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this could be heaven for everyone - Annie D (scaramouche) - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Love's Such an Old-Fashioned Word:
Steve gets the very brilliant idea that he and Tony should date, but Tony needs some convincing.

With Every Single Beat of My Heart:
A coda to Love’s Such an Old-Fashioned Word.
marvel  avengers  mcu  Steve/Tony  first.time  AnnieD  AoU  post-movie  pining  date 
2 days ago by southerly
You Know You Have a Permanent Piece of My Medium-Sized American Heart - tricatular - The Martian (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
These were the things Mark Watney brought back to the Hermes from Mars:
-An EVA suit that had seen better days;
-Some broken ribs;
-Probably a lot of Martian dust;
-His own personal miasma of haven’t-bathed-in-weeks stench;
-A habit of talking to himself;
-And a hard drive containing the backups for the Hab’s video feeds, his own logs, and all the data on the experiments he ran.
fic  TheMartian  MarkWatney  crew  tricatular  post-book  post-movie 
10 days ago by adanska
You Can Take The Future - Arsenic - The Martian - Andy Weir [Archive of Our Own]
You can take the boy out of Mars, but taking the Mars out of the boy is the much harder element of the equation. Thankfully, it's a long trip home. They have plenty of time to get started.
fic  TheMartian  MarkWatney  ChrisBeck/BethJohanssen/MarkWatney  Arsenic  post-movie  post-book  threesome 
10 days ago by adanska
The Adventures of Mindy Park, Space Paparazzi - filigree (figureinthecarpet) - The Martian - Andy Weir [Archive of Our Own]
The actress who played her on screen was blonde and emphatically not Korean.
Her parents wept in the theater. Some Asian-American interest group tried to start a boycott. Web journalism almost cared before predictably getting distracted with clickbait about "12 Ways to Dress Like a Government Employee", pitting movie screencaps against NASA employee file photos.
Mindy had been warned while the movie was in production, but then Ares 5 had a scare with a MAV engine test on Sol 6 and the rest of Sa...
fic  theMartian  MindyPark  filigree  figureinthecarpet  post-movie  post-book  epistolary  futurefic 
10 days ago by adanska
And All The Roads Are Blinding - moemachina - 10 Things I Hate About You (1999) [Archive of Our Own]
In the years after high school, Kat tentatively becomes friends with her ex-boyfriend Patrick. And then Bianca gets married.
fic  10ThingsIHateAboutYou  KatStratford  Kat/Patrick  moemachina  post-movie  futurefic 
10 days ago by adanska
To Know You Anywhere - triedunture - Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
A True Shape:
Spoilers for Thor: Ragnarok. After the arena, before Thor wakes.
Loki tends to Thor after he is beaten in the arena, and accidentally shares a dream revealing part of their shared past.

To Know You Anywhere:
Post-Ragnarok, when Loki appears back on the ship.
A hug. A long talk. Thor shows Loki the memory of their first time from his perspective.

Vows from a Dagger:
After Ragnarok, Thor and Loki must figure out how to lead their people into an uncertain future. Children who need magic lessons, secrets, betrayal, more secrets, questionable science, operatic space adventures, wardrobe changes, a fake marriage, and the poetic edda of a trickster.
marvel  avengers  Thor  Thor/Loki  first.time  triedunture  Ragnarok  missing.scene  post-movie  intersex.character  genderfluid  hurt/comfort  pretending  married 
5 weeks ago by southerly
Only Half a Blue Sky - iammisscullen - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
The hands of fate must have been having a laugh when they’ve finally fulfilled Tony’s wish. That or they were all pissed drunk with Loki because what other deity could have cursed Tony to such a fate: soulmate to none other than Captain America himself.

He truly wants to blame Loki for this awful luck.

So many people in the universe. Eight billion alone on Earth and yet none of them could have been Tony’s soulmate. Nope. It had to be Steve Rogers, who is already bonded to his dead best friend, James ‘Bucky’ Barnes.
marvel  avengers  mcu  Steve/Tony/Bucky  first.time  iammisscullen  au  au:mirror  soulmate!au  CATWS  post-movie  Steve/Bucky  established  Steve/Tony  pining  pining.for.years  Tony/Bucky  kidnapped  captured  hurt/comfort  polyamory 
6 weeks ago by southerly
Me through Him to You - sahiya - Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve/Tony/Bucky. Goes AU post-Winter Soldier. Not compliant with Age of Ultron in any of the subsequent films.

Me through Him to You:
“You’re sick, you need someone to look after you. This mission could take a couple of days, and I want you in one piece when I get home.”
Tony sighed. “Why do you care?”
Steve’s mouth twisted unhappily. “I hope that’s the fever talking.” He stepped closer. “When I get home,” he said, so quietly that Tony didn’t think even the nosiest of their nosy friends could hear it, “we’re going to talk, all right? Until then, please let Bucky look after you. Consider it me looking after you, through him.”

