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Let the platform wars begin - by @denispombriant
"Other vendors, for instance Amazon with AWS and some others, see a different need and work to meet it. But primarily providing cloud infrastructure only addresses half of the challenge and amounts to saving money. That’s a great thing but when faced with making or saving money, 10 out of 9 (I said that right) executives who are given a choice will opt for making in money over simply saving it."
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22 hours ago by jonerp
Enterprise Software Platforms have underperformed - by @dealarchitect
"My relative disappointment with enterprise platforms is one reason I was one of the few analysts who was not clamoring for Workday to open up its own platform. It did last year and I hope they set ambitious goals for partners who develop on its platform – make sure they are well funded, go after massive and underserved markets across verticals and geographies."
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3 days ago by jonerp
Research Report: Constellation’s Futurist Framework (PESTEL) – The Political Outlook Pre @Davos #WEF18 - by @rwang0
"Global governments face a confluence of forces with worldwide chronic unemployment, stagnant economic performance, growing social program obligations and continued polarization of political ideology. A generation of voters are jobless at the beginning of their careers. OECD statistics show over 73 million, or 12.6 percent, of global youth are unemployed. Political trends play a role in the acceleration or hindrance of business disruption. Amid those forces, governments seek to address social unrest and quell the impact of failed policies and disenfranchised citizenry"
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5 days ago by jonerp
SAP: When you come to a fork in the road, Take it! - by @dealarchitect
"Even though its cloud acquisitions – SuccessFactors, Ariba, hybris, Concur etc – were not cheap, they have helped keep SAP competitive on this side of the pond. With what we have seen in the first couple of years of S/4HANA the ship is tilting back to the on-premise world. Oh sure it promises three options – public cloud, private cloud or on-premise but the public cloud option is a tiny portion of the deployments."
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9 days ago by jonerp
Google Rankbrain SEO [ Best SEO Strategy Insights in 2018 - by @bobwarfield
It knows with great certainty when you have multiple pages targeting the same content or intent. It is therefore really good at penalizing you for that.
It knows when there’s a great web page for a certain concept that uses different keywords than what you’re searching for. You can still rank higher for targeting the exact keywords, but this capability shifts SEO from targeting keywords to targeting concepts and most importantly targeting high quality."
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11 days ago by jonerp
Cryptocurrency and central banking - by @denispombriant
"So far, cryptocurrencies lack any macroeconomic structures for managing things like inflation and recession and on exchanges they behave much like stocks. As we’ve seen in many mergers and acquisitions company stock can be used in part or in lieu of cash to enable the transaction provided both sides agree on the value represented by the stocks. But as an everyday currency that one might use to purchase groceries or pay a utility bill, cryptocurrencies are still way behind the curve."
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14 days ago by jonerp
The Year of Intelligent Apps - by @dealarchitect
"What are intelligent apps? Let me cite a definition, Hasso Plattner of SAP used at SapphireNow. He invoked:

Intelligent Transactions – automate high-frequency repetitive tasks
Analytics – make data-driven insights available to everybody
Collaboration – tap into the collective intelligence of knowledge workers
Digital Assistant – provide the right answer at the right time

I would broaden the definition. For the last few years social, mobile, and cloud technologies reshaped the look and feel traditional enterprise apps. Now sensor data, automation, blockchains and vertical unbundling and morphing are transforming their guts."
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19 days ago by jonerp

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