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Label Nation: a command-line label-printing program
"LabelNation is a command-line program for making labels: address labels, business cards, or anything else involving regularly-arranged rectangles on a printer-ready sheet. It is for users who are comfortable dealing with text- and option-based configuration, as opposed to a graphical user interface. LabelNation is free / open source software, written in Python, and licenced under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL)."

Works fine under macOS 10.12; *.ps files open fine in
label  printing  PostScript  Python  GPL  opensource  CSV  CLI 
9 weeks ago by clepple
A First Guide to PostScript
This is meant to be a simple introduction to programming in the PostScript page description language from Adobe. This document is not meant to be a comprehensive reference manual (although it does contain an index of some of PostScript’s standard operators and a list of various errors).
november 2017 by nxg
gs (GhostScript) cheat sheet | Fluky Logs
postscript ghostscript command line parameters and cheat sheet
gs  pdf  postscript  ghostscript  linux 
august 2017 by tgfrerer
On snot and fonts / Luc Devroye
TYPE DESIGN, TYPOGRAPHY, TYPEFACES AND FONTS: An encyclopedic treatment of type design, typefaces and fonts. This site is also known as on snot and fonts. Full length pages. Index pages.
typography  fonts  design  postscript 
march 2017 by euler

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