2015 by turlough
gorgeousnerd: First run
REC: Last year was Bandit's first run, this is Cherry and Lily's. A lovely little post-band ficlet. (2014-12-21)
QUOTE: Cherry and Lily are as excited as anyone would guess, circling Frank's paws with little playful nips. Bandit watches them solemnly from behind her father's legs until Gerard nudges her with his head, and then she runs forward to join them. (340 words)
(also at http://gorgeousnerd.dreamwidth.org/1877044.html )
author:gorgeousnerd  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:gen  fic:genre:character.study  beings:kids  beings:werewolves  concept:family  concept:band.with.a.twist  time:post-band  geography:US:California  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pov:Frank  +length:short.-1k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2014-12  recced:2014-12 
december 2014 by turlough
akamine_chan; Twisting Fate
REC: A sweet little story about Frank's first meeting with My Chem and Gerard, his soulmate. (2014-11-16)
QUOTE: "Oh, hey, Mikeyway. Long time no see," he says after literally bumping into Mikey, who's huddled next to the singer. Frank takes a pointy elbow to the ribs, but that's okay. "Didn't know you were in a new band." Mikey's like Frank, he's been in a billion different bands over the years. Mikey'd even tried out for Pencey, once.
"Yeah, with my brother," Mikey says, pulling the singer closer. "Frank, Hambone, Gerard, my brother." Mikey looks proud. "We always talked about starting a band someday, and we finally did."
"Hey," Hambone says casually, before turning away to talk to someone else.
Frank sighs, because Hambone's been such a tool lately. "Hey," Frank offers, extending his hand to Gerard. Gerard reaches out to shake and when their hands touch, something happens.
It's almost like drowning, sinking down into cool water, where everything's still and quiet. He feels calm and relaxed, like dying and being reborn at the same time. His entire being slows, stills, the very atoms and molecules winding down to stop.
Gerard's eyes widen in surprise. The universe pauses, holds its breath, and the moment stretches out. (2,060 words)
author:akamine_chan  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:fluff  fic:genre:character.study  activity:performing  concept:mindmeld/soulbond  setting:bar/club  time:pre-band  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pov:Frank  +length:short.1k-5k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2014-09  recced:2014-11 
november 2014 by turlough
akamine_chan: Misery You Choose
REC: Frank and Gerard talks on the phone. A lovely little story. (2014-11-16)
QUOTE: In the past, when Frank got like this, Gerard would wrap him up in a hug. Frank would press his face against Gerard's neck, inhaling the scent of him, sweat and smoke. "Miss you."
Gerard makes a soft sound. "You know what I would do if I was there, don't you?" His voice is so soft and quiet, like he's telling Frank something secret. "I would pull you into a hug, and remind you that we're doing this because we love this, playing music, talking to the kids... it's what we were born to do."
Frank closes his eyes and just listens to Gerard's voice. (396 words)
author:akamine_chan  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:gen  fic:genre:character.study  concept:family  relationship:friendship  setting:on.tour  time:post-band  band:My.Chemical.Romance  band:FrnkIero.and.the.Cellabration  pov:Frank  +length:short.-1k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2014-10  recced:2014-11 
november 2014 by turlough
dear_monday: Séance Weather
REC: It all began with the worst storm in fifty years. An Addams Family fusion where 10-year-old Frank makes friends with the Way brothers and embraces the dark side. This is an absolutely delightful story. Kid!Frank is such a joy to read and I love the way he bonds with the Ways. Their escapades was so much fun to read. I lauged out loud several times. It isn't all funny hijinx, there are sad and bittersweet things too, but mostly it's a wonderfully happymaking story, full of warmth and friendship. (2014-11-02) This is an absolutely delightful story. My Chemical Romance and the Addams Family is such a great match, both in aestethics and atmosphere, and the Way brothers are perfect as the Addams children. And Mama Way as Morticia is just wonderful. Kid!Frank is a total joy and I love the way he bonds with the Ways. Their escapades is so much fun to read and made me laugh out loud several times. The story isn't all funny hijinx, there are sad and bittersweet things too, but most of all it's a wonderfully happymaking story, full of warmth and friendship. (2014-12-05)
QUOTE: "Is your house haunted?" asks Frank, as they make their way up the long driveway towards it. House, he thinks, is something of an understatement. It sits on the top of the hill, a little way back from the rest of the town, haughty and dark and forbidding. He's seen it before, always from a distance, and he'd thought it was deserted. Frank has never heard anyone talk about the place, and no one seems to know who - if anyone - lives there.
