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Mail (MX) Server Survey
Server Type Number of Servers Percent
Exim 507,389 57.05%
Postfix 307,010 34.52%
Sendmail 36,019 4.05%
MailEnable 19,109 2.15%
MDaemon 7,728 0.87%
Microsoft 5,047 0.57%
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16 days ago by dusko
Giving away the secrets of 99.3% email delivery - (37signals)
How we send email
We send almost all of our outgoing email from our own servers in our data center located just outside of Chicago. We use Campaign Monitor for our mailing lists, but all of the email that’s generated by our applications is sent from our own servers.

We run three mail-relay servers running Postfix that take mail from our application and jobs servers and queue it for delivery to tens of thousands of remote mail servers, sending from about 15 unique IP addresses.

Given all this, why should we pay someone tens of thousands of dollars to do it? We shouldn't, and we don't.
mailserver  sendmail  postfix  sysadmin  postmaster 
19 days ago by dusko
How To Run Your Own Mail Server
A pretty extensive guide.

I've mostly been running mine ok... apart from when I forgot to renew my certs for about four years... whoops.
postfix  mail  guide 
20 days ago by atomicules

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