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Running on Air
Draco Malfoy has been missing for three years. Harry is assigned the cold case and finds himself slowly falling in love with the memories he collects.
fic  fpf  hp  harry/draco  harry/ginny  draco/astoria  slash  eleventy7  harrypotter  dracomalfoy  post-hogwarts  auror!harry  mystery  slowburn  2014  <100k 
27 days ago by wolfgrin
Let Nothing You Dismay - montparnasse
There are a few things Sirius really didn't count on for Christmas of 1979. The extreme sexual confusion is one of them; Remus Lupin is approximately seventy-eight of the rest.
#hp  *remus/sirius  mwpp-era  first-time  post-hogwarts  christmasfic  domesticity  fluff  word:10-30k  rating:r  web:ao3  writer:montparnasse  flatmates 
28 days ago by christycorr
Where There Is Tea
Somewhere in London, overlooking a garden sits a little tea room. There, Harry finds tea, distraction, books, conversation, inspiration, himself, and Draco Malfoy.
HarryPotterUniverse  Harry/Draco  ComingOut  AlternateUniverse  Romance  Post-Hogwarts  M/M 
february 2019 by Logical-Nonsense
Let him lead me to the banquet
The worst part is Harry’s got no idea why Malfoy keeps sending him invites. He’s never replied to a single one. And if the whole dinner is as exclusive and sought-after as the Prophet keeps breathlessly reporting, then presumably the only reason Malfoy wants him there is in his capacity as the Chosen One. So, really, he can fuck right off. Harry doesn’t care about Draco Malfoy’s redemption tour. And he’s certainly not going to help him with it.
Harry/Draco  HarryPotterUniverse  Post-Hogwarts  Angst  PG13  Romance  M/M 
february 2019 by Logical-Nonsense
An Organ of Fire - Kristen Elizabeth
We at Hogwarts wish to extend you an invitation to be our next Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. PS: It is time to come home, Harry.
developingrelationship  cominghome!  away!  post-hogwarts  hp  canondivergence  villain:malfoy  hermione/ron  kidfic!  pining  c:100-200k  teacher!/professor!  future  villain:voldemort  angst+happyending  pregnancy  parents!  harry/hermione 
february 2019 by floatondown
The Muddy Princess by Colubrina
62,710 words. Summary: Just another Pureblood!Hermione story. A hidden adoption revealed, a brother found, a new world to figure out: "What are you hoping for?" he asked as they stood ready to do the spell. "I don't know," Hermione admitted. "You?" His knuckles were white on his wand. "A sister," he said, his voice very low, "I'm hoping for a sister."

Sweet story.
HP  AU  post-hogwarts  Hermione/Draco  Colubrina  4star 
january 2019 by Meri_oddities
[Harry Potter] who_la_hoop - Star Quality - Harry/Draco
Two years after the war, and Harry’s content with his life. OK, so it’s a little annoying that he keeps winning Witch Weekly’s Most Eligible Bachelor award, and he’s really not looking forward to the unveiling of an enormous gold statue of himself, but he loves his friends, and he loves being an Auror. And if he yearns for something more, something he can barely bring himself to think about, well, he’ll probably get over it. No one’s happy all the time, are they?

But then everything changes, and Harry’s thrown into a new and dazzling world he’s not sure he can actually escape from. And as time goes on, he starts to wonder: does he actually want to?
who_la_hoop  humour  drama  romance  post-war  post-hogwarts  novel  100-250k  harry_potter  harry/draco 
january 2019 by atomicduck
Reparations by Saras Girl
Harry is about to discover that the steepest learning curve comes after Healer training, and that second chances can be found in unexpected places. EWE. This and its sequel "Foundations" are my favourite H/D. Excellent characterizations, solid POV, right mix of angst and humour. Pretty much perfect.
harry/draco  harrypotter  angst  slash  mystery  post-dh  post-war  post-hogwarts  rating:r  words:50k-100k  redeemed!draco  healer!harry  romance  complete  excellent 
november 2018 by FreyaOdin
Janus by Strange_Soulmates
Lord Voldemort is up to something. Thomas Slytherin is certain of it. His attacks lately have been nothing more than a distraction, an attempt to divert attention from his true target. A target Tom is determined to discover and use to finally control his counterpart. Upon meeting Harry Potter, Tom knows he has found his answer. Tom soon finds himself obsessed when Harry proves unpredictable, determined to solve the mystery that Harry has become. He soon becomes convinced that Harry is the solution not just to the problem of Voldemort, but the key his own political aspirations, and the end of his search for a suitable spouse.

