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let him be the king of ashes - Chapter 1 - cabinfever - Final Fantasy XV [Archive of Our Own]
Those are past memories. They happened, and they’re done. They’re done. This is it. Today, the throne is his, and he’s breathing and he’s scarred, but he’s the king. They brought him back, and he’s the king.
ffxv  finalfantasyxv  fic  slash  noctis/ignis  postgame  blind!ignis  disabled!prompto  author:cabinfever  wordcount:100k+   
january 2018 by dizzyyet
four for six - demotu - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
No Archive Warnings Apply , David Backes/T. J. Oshie , David Backes/T. J. Oshie/Patrick Kane , David Backes , T. J. Oshie , Patrick Kane , Threesome -M/M/ M , Light Dom/sub , Rimming , Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot , Post-Game(s) , 2014 Winter Olympics , “That's three,” Oshie says, none of Jonny's smugness but all of his confidence. “Whatcha gonna give me for four, Kaner?” Pat really wishes he had his mouthguard, something to spin and lick, except he probably shouldn't be distracting Oshie right now, so he just shoulders him and says, “Fuck four; you win this for us, you get to ask for anything.” Part 1 of top shelf, glove side
#4k  5-eng  author-demotu  hockey  hockey-blackhawks  hockey-stlouisblues  olympics  olympics-2014  olympics-teamusa  hockey-kaner  hockey-backes/kaner/oshie  hockey-tjoshie  hockey-backes  D/s  bdsm  poly  postgame  element-russiagame  @fav  @rec 
february 2014 by jiele
naughts - demotu - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
No Archive Warnings Apply , David Backes/Patrick Kane/T. J. Oshie , David Backes/T. J. Oshie , Patrick Kane , David Backes , T. J. Oshie , Dom/sub , Light BDSM , Threesome -M/M/M , Negotiations, Post-Game(s) , 2014 Winter Olympics , Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot , “So,” Pat starts, sticking his hands in the pockets of his jacket. “If you’re interested, I might be looking for orders tonight.” “Yeah?” Backes says, glancing at him. “After that game?” Pat throws him a grin, weak as it is. “Could do with it.” Part 2 of top shelf, glove side
#5k  5-eng  author-demotu  hockey  hockey-blackhawks  hockey-stlouisblues  olympics  olympics-2014  olympics-teamusa  hockey-kaner  hockey-backes/kaner/oshie  hockey-tjoshie  hockey-backes  D/s  bdsm  poly  postgame  element-bronzemedalgame  @fav  @rec 
february 2014 by jiele
Kevin Durant returns with triple-double in Thunder win – USA TODAY
USA TODAYPHILADELPHIA — Kevin Durant wasn’t even sure he was going to play. He ended up enjoying one of the finest performances of his career. Durant returned from a sprained right shoulder to amass 32 points, 14 rebounds and 10 assists and help fuel the …Postgame: Thunder 103 Sixers 91NBA.comNBA CapsulesWashington PostDurant Triple-Double Leads ThunderESPNRotowire […]
IFTTT  Zennie62  Sports  ABC  Google  News  Kevin  Durant  Postgame  Thunder  Today  TODAYPHILADELPHIA  Triple  Double  Leads  usa 
january 2014 by zennie62
It's Not a Secret That I Obsess - Honeymull - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Ryan Callahan/Dan Girardi, Ryan Callahan , Dan Girardi, Alternate Universe -Gender Changes , New York Rangers, 2007/ 2008 NHL season , Mild intoxication , Canon but for gender changes
Cally has something she needs Danny to say.
#3k  author-honeymull  hockey  hockey-rangers  hockey-2008  hockey-cally(RyanCallahan)  hockey-cally/girardi  hockey-dangirardi  postgame  location-bar  femslash  genderswap  girl!cally  girl!dan  pwp  firsttime  @rec  5-eng 
april 2013 by jiele
FiveTail - Reach
He spends a significant amount of his time hovering in limbo, caught in the hazy self-induced-insomniac daze between the sleep and the wake, and even now, his folded arms neighbored by a still-warm plate of Jane’s apple pie and a can town of caffeinated beverages.

It’s a Thursday evening. There is no sunlight.

