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Pillow Talk
FestiveFerret - Steve/Tony, T --- 5,813

It took Steve a while to realize how often it happened. How many missions or adventures ended with them forced to take refuge for the night in one bed. Sometimes, it was a luxurious king in a fancy hotel room. Sometimes, it was a tiny pup tent in the middle of the woods.

But he and Tony always seemed to end up sharing.
ao3  marvel  avengers  steve/tony  *t  w.c::5-10k  ;★★★  bedsharing  cute  first  pov-steve 
10 weeks ago by we.are.golden
FestiveFerret - Steve/Tony, T --- 13,373

When Steve agrees to dog sit for Colonel Rhodes, he doesn't expect Rhodes' unusual, intriguing, and painfully attractive whirlwind of a best friend to show up unannounced.
ao3  marvel  avengers  steve/tony  *t  w.d::10-20k  ;★★★  au  cute  pets  pining  first  pov-steve 
11 weeks ago by we.are.golden
Truths and Roses Have Thorns About Them
FestiveFerret - Steve/Tony, T --- 19,068

Steve has a secret. And then he makes a poorly-timed joke to a reporter, and suddenly he has two secrets.
One: He's in love with his best friend.
Two: Despite what the press thinks, they're not actually dating.
ao3  marvel  avengers  steve/tony  *t  w.d::10-20k  ;★★☆  fake-dating  hanahaki  pining  angst  bedsharing  coming-out  pov-steve 
may 2019 by we.are.golden
Tony, Please
FestiveFerret - Steve/Tony, T --- 3,376

Steve is doing just fine nursing a painful crush on his most captivating client. That is, until his babysitter has an emergency and drops Steve's six-year-old daughter off at his work. Somehow, everything goes off the rails.
ao3  marvel  avengers  steve/tony  *t  w.b::2-5k  ;★★★  au  kid!fic  cute  pining  pov-steve 
may 2019 by we.are.golden
Ghost in the Wires
sororexitium - Steve/Tony, M --- 48,292

When Steve moves into Avengers mansion he is caught up in strange coincidences. He walks behind an unseen ghost: a ghost who leaves empty spaces all around the manor. It doesn't make sense, and it sounds crazy until he meets Anthony, a computer simulation programmed by Anthony Stark, who died two years ago. Then it just seems even crazier.
ao3  marvel  avengers  steve/tony  *m  w.f::40k-more  ;★★☆  au  canon-div  pining  first  sex  pov-steve 
may 2019 by we.are.golden
Someday My Prince Will Come - tinzelda - Captain America [Archive of Our Own]
This is basically an escape from MCU angst, imagining how things would be if Bucky had indeed fallen from the train back in WWII but never became the Winter Soldier. All the fun of a man-out-of-time getting used to the 21st century without any of that troublesome trying-to-kill-Steve stuff. After destroying the helicarriers in DC, Steve works with the other Avengers to stamp out hidden Hydra bases and finds Bucky: in cryofreeze but still very much himself. Steve is ecstatic to have his best pal back, of course, but now he has to deal with his long-repressed feelings for Bucky. Much longing ensues.
captainamerica  slash  au  steverogers  steve/bucky  bucky-isnt-wintersoldier  buckybarnes  adjusting-to-present  homophobia  pining  pining!steve  pining!bucky  dancing  tinzelda  length-novel  pov-steve 
august 2016 by ratcreature
after me comes the flood - kafkian - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
'Do you think they'll accept me?' Steve had asked doubtfully, staring down at the flier. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! it bleated at him in sour Hulk green, which he thought demonstrated a serious lack of tact considering it was an advertisement calling for people to work with kids left with PTSD after the Avengers levelled half their home city. 'I mean. I'm the one who caused half the mess.'

'While defending the earth from aliens,' Natasha pointed out.


In which Steve joins a support group, realizes rebuilding New York isn’t just a one-man job, and tries to figure out what the hell is going on between him and Bucky.
captainamerica  length-novel  steve/bucky  slash  avengers  steverogers  buckybarnes  artist-steve  pts  therapy  recovery  cuddling  pining  kafkian  pov-steve 
july 2016 by ratcreature
95, Not Dead - MilesHibernus - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve does actually have a libido, thanks very much, and there are these movies with a guy who looks a lot like Bucky...
captainamerica  length-short  mileshibernus  steve/bucky  buckybarnes  steverogers  bucky/pierce  non-con  porn  pov-steve 
february 2016 by ratcreature
Something Pure Can Last - Dira Sudis (dsudis) - Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
He was big and Bucky was small now, in this one way; maybe Bucky wouldn't mind too much if Steve wanted to take good care of him. Bucky had always taken such good care of Steve before. It was only fair to take turns.


