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Formattinf for listings in an external style file.
A lot of options for colouring and line numbers and similar.
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3 days ago by dusko
Groff and mom - An overview
Groff and mom: an overview
Contains a useful summary of basic groff concepts and workflow
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3 days ago by dusko
GNU troff (Groff) - a GNU project
Groff (GNU troff) is a typesetting system that reads plain text mixed with formatting commands and produces formatted output. Output may be PostScript or PDF, html, or ASCII/UTF8 for display at the terminal. Formatting commands may be either low-level typesetting requests (“primitives”) or macros from a supplied set. Users may also write their own macros. All three may be combined.

Present on most Unix systems owing to its long association with Unix manuals (manpages), groff is capable of producing typographically sophisticated documents while consuming only minimal system resources.
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3 days ago by dusko
The pdfpages Package - pdfpages.pdf
This package simplifies the insertion of external multi-page PDF or PS documents. It supports pdfTeX, VTeX, XeTeX, LuaTeX, and pTeX.
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january 2019 by dusko
Guru's Lair - Sampler and Tour
We pride ourselves in having the finest PostScript-
as-language programming resources anyplace ever.
This is a superb general purpose computing language
that is easy to learn, fun to use, and has an astounding
number of uses.
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november 2018 by dusko
ps2eps - Tool for generating Encapsulated Postscript Format (EPS,EPSF) files from one-page Postscript documents
ps2eps is a tool (written in Perl) to produce Encapsulated PostScript Files (EPS/EPSF) from usual one-paged Postscript documents. It calculates correct Bounding Boxes for those EPS files and filters some special postscript command sequences that can produce erroneous results on printers. EPS files are often needed for including (scalable) graphics of high quality into TeX/LaTeX (or even Word) documents.
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october 2018 by dusko

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