CG: 010010000100010101001100010011000100111100111111

John startles at the notification. Unopened Red Bull and Jolt Cola and チオビタ clatter to the floor.
homestuck  john/karkat  short  art  pg  postgame  @ao3 
april 2013 by blissfire
when you cannot see - vlieger - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Patrick Kane/Jonathan Toews , Established Relationship , Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot
kaner pushes jonny around.
#3k  author-vlieger  hockey  hockey-blackhawks  hockey-kaner  hockey-tazer/kaner  hockey-tazer  hockey-2013  postgame  D/s  bdsm  pwp  element-switching  dom!kaner  establishedrelationship  @rec  @fav  5-eng 
april 2013 by jiele
yes is a pleasant country - arabesque05 - Hockey RPF, Sports RPF [Archive of Our Own]
No Archive Warnings Apply , Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin , Sidney Crosby/Maxime Talbot , Sidney Crosby/ Marc-Andre Fleury , Sidney Crosby/Kris Letang, Sidney Crosby/Jordan Staal, Sidney Crosby/Billy Guerin , Sidney Crosby/Pittsburgh Penguins , Sidney Crosby , Evgeni Malkin , Maxime Talbot , Marc-Andre Fleury , Kris Letang, Jordan Staal, Billy Guerin , Brooks Orpik , Gangbang, Comeplay , Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot , Unsafe Sex
“Sid,” Geno says. “Team lonely.”
#6k  author-arabesque05  hockey  hockey-penguins  hockey-sidneycrosby  hockey-geno(ЕвгенийМалкин)  hockey-geno/sid  hockey-sid/team  kink-gangbang  pwp  element-stanleycup  postgame  hockey-maximetalbot  hockey-sid/talbot  hockey-sid/tanger  hockey-fleury/sid  hockey-jordanstaal  hockey-jordy/sid  hockey-billyguerin  hockey-billy/sid  poly  element-sharing  hockey-2009  5-eng  hockey-flower(Marc-AndréFleury)  hockey-tanger(KrisLetang) 
april 2013 by jiele
[no title]
No Archive Warnings Apply , Brandon Bollig/Andrew Shaw , Brandon Bollig , Andrew Shaw , Chicago Blackhawks , Dom/sub , Light Bondage , bruise kink , Shawzy is pretty when he's been in a fight , Bollig/ Shawzy is my Blackhawks hipster OTP , Established Relationship , Tie Kink
“You still coming over?” He asks casually as Shawzy stands up to put on his coat, glancing away when Shawzy licks his lips again. They don’t actually have plans, but if he knows Shawzy... And he does. Brandon knows Shawzy better than anyone.
#4k  author-solarcat  author-kinetikatrue  hockey  hockey-blackhawks  hockey-brandonbollig  hockey-bollig/shawzy  pwp  bdsm  D/s  kink-bruises  establishedrelationship  postgame  @rec  @fav  5-eng  hockey-shawzy(AndrewShaw)  @viarec 
april 2013 by jiele
Pop Lock and Drop It - Honeymull - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings , Ryan Callahan/Dan Girardi, Ryan Callahan , Dan Girardi, Undernegotiated Kink , Bruises
"I don't know what the fuck you were thinking, but don't-don't fucking do that again." Cally's voice is low and furious and Dan's gut drops with the intensity of it. "It's not a fucking *test* you have to pass."

Notes: Takes place after the Canadiens/ Rangers game on 2/23/'13, in which Girardi blocked a PK Subban slapshot in the last minute of the (3-0, Habs) game (with 4 teammates *already* injured, jfc) and scared the shit out of everybody going down hard.

Warnings! for under-negotiated kink that is fully consensual and enthusiastic on both participants' parts; bruise-play/mild, informal pain-play. (And as always, please feel free to shoot me a message if you want more details about what happens to help with trigger-navigating. :) )

Title from the song because I'm hilarious.

Written for Pass_Shoot_Porn, prompt being "Pass the test".
author-honeymull  hockey  #2k  hockey-rangers  hockey-dangirardi  hockey-cally(RyanCallahan)  hockey-cally/girardi  kink-bruises  bsdm  hockey-2013  game16  postgame  tag!fic  5-eng 
april 2013 by jiele
Two Minutes for Hooking - marycontraire - Hockey RPF, Sports RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings , Danny Briere/Claude Giroux , Danny Briere, Claude Giroux
Post-game fic for Flyers vs. Panthers, 1/26/13.
"Please," Claude whines, "please can we have welcome back to the line-up sex?"
[Bookmarker's note: Danny was out with a broken left wrist; this was his first game of the season. The Flyers beat the Panthers 7-1, putting them at 2-3-0. Obviously that had nothing to do with G being happy about that. #losingthenextday1-5isnotagoodpresentokay]
#1k  author-marycontraire  hockey  hockey-2013  postgame  hockey-flyers  hockey-dannybriere  hockey-claudegiroux  verse-livingarrangements  hockey-briere/giroux  game05  5-eng 
january 2013 by jiele
Earthian Dating, Alternian-Style: Episode Three, The Matesprit/Kismesis Double-Double-Reacharound - Asuka Kureru (Askerian) - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]
Who amongst the general public hasn't at the very least heard of John Egbert, rising humorist and riveting showman (and, slightly less known, accomplished, classically-trained concert pianist?) If you're not into astronomy or nuclear physics you might be excused for not knowing of his cousin, vivacious and horrendously brilliant Jade Harley. (If you are, you have no excuse; in those circles she is revolutionizing there is no escaping her sharp insight.)


In short, they're gorgeous, smart, well-connected, independently wealthy, and well on their way to becoming nothing short of illustrious.

They also happen to be dating the same man.
Perhaps what makes their strength is that this relationship truly seems less of a Quadrant-style Vee, one partner as the hinge the other two swing independently around, and more of a triad, an Earthian arrangement on an old Alternian melody.
#5k  author-askerian  future!fic  +art  homestuck  homestuck-jade/john/karkat  homestuck-karkat  element-article  humor  poly  element-quadrants  element-kismesissitude  element-matespritship  postgame  lemonless  gen  pov-outsider  5-eng 
november 2012 by jiele
radicalnothing - dave striders journal alternatively titled why do i listen to my sister alternatively titled how do i hold all these feels alternatively titled god dammit
"and you never guessed/the one you loved best/to draw always drew/pictures of you/undressed." A fairly plotless accumulation of pornographic pennings, courtesy of one Dave Strider.
homestuck  john/dave  medium  nc17  epistolary  favourite  postgame  @ao3 
september 2012 by blissfire
till human voices wake us, and we drown - gogollescent, Quixotic - Homestuck, MS Paint Adventures [Archive of Our Own]
"The cake turned out to be white and a little crumbly, like surrender. Unlike in most surrenders, there were secret strata of jam."
homestuck  au  postgame  dave/rose 
march 2012 by comenextmonday

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