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manic_intent: Fic: A Bit of Bother and All That
“Oh. You have a third coat. That’s good.”

“Why? Do I want to know what happened to my second coat?” Graves asked dryly.
fic  slash  FBAWTFT  Graves/Scamander  postseries  meet_the_family  holiday:christmas  humor  kink:borrowed_clothing 
november 2018 by pkoceres
risen from the salt and sea - Yuu_chi - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“Our past experiences have taught me that I am perhaps more prone than I would like to only seeing what I want when I examine your motivations,” Hannibal says quietly. “It is not a mistake I think I could survive again.”

Will skates the hand he has on Hannibal’s shoulder up until he’s cupping the back of his neck, thumb smoothing through the fine ash of his hair. “Are you worried about surviving me, Hannibal?”

Hannibal tilts his head into Will’s hand. His eyes flutter closed. “I think you already know that you have well and truly defeated me, dear Will.”
Hannibal  Will/Hannibal  postseries 
september 2018 by loyce
Guard Your Eggshell Heart - letsgostealafandom - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
Parker had a theory, and her theory was this: it made Eliot really happy when they noticed the things he did for them. It made Eliot happy when they made sure he knew they noticed the things he did for them. And when Eliot thought they didn't notice, it made him- not unhappy, but something worse, something like he knew that was all he could expect from anyone and he'd resigned himself to it a while back. Once she'd noticed it, she couldn't stop, and the realization of how often they took Eliot for granted made her stomach twist uncomfortably.
leverage  parker_eliot_hardison  parker_hardison  angst  insecurity  praisekink  postseries  misunderstanding 
august 2018 by bekap
and you feel your heart (taking root in your body) - Chapter 1 - raisindeatre - Avatar: The Last Airbender [Archive of Our Own]
After everything - the comet, the war, the coronation - Katara tries to find the road back to herself. Somewhere along the way, she also finds the road to Zuko.
atla  katara_zuko  sokka  aang  toph  suki  iroh  tylee  postseries  friendship 
february 2018 by bekap
d_aia: Fic: Perspective
“As you can see HYDRA has your hero!” the fifth man declares. “Our Mechanic.”

To T’Challa’s surprise, it’s Barnes who mutters fiercely, “No, you don’t.”
fic  civil_war  marvel  Avengers  Ironman  Black_Panther  t'challa/tony  rarepairing  slash  marriage  deadpool  hawkeye  Hulk  Black_Widow  Vision  Spiderman  captainamerica  harley_keener  GuardiansoftheGalaxy  FantasticFour  warmachine  Falcon  ptsd  amnesia  kidnapping  hostagesituation  Christine_Everhart  wade/peter  tony&peter  t'challa&peter  postseries  kids  Doom  DrStrange 
february 2018 by pkoceres

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