Written at the hydratrashmeme for this prompt:

WS Bucky was kept in chastity any time he was out of cryo. ... Since he wasn't given the chance to get hard they'd just milk his prostrate to drain his balls. This made him really sensitive to prostate stimulation which leads me to: I want the aftermath of this with Steve. Bucky can't get it up but he can come, and come hard, by getting fucked. Maybe Steve gets off on how soft Bucky stays while Steve fucks him ... I will be an extra happy dumpster camper if you have Steve fondling Bucky's flaccid cock while he gets him off or fucks him.
captainamerica  steve/bucky  steverogers  buckybarnes  slash  pwp  length-short  fisting  pov-steve  dirasudis  chastitydevice 
december 2015 by ratcreature
If the Fates Allow - gwyneth rhys (gwyneth) - Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
“It’s been driving me nuts. I couldn’t think of what to get you for the Winter Shopping Festival that’s appropriate to your retro lifestyle,” Tony said, his face looming into view above Steve. “Butter churn? Victrola?"
captainamerica  slash  avengers  fluff  christmas  steverogers  buckybarnes  steve/bucky  reunion  length-short  gwyn  tonystark  samwilson  clintbarton  snow  pov-steve 
december 2015 by ratcreature
we never go out of style - glitteratiglue - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
“Let’s go to the Grand Canyon.” Bucky’s eyes are wide and eager, and he’s got that expression on his face — the one he had when they were kids and he was about to talk Steve into something.
captainamerica  slash  steverogers  steve/bucky  buckybarnes  pov-steve  grandcanyon  roadtrip  fluff  recovery  post-movie  glitteratiglue  length-short  firsttime 
october 2015 by ratcreature
Tonight, I Dream in Technicolor - gwyneth rhys (gwyneth) - Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Steve had concocted numerous highly imaginative scenarios for how he would reunite with Bucky once he finally made it into the army. There was: Bucky’s in a firefight, pinned down by German artillery, when Steve’s unit swoops in to save them, and Steve drops down next to him in the foxhole to ask nonchalantly, “What have you gotten yourself into this time, Barnes?”


Steve slides in next to Bucky in the mess, where he’s regaling his buddies with stories over chow, and says, “Is this seat taken?”

It was never: Steve’s leading a ragtag squad of international war-hero rejects, wearing a dead man’s jacket and helmet, accompanied by a paunchy actor in a Captain America costume with droopy tights and a goofy mask, and together they’re rescuing Bucky from the stronghold of a comic-book villain come to life.
captainamerica  au  gwyneth  length-long  slash  steve/bucky  steve/peggy  during-movie  howlingcommandoes  wwii  pining  preserum-steve  pov-steve  trappedinmovie  tesseract  steverogers  buckybarnes  peggycarter 
october 2015 by ratcreature
Rock of Ages - DevilPiglet - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve’s reunion fantasies are endless and varied: Sometimes he and Bucky fight, back to back, against a nest of Hydra goons. Sometimes Bucky says Shame about the Dodgers, eh? and cuffs Steve on the back of the head. Most of them end with Steve sobbing noisily into Bucky’s Kevlar.
captainamerica  devilpiglet  steverogers  steve/bucky  slash  wintersoldier  h/c  recovery  reunion  length-medium  post-movie  buckybarnes  pov-bucky  pov-steve 
september 2015 by ratcreature
20th Century Limited - Speranza - Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
"Where am I? Where is this?" and he was in Brooklyn, he was on a beach, the train was shaking around him. He was in the plane, ice splintering up onto the windshield. He was in a tank, tubes trailing from his face, from his groin. Christ, he was cold. There was still ice on his fingers. He was in the Grand Canyon. He was in Times Square. This couldn't be Times Square. Where the hell was this? "Tell me! Where am I, who are you, where's—"—Bucky?
captainamerica  avengers  au  length-novel  telepathy  slash  steverogers  buckybarnes  pov-steve  brucebanner  imaginedreality  preserum-steve  establishedrelationship  during-movie  wwii  tonystark  peggycarter  hydra  grandcanyon  roadtrip  speranza 
september 2015 by ratcreature
To Stop My Mind From Wandering - Lynchy8 - Captain America - All Media Types, Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
"Leaving the man – the mission – the mission who was a man who was also important, so important, more important than this mission… which was terrifying because nothing had ever been more important than a mission before… leaving That Man on the banks of the river, had been almost impossible."

After the fall of Hydra, Steve goes in search of Bucky in the hope of bringing him home. Meanwhile someone has broken into Steve's D.C. apartment, but what kind of burglar or assassin buys paint and drywall mud?
captainamerica  slash  steve/bucky  domestic  renovations  lynchy8  recovery  buckybarnes  steverogers  pov-bucky  pov-steve  outsider_pov  length-medium  reunion  pts  bucky-adjusts-to-modern-live  adjusting-to-present 
september 2015 by ratcreature

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