It's the coolest house Frank has ever seen. It has turrets, which he covets immediately. His house doesn't have turrets. Or a circular tower room, or an overgrown, thorny sprawl of a front yard, or wrought-iron fencing warped with age and twice as tall as he is.
He's going to be really, *really* disappointed if Gerard and Mikey's house isn't haunted. Gerard turns back to look at him pityingly.
"*Obviously*," Gerard says. "Isn't yours?"
"No," says Frank sadly. "Not even a little bit." They've never had so much as a door that opens or closes by itself, let alone phantom shadows on the walls, and if anything is ever where it shouldn't be then Frank will know about it because it's invariably his fault. He's spent hours and hours on gloomy afternoons like this one searching from the basement to the rafters for some sign of the supernatural, or at the very least some ominous evidence of a gruesome past, but by now he's pretty much accepted that the house is exactly what it seems, nothing more and nothing less: a house. It's a real disappointment.
"Really?" asks Mikey, as he dodges a low-hanging branch that nearly takes Frank's eye out and drenches him even more thoroughly with accumulated rain in the process. "Not even a poltergeist or anything? Gee, remember that year when we had three of them in the attic and uncle Montgomery's ghost in that bedroom and, and -"
"Cousin Ermintrude in the drawing room," finishes Gerard, stepping over something that Frank thinks might be a bear trap without even looking down. "That was annoying. Just because she was only eight when she died didn't mean she had to take it out on me. It wasn't *my* fault she tried to curse me for experimenting on her stupid toad," he says petulantly, then rather steps on his own point by adding, "Anyway, it wouldn't leave me alone. It kept getting slime all over my drawings." He's glowering, and Frank does his best to feel menaced. It's not like Gerard seems particularly upset or anything, but Frank's not sure whether or not it's okay to tell someone that being haunted by their dead relatives sounds kind of awesome.
"Anyway," says Gerard casually, as he lifts the heavy-looking brass door-knocker (shaped like a wolf's head, Frank is almost sure) and releases it, letting it drop back against the imposing, ominously stained front door with a bang so loud Frank starts a little. The door creaks open apparently of its own accord with a noise like... well, Frank can't help thinking, a noise like a dying toad. "Come in, Frank."
It doesn't cross Frank's mind for so much as a moment that he should leave now. (20,510 words)
author:dear_monday  fandom:Bandom  fandom:Addams.Family  fic:category:gen  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:fusion  fic:genre:character.study  beings:kids  beings:ghosts  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:family  concept:magic  concept:supernatural  condition:illness  occupation:student.elementary.school  relationship:friendship  things:storm  setting:elementary.school  setting:mansion/palace  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pov:Frank  +length:long.20k-50k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2014-10  recced:2014-11  !!FAVOURITE.FIC 
november 2014 by turlough
fleurdeliser & ohnoktcsk & tuesdaysgone: The Way of the Voice
REC: Gerard is one of the finest skalds in the kingdom, but when he finds himself the target of a very nasty curse his whole life is thrown into chaos. Desperate to break the curse Gerard seeks help from the kingdom's most powerful mage and his enchanting assistant. This is a delightful story. I love the warm, domestic atmosphere and the way Gerard fits into Frank and Grant's lives like there's a space there that's just been waiting for him to fill it. The way magic and music and ordinary, everyday life interwines all through the story makes it a joy to read. It will definitely go on my list of stories to read when I'm feeling down. (2014-09-07)
QUOTE: "He is excellent at his job," Grant said. "And yes, we'll need to employ other methods regardless. There is one more scrying spell I can try that may reveal something different, but I can already tell it won't be enough."
