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Performance Tuning PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL is the most advanced and flexible Open Source SQL database today. With this power and flexibility comes a problem. How do the PostgreSQL developers tune the default configuration for everyone? Unfortunately the answer is they can't.

The problem is that every database is not only different in its design, but also its requirements. Some systems are used to log mountains of data that is almost never queried. Others have essentially static data that is queried constantly, sometimes feverishly. Most systems however have some, usually unequal, level of reads and writes to the database. Add this little complexity on top of your totally unique table structure, data, and hardware configuration and hopefully you begin to see why tuning can be difficult.

The default configuration PostgreSQL ships with is a very solid configuration aimed at everyone's best guess as to how an "average" database on "average" hardware should be setup. This article aims to help PostgreSQL users of all levels better understand PostgreSQL performance tuning.
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