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Did Clinton's Impeachment Actually Hurt Republicans? - The Atlantic
It didn’t actually cost the GOP all that much.
Democrats debating whether to impeach Donald Trump may be misreading the evidence from the last time the House tried to remove a president.
It’s become conventional wisdom—not only among Democrats but also among many political analysts—that House Republicans paid a severe electoral price for moving against Bill Clinton in 1998, at a time when polls showed most of the public opposed that action.
But that straightforward conclusion oversimplifies impeachment’s effects, according to my analysis of the election results and interviews with key strategists who were working in national politics at the time. While Republicans did lose House seats in both 1998 and 2000, Democrats did not gain enough to capture control of the chamber either time. And in 2000, lingering unease about Clinton’s behavior provided a crucial backdrop for George W. Bush’s winning presidential campaign—particularly his defining promise “to restore honor and dignity” to the Oval Office.
Matthew Dowd, a senior strategist for Bush’s 2000 campaign, told me that Democrats today “are learning the wrong lessons” from Clinton’s impeachment by neglecting to consider how it shaped both election cycles, especially the presidential race. In January 2001, almost exactly two years after House Republicans defied public opinion to impeach Clinton, the GOP controlled the White House, the House, and initially the Senate. (Within months, the Republican Jim Jeffords of Vermont would switch parties, shifting control to the Democrats.) “Having gone through all that,” Dowd said, “I think the Democrats are way too skittish on impeachment.”
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RT : Reminder of how Presidents used to speak of . Reagan’s sublime last speech as

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RT : When the , , says duly elected Members of Congress & US citizens like & , who h…
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RT : America deserves better than a who, virtually alone among all Americans, thinks it is prope…
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RT : America deserves better than a who, virtually alone among all Americans, thinks it is prope…
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No, they won’t. Now also has blood on their hands too as helping to hide murder.
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President Donald Trump Was Credibly Accused of Rape—But It Didn't Make Front-Page News | GQ
Writer E. Jean Carroll provided a detailed allegation of rape against Donald Trump in New York magazine and it's barely breaking through the news cycle.
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Over 650 former prosecutors say Trump would be charged with obstruction if he weren't president - Axios
More than 650 former federal prosecutors have signed onto a statement asserting that if the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) did not prohibit a sitting president from being indicted, President Trump would be charged with obstruction of justice.
Why it matters: Special counsel Robert Mueller laid out extensive evidence of possible obstruction by Trump in volume 2 of his report, though he ultimately opted not to make a "traditional prosecutorial judgment" in part because of the OLC opinion. Attorney General Bill Barr's decision to clear Trump of obstruction has drawn the ire of many Democrats and former prosecutors who believe he is acting as the president's personal lawyer, rather than the country's top law enforcement official.
The statement is signed by more than 20 former U.S. attorneys and more than 100 career Justice Department officials who worked in every administration dating back to President Eisenhower. It cites a number of episodes Mueller detailed in his report as "acts that satisfy all of the elements for an obstruction charge" — meaning obstructive conduct and "corrupt intent." Specifically, the prosecutors point to:
"The President's efforts to fire Mueller and to falsify evidence about that effort;
The President's efforts to limit the scope of Mueller’s investigation to exclude his conduct; and
The President’s efforts to prevent witnesses from cooperating with investigators probing him and his campaign."
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RT : Shooting in just took an American life. , please do something.
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"Why are you so angry?"

Gee...let me think...

1. in White House
2. by
3. corru…
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talks to Putin about Mueller, but refuses to talk to Mueller about Putin. Sues to block Deutsche Bank from r…
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Mueller's report: A profile of a president willing to sell out his country | Salon.com
It's hard to come to any conclusion other than Donald Trump should be impeached and removed from office
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Says a spox for a who wanted a , who lied about Muslim celebrations in NYC 9/11, who said…
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One Nation Under Trump (2016) | IMDb
One Nation Under Trump is the first comprehensive feature documentary to delve into the zeitgeist of the unstoppable Donald Trump revolution, from the ground floor all the way to the pinnacle of the 2016 American political landscape.
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