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WAC becomes editor and poster girl for Army during WW II | War Tales
When Winifred Leiser joined the Women’s Army Corps during the early part of World War II, it never occurred to her that by the war’s end, she would have become a poster girl for the corps.
For the corps, originally known as the Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps, Leiser appeared in scores of newspapers and magazines across the country in her Army dress uniform smiling radiantly.
“My father was dead, and my mother wasn’t going in the military. Our family had always had someone in the service from the time of the American Revolutionary War,” the diminutive Englewood, Fla. resident explained. “I felt it was my duty to go in the military.”
The Women’s Army Corps, called the WACS, were so new when she signed up that the Army had no women’s uniforms.
“At basic in Des Moines, Iowa, we drilled in men’s long overcoats that dragged in the mud,” Leiser said. “Our company commander had to buy her own clothes because she was an officer. She had exquisitely tailored uniforms. But she wore the same drab man’s overcoat we were issued.
“The Army didn’t know what to do with us. We were supposed to replace a man who had been doing clerical functions so he could be sent to the front lines,” she said. “After basic we were sent to Charleston, S.C., to be aircraft spotters. Volunteers were used as aircraft spotters and they were doing a beautiful job. When we marched in and replaced them, the volunteers didn’t like it.
“It was a typical Army SNAFU — ‘Situation Normal, All Fouled Up!'”
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