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Materialized views vs. Rollup tables in Postgres
Materialized views were a long awaited feature within Postgres for a number of years. They finally arrived in Postgres 9.3, though at the time were limited. In Postgres 9.3 when you refreshed materialized views it would hold a lock on the table while they were being refreshed. If your workload was extremely business hours based this could work, but if you were powering something to end-users this was a deal breaker. In Postgres 9.4 we saw Postgres achieve the ability to refresh materialized views concurrently. With this we now have fully baked materialized view support, but even still we’ve seen they may not always be the right approach.
4 days ago by dserodio
Materialized views vs. Rollup tables in Postgres
Materialized views are often used to make reporting faster, however another approach (rollup tables) can have some advantages while delivering the same benefits.
materializedview  postgresql  rolluptable 
4 days ago by gilberto5757
Using PostgreSQL Arrays with Golang (OpsDash)
Less about Go, more about how to do a bunch of useful things with Postgres arrays like tagging, tagclouds and so on.
postgresql  golang  array 
5 days ago by meowgorithm
Graphile | Powerful, Extensible and Performant GraphQL APIs Rapidly
PostGraphile is an open-source tool to help you rapidly design and serve a high-performance, secure, client-facing GraphQL API backed primarily by your PostgreSQL database. Delight your customers with incredible performance whilst maintaining full control over your data and your database. Use our powerful plugin system to customise every facet of your GraphQL API to your liking.
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6 days ago by hellsten

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