Harry Potter is far from happy with the situation, but he has little choice in the matter. And the mystery of the connection between Voldemort and Tom Slytherin is too intriguing for him to leave alone.

[AU in which Harry is twenty, there is no bwl and James and Lily are alive. Both Voldemort and Thomas Gaunt (aka the embodied horcrux) become obsessed with Harry after he defeats Voldemort in a battle.]
f:harrypotter  wip  -wc:5k-25k  p:harry/voldemort  slash  plot:massive!au  alive!lily  alive!james  post-hogwarts  plot:romance  plot:romance!pining  -rating:3/5  saved  smart!harry  kickass!harry  powerful!harry  site:a03 
october 2018 by dievillain
In Tatters and Pieces
The discovery of a family tapestry and Potter's pregnancy. They both have one thing in common: turning Draco's life upside down.
HarryPotterUniverse  Post-Hogwarts  Mpreg  Angst  Drama  AlternateUniverse  Harry/Draco  M/M  R-Rated 
october 2018 by Logical-Nonsense
Waiting Room by Nelpher
61,418 words. Summary: A series of encounters with Draco Malfoy in the waiting room at St. Mungo's teaches Hermione about love, friendship, and the intersection thereof.
HP  Hermione/Draco  Unread  post-hogwarts  Nelpher 
september 2018 by Meri_oddities
Ninety-Five Percent By HufflepuffMommy
101,444 words. Summary: A new Wizarding Marriage Law has come into effect and Hermione takes her chance with the Ministry and lets them decide who would be the best match for her. Who would ever believe that Draco Malfoy would be her best match with a 95% Compatibility?

Nice, pleasant story. Not much tension. A few typos.
HP  post-hogwarts  Hermione/Draco  HufflepuffMommy  MarriageLaw  3star 
september 2018 by Meri_oddities
[Harry Potter] aibidil - Cauldron Full of Hot, Strong Love - Harry/Draco, Ron/Hermione
In which a group of wizards' rights activists goes on the offensive after a prohibition against love potions, forcing the magical world to confront the horror of magic's role in sexual assault and the murky legal nature of consent. Ron, Hermione, Harry, and Draco are swept together to solve the case, and in the process they're made to confront their own love and lust—with and without potions.
aibidil  futurefic  mystery  drama  romance  post-war  post-hogwarts  novel  75-100k  harry_potter  harry/draco  ron/hermione 
september 2018 by atomicduck
[Harry Potter] aibidil - Dating for Dads in Denial - Harry/Draco
In which one wizard designs and another reluctantly patronises a magical matchmaking service, amidst the chaos of children and parenting.

(EWE/canon-divergence AU)
aibidil  futurefic  humour  romance  post-war  post-hogwarts  harry_potter  harry/draco  one-shot  10-25k 
august 2018 by atomicduck
[Harry Potter] aibidil - when by now and tree by leaf - Harry/Draco
When Scorpius Malfoy is saying goodbye to his dying mother, he doesn't expect to hear her confess, "Your father slept with another man and became pregnant with you." Grappling with his grief and his identity, Scorpius sets out to discover his other father, who it turns out has a lighting-shaped scar and no idea that Scorpius exists.

(EWE/canon-divergence AU)
aibidil  au  futurefic  angst  post-war  post-hogwarts  mpreg  novella  25-50k  harry_potter  harry/draco 
august 2018 by atomicduck
King Cobra
Draco goes undercover to assist a fellow agent.
Harry/Draco  HarryPotterUniverse  Post-Hogwarts  R-Rated  M/M 
august 2018 by Logical-Nonsense
[Harry Potter] who_la_hoop - The Sleeping Beauty Curse - Harry/Draco
When Draco Malfoy falls into a cursed sleep and can only be woken – at least, according to the Daily Prophet, that impeccable source of truth – by ‘true love’s kiss’, Harry Potter knows there’s no way on earth he’s the answer to this particular riddle. Is he . . .?
who_la_hoop  romance  angst  smut  post-war  post-hogwarts  novel  100-250k  harry_potter  harry/draco 
june 2018 by atomicduck

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