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BIG POV Fan : HACKED!!: 7 Steps (with Pictures)
BIG POV Fan : HACKED!!: THIS is a simple , fun , and easy DIY project that kids and adults can enjoy making .POV or persistence of vision projects are interesting and fun projects to build. all you need are a motor led, and some easy to find components, if you liked t...
POV  Persistence-of-vision  fan  LED  display  360degrees 
july 2019 by arnoldn
Sleepless Nights
Now that the Winchesters are living in the bunker, they have their own rooms and while this sounds ideal, Dean finds that having his own room is causing a lot of sleepless nights. Ignoring the issue only makes it worse, so finally he bites the bullet and secretly sleeps on Sam’s floor.

Turns out it’s not so secret and the brothers must navigate through new sleeping arrangements and unspoken feelings.
First  TimeDean  Winchester/Sam  Winchester  TimeCo-DependencyInsecure  DeanStruggling  DeanVulnerable  DeanCurious  SamSupportive  SamSharing  a  BedCuddlingFrottageImplied  Top  Sam/Bottom  DeanAnal  Fingering  (ish)Anal  PlayMen  of  Letters  Bunkeralternating  pov 
july 2019 by shalene72
An interesting read: that the is just a ruse run amok—the opposite of the mes…
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march 2019 by dtomoff
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