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Donald Trump just dunked on Nancy Pelosi's CODEL and yes that is actually the headline - CNNPolitics
Trump, of course, has made a political career of doing just this -- smashing through normal behavior, acting impulsively and impetuously, taking his ball and going home when he doesn't get exactly what he wants. If Pelosi's political calculations make her unlikely to take the high road any time soon, Trump's personality doesn't even allow him to see that a high road exists.
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yesterday by dpb
Punk's only *mostly* dead. There's a big difference... | MetaFilter
After 37 years and 400 issues, the seminal punk zine Maximum Rocknroll is ending print publication. Maximum Rocknroll will continue to exist online.
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yesterday by garrettc
Here's Everything You Need To Know About StartmeupHK 2019 | Gen T • HK Tatler
The Hong Kong startup festival returns for a second year, featuring seven core events across a packed week-long programme
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3 days ago by sevenforasecret
Why Is Trump So Friendly Toward Russia and Putin? - The Atlantic
The onus is not on the public to speculate about why Trump behaves so strangely with regard to Russia. It’s on Trump to explain it to the nation he was elected to serve.
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3 days ago by dpb
Subpoena the Trump-Putin Helsinki Interpreter - The Atlantic
Trump’s breaches of norms force other agencies of government to breach norms in reply, in order to protect supreme public interests threatened by Trump. These norm-breaches by the other agencies do genuine harm, just as the aggressive autoimmune responses of the human body do real harm. But the alternative—suppressing all immune responses—is to allow the infection to fester and eventually destroy the host it occupies.

The scandal of the Trump presidency leaves Americans only bad choices. Powers and privileges essential to the functioning of an honest and patriotic presidency are called into question by this dishonest and unpatriotic presidency. Succeeding presidents and Congresses will have to find a way to restore or replace busted norms with new ones—but pretending now that the old rules can function as intended is not only delusive, but dangerous.
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3 days ago by dpb
Robert Reich: Trump is Behaving Like a Dictator | Opinion
A president who shuts down the government in order to get his way on a controversial issue, such as building a wall along the border with Mexico and offering to reopen it as a concession when his opponents give in, is not protecting the means of democracy. 

He is treating the government of the United States as a bargaining chip. He is asserting power by any means possible. This is the method of a dictator. 
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4 days ago by dpb
The Embroidered Computer | MetaFilter
The Embroidered Computer is an exploration into using historic gold embroidery materials and knowledge to craft a programmable 8 bit computer.
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4 days ago by garrettc
Trump has conjured a crisis out of thin air. That should worry us all. - The Washington Post
Watching the struggle over funding for a border wall, I am struck by the way in which, in one sense, President Trump has already achieved success. He has been able to conjure up a crisis out of thin air, elevate this manufactured emergency to national attention, paralyze the government and perhaps even invoke warlike authority and bypass Congress. He may still fail, but it should worry us that a president — any president — can do what Trump has done.

Let’s be clear: There is no crisis. The number of undocumented immigrants in the United States has been declining for a decade. The number of people caught trying to sneak across the southern border has been on a downward trend for almost 20 years and is lower than it was in 1973.
I have been an advocate of a strong executive for most of my life. I don’t much like how Congress operates. I now realize that my views were premised on the assumption that the president would operate within the bounds of laws, norms and ethics. I now believe that an urgent task for the next few years is for Congress to write laws that explicitly limit and check the powers of the president. I would take polarization over Putinism any day.
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7 days ago by dpb
Why Trump’s Unusual Leadership Style Isn’t Working in the White House - The New York Times
Two years into the Trump administration, it’s increasingly apparent that while the management traits he developed in the private sector may have propelled him into the White House, they’re not serving him well now that he’s there.

As Doris Kearns Goodwin, the presidential historian and author of the recent book “Leadership: In Turbulent Times,” told me this week, Mr. Trump manifestly lacks a long list of traits associated with effective leadership: “humility, acknowledging errors, shouldering blame and learning from mistakes, empathy, resilience, collaboration, connecting with people and controlling unproductive emotions.”
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7 days ago by dpb
Auspost Post box chute size - The eBay Community
What is the largest parcel size that can be posted in a street posting box?
Parcels up to 375 long x 250 wide x 80 mm high can be posted in both our red and gold (Express Post) street posting boxes
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7 days ago by 44sunsets
Opinion | What Trump Could Learn From His Shutdown - The New York Times
You know the system has broken down when the clearest way out of a government shutdown may be for the president to declare a fake national emergency.
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8 days ago by dpb

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