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8 days ago by jhill5
Which Analytics And BI Technologies Will Be The Highest Priority In 2019?
"82% of enterprises are prioritizing analytics and BI applications and platforms as part of their budgets for new technologies and cloud-based services. 78% of enterprises are prioritizing advanced analytics, and 76% data preparation. 54% say AI, machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are also a high investment priority. The following graphic ranks enterprises’ investment priorities for acquiring or subscribing to new technologies and cloud-based services by analytics and BI initiatives or strategies. Please click on the graphic to expand for easier reading."
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10 days ago by jonerp
Defense contractor: IT must embrace ‘radical transparency and culture change’
" One of the things that I didn’t like when I joined, and it’s common in corporate culture but I wanted to change within L3 is, somebody would ask a perfectly reasonable question, and another person will say, “Well, we don’t know the answer. We’ll get back to you.”

Well, now the conversation is dead. But, what you want is an active, “Well, let’s see what the data says,” because it exists, right? That’s the thing that drove me crazy. Somebody has got the data. How come it all isn’t in a giant warehouse so that we can peal things back to the infinite level that we want to? Sort of like an onion. You peel back the layers and peel back the layers to get down to the answer to say, “The reason why this isn’t working or is working so well, is because of this.”"
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12 days ago by jonerp
How To Protect Healthcare Records In A Zero Trust World
"Using access credentials stolen from co-workers or stolen laptops, unethical healthcare insiders are among the most prolific at stealing and selling patient data of any insider threat across any industry. Accenture’s study, “Losing the Cyber Culture War in Healthcare: Accenture 2018 Healthcare Workforce Survey on Cybersecurity,” found that the most common ways healthcare employees financially gain from stealing medical records is to commit tax return and credit card fraud."
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16 days ago by jonerp
Monday’s Musings: What’s Up With Big Tech Stocks? The Insider View For 2019
"Algo’s have been reset so the markets are operating on different rules and that model will be reset again soon. Why Big Tech? They play in a winner takes all market. Apple and Google provide 99% of all the consumer software in the US. Facebook, Google, and Amazon drive almost 63% of all advertising dollars
Tech is still strong with 20 to 40% growth. Investors will find it hard to find other asset allocation classes this good and this dominant."
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17 days ago by jonerp
Saw this wholesome post on the front page - After 18 years same place same friends : Cricket
r/Cricket: News, banter and occasional serious discussion on the great game.
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26 days ago by abhishek
SAP’s evolving partner economy
"It was nice to spend some time listening to Diane Fanelli, SVP describe how SAP is showcasing in its App Center a growing number of ISV offerings using tools in its Cloud Platform and Leonardo offerings. In previous attempts, SAP has tried to do similar around NetWeaver and HANA. The customer access is much more digital this time around, the Cloud Platform leverages lot more open source and the barriers to partner participation appear much lower. It is fledgling at this point in terms of revenues for the ISVs and SAP (Fanelli says focus is adoption prior to monetization). I hope they continue with her statement “the future is small, simple applications that snap into existing landscapes. You go shopping [for them] on your phone.” Which also means the onus for vertical and other books of record will stay with SAP. Too many vendors abdicate heavy lifting to their platform partners."
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28 days ago by jonerp
CPQ Needs To Scale And Support Smarter, More Connected Products
"Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platforms has the potential of providing a single, unified data model across an entire manufacturing operation, giving manufacturers a single unified view of product configurations across their lifecycles. Producing smart, connected products at scale also requires a system capable of presenting a unified view of configurations in the linguistics each department can understand. Engineering, production, marketing, sales, and service all need a unique view of product configurations to keep producing new products. Leaders in this field include Configit and their Configuration Lifecycle Management approach to CPQ and product configuration."
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4 weeks ago by jonerp
Using Machine Learning To Find Employees Who Can Scale With Your Business
"Betting on solid data and personalization at scale, on the other hand, delivers real results. Real data slices through the probabilities and is the best equalizer there is at eradicating conscious and unconscious biases from hiring decisions."
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4 weeks ago by jonerp
Where Cloud Computing Jobs Will Be In 2019
"The Hiring Scale is 78 for jobs that require cloud computing skill sets, with the average job post staying open 46 days. The higher the Hiring Scale score, the more difficult it is for employers to find the right applicants for open positions. Nationally an average job posting for an IT professional with cloud computing expertise is open 46 days. Please click on the graphic to expand for easier reading."
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5 weeks ago by jonerp

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