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Things That Are Never Meant
When Tony Stark disappears from Siberia, the aftershocks shatter some people and rebuild others. And when Tony returns, nothing will ever be the same again.
author:katling  fandom:MarvelComics  au  future!fic  postwar  drama  pairing:Loki/Tony  protective!character  oneshot  bigbang 
23 days ago by yuurei
Seize Yesterday
In 2017 the Earth is about to end. In 1987 Howard Stark might have the answer. The solution seems simple, except Tony has the worst of luck, and he might just be stuck.

In which Tony hates magic, time travel, babysitting amnesiac assassins and being seventeen.
author:dannieu  fandom:MarvelComics  au  angst  drama  timetravel  pairing:Bucky/Tony  complete  postwar  characterdeath 
5 weeks ago by yuurei
Scenes From a Life in Replay
Thanos snaps his fingers in 2018 and Tony Stark wakes up in 1988. So does Stephen Strange. Together they decide to save the world.

Things get complicated from there.
author:aadarshinah  fandom:MarvelComics  pairing:Strange/Tony  wip  au  timetravel  drama  badass!character  postwar 
8 weeks ago by yuurei
When Poetry Fails
There was once a time when he was constantly chasing them, now he would like nothing more than for them to leave him alone. In the aftermath of the Civil War and the Sokovia Accords the Rogue Avengers return and Tony realizes that there's a family waiting for him - but it's not the one that left him behind.
author:wix  fandom:MarvelComics  pairing:Strange/Tony  oneshot  future!fic  au  angst  protective!character  postwar 
12 weeks ago by yuurei
Sole (Loki/Bucky/Tony)
Following the death of his best friend and the events of the "civil war', Tony's adrift. The world is using him as a scapegoat, everyone hates him, and he's out of ideas and energy. He's exhausted.

Then he starts having dreams. Dreams where's he petted and coddled and told that he's good. Dreams where he's safe. Dreams that can be reality.
author:SailorChibi  fandom:MarvelComics  au  angst  postwar  hurt/comfort  preslash  established-relationship  pairing:Loki/Tony  pairing:Bucky/Tony  threesome  polyamory  wip  badass!character  protective!character  hurt!Tony  PTSD  D/s 
march 2019 by yuurei
The Course of Reason
The UN has asked Tony to discuss their options with the Fugitive Avengers. It does not go the way they expect it to.
author:infie  fandom:MarvelComics  gen  angst  drama  oneshot  character:TonyStark  badass!character  postwar  au 
march 2019 by yuurei
Forged in Sparks
Being kidnapped by Hydra wouldn't be anyone's idea of fun, and that included Shuri. She had no idea what Hydra wanted with her - or with the scruffy, skinny man in the cell right next to her.
author:SailorChibi  fandom:MarvelComics  preslash  angst  drama  hurt/comfort  protective!character  pairing:T'Challa/Tony  oneshot  au  future!fic  postwar 
march 2019 by yuurei
Scars on Your Heart
Determined to stop Thanos by killing him before he collects all the Stones, Tony travels back in time and seeks out the one person who can help him: Dr. Stephen Strange. With less than a week to go before Thanos's ships crashland on Earth, Tony and Strange form an alliance - and, just maybe, start falling in love.
author:SailorChibi  pairing:Strange/Tony  complete  au  angst  timetravel  future!fic  postwar  hurt/comfort  hurt!Tony  PTSD  protective!character 
march 2019 by yuurei
Spring is Coming (Winter Soldier/Tony)
When Tony returns to Earth, he finds out that Bucky Barnes died in the Decimation.

The Winter Soldier, however, did not.
author:SailorChibi  fandom:MarvelComics  pairing:Bucky/Tony  au  future!fic  angst  humor  complete  postwar 
march 2019 by yuurei
Such Sweet Revenge
When the Rogues are back in the States after being pardoned, the New Avengers want nothing to do with them and as far as Tony is concerned, if he never speaks to them again, it'll be too soon. After all, he didn't spend the last year putting himself (and his family) back together only for his former co-workers to ruin all of his hard work.

But then he gets a hand-written letter from the Winter Soldier himself, apologizing for the events that transpired and an off-handed comment from Rhodey about Rogers failing to take care of an obviously miserable Bucky Barnes sets in motion Tony's new, oh-so-evil plan to get some payback.

After all, what better revenge than to steal the Winter Soldier away from his best friend?

The only problem: Tony sucks at being vengeful, but apparently he's an expert at inadvertently falling in love.
author:ali_aliska  fandom:MarvelComics  pairing:Bucky/Tony  wip  domestic!fic  fluff  angst  PTSD  hurt/comfort  protective!character  drama  future!fic  postwar  au 
march 2019 by yuurei
Home County
Harry is an architect and the reluctant part-owner of his own firm. Malfoy works at The Ministry but doesn’t actually have a proper job title even though what he does sounds as though it’s pretty important. It would probably be harder not to become friends, when they have to sit through endless, dull meetings with each other, and skirt around some truly terrible weather, and deal with Harry’s irrational hatred of his assistant, and build thirty whole houses from the ground up in a wet field outside of London.
author:seefin  fandom:HarryPotter  pairing:Harry/Draco  postwar  fluff  domestic!fic  oneshot 
march 2019 by yuurei
Soup-pocalypse and The Great Curry Cataclysm
Eleven years after the war, Draco Malfoy leads a quiet, boring, and perfectly respectable life, thanks very much. Or, at least he does, until a sudden and very unexpected veela awakening causes him to throw soup all over Harry Potter in the middle of the Ministry cafeteria.
author:squadofcats  fandom:HarryPotter  pairing:Harry/Draco  au  future!fic  postwar  angst  hurt/comfort  veela  cooking!character  fluff  PTSD  first-time 
march 2019 by yuurei
Whispers of the Fallen
The Civil War has come and gone, but there are still lingering cracks in the foundation of the Avengers and there are always repercussions to be paid for choices made.

Tony's not too surprised that he seems to be the only one paying for anything around here these days, and things have just gotten so much more complicated.
author:wix  fandom:MarvelComics  pairing:Strange/Tony  pairing:Loki/Tony  wip  drama  au  future!fic  postwar  protective!character 
february 2019 by yuurei
Down The Yellow Brick Road
Every hero and villain has their origin story. Tony thought he'd already lived through his, turns out the Avengers disagreed.
author:wix  fandom:MarvelComics  wip  drama  gen  badass!character  character:TonyStark  postwar  angst 
february 2019 by yuurei

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