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Our Wedding Chatbot – Chatbots Magazine
I came to the realization that a bot was the perfect solution for the flood of wedding messages.
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5 weeks ago by lorenzck
RESOLVED: Current account payments may fail - Major Outage (27/10/2017) - The Current Account - Monzo Community
A large scale failure in a distributed system can be very difficult to understand, and well-intentioned human action can sometimes compound issues, as happened here. When things like this do happen, we want to learn as much as possible from the event to ensure it can’t resurface.
kubernetes  linkerd  distributed-system  post-mortem 
12 weeks ago by sanjary
Windows Phone is now officially dead: A sad tale of what might have been | Ars Technica UK
As for me, I switched to an iPhone more than a year ago. Every day, I'm struck at how the main user interface is basically that of Windows 3.1's Program Manager, and iOS 11 has been fantastically unstable for me. I don't enjoy iOS in the way I enjoyed Windows Phone. But it's actively developed, and third-party developers love it, and, ultimately, those factors both win out over Windows Mobile's good looks and comfortable developer platform.
ars-technica  peter-bright  windows-phone  history-computers  post-mortem 
october 2017 by lorenzck

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