"Nyota's third?" Frank asked. Grant nodded. "I'll get the salt," Frank said, getting up.
Grant moved to the part of the room they used for casting circles and started gathering candles. He glanced back at Gerard, who remained seated. He wasn't still, though. His eyes were darting around him, taking in the room. He'd seen it the day before, but things had been moved around. His hands were moving, worrying the hem of his sleeve, folding in his lap, resting on his knees.
Grant could understand Gerard's unease with silence just now. Happily, he could do something about that. "Nyota's third incantation is a bit unusual, for a scrying spell," he told Gerard. "What makes it unusual, Frank?"
"'M not your apprentice anymore," Frank grumbled, but he added, "It uses different pathways."
"It's a spoken-word, or rather, sung, incantation. I believe in this case it might prove more effective," Grant explained. He knelt with a piece of chalk and drew the circle. Frank returned and started arranging the rest of the materials. Gerard's eyes darted between them both. He clearly found the process utterly fascinating.
"The circle directs the spell," Grant explained. "It gives the words somewhere to go."
Gerard gestured between them. "Who does the spell?" Frank asked.
"You should," Grant said to Frank. "You haven't had that many opportunities to do this one, as I recall."
Frank nodded. "Okay. Gerard, can you come over here? We both need to kneel in the middle of the circle. Grant will finish the preparations. Then I'll start the incantation." Gerard nodded and got on his knees in the circle. Frank knelt opposite him. "I'm going to need to put my hands on your shoulders," Frank said.
Gerard nodded, mouthing an 'okay'. Grant finished his preparations, setting the little bundles of ingredients at three points on the circle's circumference. Then he sat back and watched Frank.
Frank whispered to Gerard, "Close your eyes." Gerard closed his eyes and Frank started the incantation. His voice was scratchy and rough at first, but as he kept going, his tone evened out. Grant always forgot how well Frank could sing.
Gerard's eyes were still closed, but his expression had changed. He looked... sad. Immensely so. Frank's voice wavered minutely. He saw it too. Grant watched his hands move, cupping Gerard's skull, thumbs circling just under his ears.
Grant watched Gerard breathe in through his nose and saw his Adam's apple move as he swallowed. Frank kept singing. The circle flared with light, little sparks dancing up into the air as Frank sang the spell to its conclusion.
Neither he nor Gerard moved, so Grant did. "It worked," he murmured to Frank. "Look at the sigils." (62,440 words)
author:fleurdeliser  author:ohnoktcsk  author:tuesdaysgone  fandom:Bandom  fandom:Comics.RPS  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:character.study  activity:cooking  activity:performing  beings:dwarves  beings:Grant.Morrison  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:magic  concept:music  concept:curse  occupation:musician  occupation:wizard/witch  relationship:friendship  relationship:UST  relationship:poly  smut:threesome  smut:blowjob  smut:handjob  smut:fucking  setting:other.world  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard/Grant.Morrison(primary)  pov:Gerard  pov:Frank  pov:Grant.Morrison  challenge:2014.BBB  +length:long.50k-100k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2014-09  recced:2014-09  !!FAVOURITE.FIC 
september 2014 by turlough
rubytuesday5681: You Can Trust Me
REC: They only made out once. It shouldn't be a big deal but Frank can't get Gerard out of is mind. A nice sequel to 'Mikey Way's Annoying Older Brother'. Frank feels very believable as a young teenager. (2014-08-17)
QUOTE: The thing is, he just can't get it out of his mind - the whole making out with Gerard thing. At first he was willing to give himself a break because that was a totally hot and heavy make out session, more intense than anything he's ever done before. In fact, if Ray hadn't called when he did and interrupted them, Frank has no idea how far it might have gone. He can't be certain, but it totally felt like Gerard was about to move his hand from Frank's back to his ass just before the phone rang.
Fucking Ray. Totally not his fault, but still.
