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more cybernetics and french philosophy meoow meow meooooww
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Donald Trump and postmodernism - Vox
Lyotard — and I can’t stress this point enough — wasn’t saying that objective truth was impossible; instead, he argued that what passes for truth in postindustrial society is often a reflection of who holds power, and to forget that is to risk being manipulated.

He was making this claim against the backdrop of a society that lacked the basis for a common project. We were, instead, an atomized “consumer society” defined almost exclusively by commercial interests. At the same time, the institutions charged with discovering and disseminating truth — the government, media, the academy — were increasingly beholden to capital.

And his argument was less about the possibility of truth and more about how what we take to be true is often a reflection of unseen cultural and economic forces.

Even worse, because media platforms are competing to win audiences, the incentives will always push them in the direction of catering to our worst impulses. After a while, we’re just awash in self-curated content.

Baudrillard warned, almost three decades ago, that representations had become their own reality — far more real than actual reality. And that was before Twitter or Facebook were even conceivable.

“Its crucial insight is that power in all its dark forms is what often determines what passes for truth in our culture and ignoring that makes you vulnerable to manipulation,”

And none of them — not even the most pessimistic — could’ve imagined the epistemic anarchy unleashed by Facebook or YouTube algorithms.

We’ve combined the puerility of televisual culture with the self-centeredness of digital culture.
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That segment in the episode on gave me the flashbacks of , dismissing . We…
LateModernity  HaroldBloom  PostModernism  from twitter
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The Dangerous Life of an Anthropologist - Quillette

The same anthropologist who had ascribed a prevailing ethos of peace to the Waoroni later accused Chagnon, in the gobbledygook of anthropological jargon, of the “projection of traditional preconceptions of the Western construction of Otherness.”

Chagnon considered his most formidable critic to be the eminent anthropologist Marvin Harris. Harris had been crowned the unofficial historian of the field following the publication of his all-encompassing work The Rise of Anthropological Theory. He was the founder of the highly influential materialist school of anthropology, and argued that ethnographers should first seek material explanations for human behavior before considering alternatives, as “human social life is a response to the practical problems of earthly existence.”3 Harris held that the structure and “superstructure” of a society are largely epiphenomena of its “infrastructure,” meaning that the economic and social organization, beliefs, values, ideology, and symbolism of a culture evolve as a result of changes in the material circumstances of a particular society, and that apparrently quaint cultural practices tend to reflect man’s relationship to his environment.

Cultural materialism places an emphasis on “-etic” over “-emic” explanations, ignoring the opinions of people within a society and trying to uncover the hidden reality behind those opinions.

Survival International, an organization that has more recently attacked Steven Pinker for The Better Angels of Our Nature has long promoted the Rousseauian image of a traditional people who need to be preserved in all their natural wonder from the ravages of the modern world. Survival International does not welcome anthropological findings that complicate this harmonious picture, and Chagnon had wandered straight into their line of fire.

Chagnon had long felt that anthropology was experiencing a schism more significant than any difference between research paradigms or schools of ethnography—a schism between those dedicated to the very science of mankind, anthropologists in the true sense of the word, and those opposed to science; either postmodernists vaguely defined, or activists disguised as scientists who seek to place indigenous advocacy above the pursuit of objective truth. Chagnon identified Nancy Scheper-Hughes as a leader in the activist faction of anthropologists, citing her statement that we “need not entail a philosophical commitment to Enlightenment notions of reason and truth.”

in their latter years, both men watched as the field became unrecognizable under the spell of, as Harris put it, the “mantra of Foucault” with its consequent suspicion of objective knowledge independent of the subjective person.
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‘What I Believe’ from Interzone
@ccohanlon: The extraordinary What I Believe by JG Ballard, part prose-poem, part secular prayer, first published in French in Science Fiction #1 (ed. Daniel Riche) in January 1984 – the original English manuscript reprinted in English in Interzone, #8, Summer 1984.
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(109) Explaining Postmodernism: Chapter 1: What Postmodernism Is - YouTube
Explaining and defining post modernism especially in contrast to modernism that became before it.
postmodernism  philosophy  youtube  Hicks 
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How To Deconstruct Almost Anything
I think it's human nature for members of any group to use the ideas they have in common as metaphors for everything else in life, so I'm willing to forgive h
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The Exaggeration of Despair in Sherman Alexie's "Reservation Blues"
Gloria Bird
Wicazo Sa Review
Vol. 11, No. 2 (Autumn, 1995), pp. 47-52
Published by: University of Minnesota Press
DOI: 10.2307/1409096
Page Count: 6
Indian  reservations  White  people  Novels  Horses  Popular  culture  Women  Stereotypes  Literary  postmodernism  Narrators  Chess 
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A Manifesto Against the Enemies of Modernity - Areo
"Projects do not need to be abandoned because they get things wrong, however, unless they are fundamentally irreparable and destined to continue getting things wrong. Modernity bears no such fatal flaw as it is rooted in self-correcting principles. The consensus is that democracy, liberty, human rights, science, and reason are fundamentally sound. They are, after all, how we know we got things wrong. When science makes mistakes, it is science that discovers them, and when failures of...
philosophy  politics  postmodernism 
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Jordan Peterson and Stephen Hicks discuss Postmodernism – Stephen Hicks, Ph.D.
Jordan Peterson talks with Stephen Hicks on Postmodernism. Around 55 min mark they talk about free-will.
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