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RethinkDB: why we failed
"When we announced that RethinkDB is shutting down, I promised to write a post-mortem. I took some time to process the experience, and I can now write about it clearly.

In the HN discussion thread people proposed many reasons for why RethinkDB failed, from inexplicable perversity of human nature and clever machinations of MongoDB's marketing people, to failure to build an experienced go-to-market team, to lack of numeric type support beyond 64-bit float. I aggregated the comments into a list of proposed failure reasons here.

Some of these reasons have a ring of truth to them, but they're symptoms rather than causes. For example, saying that we failed to monetize is tautological. It doesn't illuminate the reasons for why we failed.

In hindsight, two things went wrong -- we picked a terrible market and optimized the product for the wrong metrics of goodness. Each mistake likely cut RethinkDB's valuation by one to two orders of magnitude. So if we got either of these right, RethinkDB would have been the size of MongoDB, and if we got both of them right, we eventually could have been the size of RedHat[1]."
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6 weeks ago by earth2marsh
What Really Happened in the UK Blackouts?
9th of August 2019. It’s 4:52pm on a Friday, people are getting ready to go home and enjoy their weekend, then…
5% of Great Britain goes dark.
Wide spread power outages, trains stop, an airport and hospital lose power.
What happened? This timeline is based on the interim report from National Grid, published on the 16th of August. It’s a pretty good read! Would recommend. It’s also worth pointing out briefly that all media reporting I’ve seen of the UK blackout have the events...
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10 weeks ago by geetarista

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