So yeah, perfectly reasonable that Frank basically rubbed his dick raw jerking off to thoughts of Gerard for a few days after that. Frank is fourteen and horny and apparently a stud because he hooked up with a *college* dude.
But it was *Gerard*. And ever since the "incident" (as Frank has taken to calling it in his mind) Gerard's been acting totally normal - like nothing even happened. And that's fine. It's totally fine because Gerard was drunk and maybe doesn't even remember and he's way too old for Frank anyway and Frank doesn't even *like* Gerard. In fact, he actively *dislikes* Gerard because he doesn't shower and his hair is always greasy and once he starts talking about something political he never shuts up.
And Frank was doing just fine not thinking about Gerard tonight. He was. He had fun playing board games with the kids and made up a bedtime story for them about farts. It was hilarious. But then after they went to sleep he was bored and started flipping through TV channels and of course there was some stupid romcom on with people making out all over the place and now Frank's sitting here like a total lunatic touching his lips and trying to remember why it was so cool to feel Gerard's teeth with his tongue. (3,570 words)
author:rubytuesday5681  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:fluff  fic:genre:character.study  beings:teenagers  occupation:student.high.school  occupation:student.college  relationship:UST  things:memories  location:Way.basement  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pov:Frank  challenge:2014.Pod_Together  +length:short.1k-5k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2014-08  recced:2014-08 
august 2014 by turlough
keeprunning: The Weekend Pancake Report
REC: An alternative take on the breakup of the band. A very nice read. Maybe a little sentimental and it could do with some copyediting but the Frank characterisation is great and I really liked the vivid writing. (2014-08-03)
QUOTE: [S]omewhere along the way, on stage kisses turned into kisses off stage in back hallways and hotel rooms and vans and before he really recognized what was happening, Frank found himself in real and actual love with Gerard. And the bitch of it was - is - that Frank *knows* Gerard feels it too, and right in this moment he can watch him punking out all over his face. It's fucking classic Gerard, and it makes Frank to kiss him and kick him in equal parts.
"You know what, Gerard? Fuck you," Gerard recoils like he's been slapped, and the reaction adds flame to Frank's fury. "*Fuck*. *You*. I'm in love with you, and I have *been in love* with you. For Christ's sake - I loved you when you were a nobody fuck-up from their mom's basement in Jersey and a fucking alcoholic, coke-head asshole. I loved you when you scrapped an entire album I poured my guts into and when I had to stay up all night so you wouldn't *kill yourself* and when you had the flu - Gerard, I held the fucking *bucket for you* in the back of the van all the way to Minnesota. I have washed puke from your *hair* -"
Frank's throat constricts, and whatever he was going to say next chokes off. Frank heaves a huge breath that scrapes at his lungs, and shakes his head. "I do everything for you, Gee, and I throw everything else away. You shit all over me, and I do it. And you have the balls to stand here and tell me I love a motherfucking *idea*? Well, here's some news, Gee:
"The idea of you? *Is not so fucking beautiful.*"
Gerard says nothing. That's the worst part. He just stands there with his palms splayed open in front of him, like he's done it in surprise and gotten stuck there. Everyone is frozen and looking for all the word like they're waiting for a fade to black so they can move into the next scene, but the electrical on the bus has always been pretty damn good. it's Ray who breaks the silence.
"Okay, that's enough," he says, and he's trying to be stern with them but Ray's never had that dad poker-face, and it comes out a lot more pleading than threatening.
The laugh is barking out of Frank before he realizes that it's coming from him. It sounds crazy and sad and he hadn't felt like crying before, but now he really, really does.
"It's not enough, though," he says, "That's the whole fucking point." (9,950 words)
author:keeprunning  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:character.study  activity:drinking  concept:music  concept:solo.career  setting:on.tour  time:the.breakup  time:post-band  geography:US:New.Jersey  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Frank/Jamia(past)  pairing:Gerard/Lindsey(past)  pov:Frank  +length:medium.5k-10k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2014-08  recced:2014-08 
august 2014 by turlough

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