Bed of Nails:
Bucky, Steve, and Tony have settled into domestic bliss. Things aren't perfect, but they're happy.
Until, that is, someone decides that Tony is missing crucial information involving his parents, the Winter Soldier, and a fateful night in December 1991.
marvel  avengers  mcu  Steve/Tony/Bucky  first.time  sahiya  CATWS  post-movie  Steve/Tony  established  hurt/comfort  illness  break.up-make.up  angst 
october 2018 by southerly
The Future is Yet in Your Power - FestiveFerret - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
"Now." Wong leaned back in his chair. "What would you do to save this world from Thanos' attack? What would you sacrifice?"

"Anything," Steve said. "Anything at all."

Wong considered him for a moment, expression unreadable. "There's one thing, maybe."
marvel  avengers  mcu  Steve/Tony  first.time  FestiveFerret  Infinity.War  post-movie  timetravel  fix-it  pining  pining.for.years  angst  au  au:branching 
august 2018 by southerly
breaking the long loneliness - susiecarter - DC Extended Universe [Archive of Our Own]
It took kind of a long time for GQ to get himself back up to par, after Midway. Croc helped—didn't leave him, afterward. Wouldn't leave him. But GQ wasn't going to make a big deal about it if Croc wasn't. Until the Squad's next mission got them captured, anyway, and GQ got thrown in a hole with a bunch of flooded rubble and a Croc who was even more non-verbal than usual, and also probably going to eat him. [9696]
fic  u:DC  m:suicidesquad  post-movie  c:squad:gq  c:squad:croc  theme:aftermath  theme:injury  theme:captivity  theme:feral  theme:friendship  theme:h/c  theme:firstkiss  theme:competency!!!  theme:selfrescue  p:squad:croc/gq  ge:slash  ge:drama  ge:action  r:pg-13  @ao3 
august 2018 by scorpionvoices
Carrier - just_another_tinker - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Tony swept his gaze over the jacket. It was well used, heavily worn down, but not in a bad way. The fabric felt softened over years of use, and the slight discolorations seemed to suit it. Tony could see the marks left over from the previous owners. A small patch, sewn perfectly in neat little stiches on the inside breast pocket screamed of Steve’s steady hands, while the fraying on tails remained as evidence of Bucky’s impatient tugging.

Or, Steve and Bucky gift Tony with their jacket that survived from the 1940's.

Turns out that wasn't the only thing that survived.
marvel  avengers  mcu  Steve/Tony/Bucky  first.time  just_another_tinker  CATWS  post-movie  Steve/Bucky  established  illness  hurt/comfort  pining  polyamory 
july 2018 by southerly
almeno tu - silkspectred - Captain America (Movies), Iron Man (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
almeno tu nell'universo:
Tony drives off.
Well, he wants to.
But he can’t.
Steve Rogers is in front of his car.
Steve fucking Rogers. Is in front of Tony’s fucking car.

dai diamanti non nasce niente:
The next time they meet, he doesn’t recognize her. He tries to kill her.

rincorrere il vento:
They go out a couple of times. They spend some time together in the compound, sparring and playing video games and watching old movies, and they’re just friends, you know? They’re just. Just friends.
marvel  avengers  mcu  Steve/Tony  first.time  silkspectred  CACW  post-movie  angst  break.up-make.up  hurt/comfort  tearjerker  Bucky/Natasha  Rhodey/Sam 
june 2018 by southerly
On Tilt - 13th_blackbird - Star Wars Original Trilogy [Archive of Our Own]
The only sure thing about luck is that it will change.

Han and Lando understand this about the world—and each other. No hard feelings, right? [3521]
“You want to play?” Han says, nodding at the cards, before he can think better of it. “Or are you just showing off?”

“Can’t it be both?” Lando says. He shuffles again, his fingers dancing over the cards too quickly for Han to make sure he’s not palming any of them. “Stakes?”

“I’m broke,” Han admits. “And I know you are, too.” And before Lando can propose putting up the Falcon again, Han grins as a plan takes shape. “They say clothes make the man. Wanna bet on it?”
fic  u:starwars  m:solo  c:sw:han  c:sw:lando  c:sw:chewbacca  post-movie  theme:friendship  theme:boysaredorks  theme:clueless  theme:shenanigans  theme:rivalstolovers  theme:first-time  p:sw:han/lando  ge:slash  r:nc-17  @ao3 
may 2018 by scorpionvoices
Too Close (Not Nearly Enough) - Shi_Toyu - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Several months after the events of Civil War, Tony is attacked and captured by an old enemy with a new face. As if things weren't bad enough, he's not exactly thrilled to find out who his cellmate is, either.
marvel  avengers  mcu  Tony/Bucky  UST  Shi_Toyu  CACW  post-movie  kidnapped  captured  hurt/comfort 
may 2018 by southerly
Confessions of the Heart - Shi_Toyu - The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Tony Stark is a true genius... but sometimes it takes him a while to realize things. It's not his fault. He's just got a lot going on in that brain of his.
marvel  avengers  mcu  Tony/Bucky  first.time  Shi_Toyu  CACW  post-movie 
may 2018 by southerly

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