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A Statement to the Archival Community | Concerned Archivists
"We are a diverse group of archivists who are deeply concerned with the current state of American politics based on the election of Donald Trump and the subsequent legitimization of his advisers’ and surrogates’ damaging views and policies."
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february 2017 by seekknowledge
A Statement to the Archival Community | Concerned Archivists
As archivists and information professionals, paraprofessionals, and students we serve communities who want and need access not only to information but also to the richness of the American and international cultural record. We, therefore, have an obligation to protect our shared cultural heritage from abuse, misuse, and censorship or destruction. Based on this commitment and professional obligation, we are obliged to speak out, in the name of protecting our culture, our history, and t...
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january 2017 by ararebit
don't use that tone of voice with me, internet friends - sciatrix - Imzy
Thing is, I think that tone's about lots of things. Markers we insert into the text to connotate emphasis, sure, like punctuation, capitalization, and font styles--those are components of internet tone. And so are things like emoji and gifs and emoticons before both of them, which visually import an emotional state to the viewer.
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december 2016 by seekknowledge
Open Letter to ALA President Julie Todaro re: Recent ALA Statements | Librarian in Black Blog – Sarah Houghton
This trajectory away from justice and toward collaboration with a fascist regime disturbs me greatly. These comments are tone deaf and, not only do not represent my values as a librarian, but do not represent the shared values of the American Library Association and its membership.

There is a time to walk a middle road, to give voice to a moderate viewpoint of an organization’s membership. This is not that time. This is the time to stand tall and proud, and give voice to the fiery ethics and values that our profession has held dear for so long in the face of fascism and bigotry.
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december 2016 by seekknowledge
Forget “Why?”, it’s time to get to work. – Medium
Don’t waste a single moment listening to the hand-wringing of the pundit class about Why This Happened, or people on TV talking about What This Means. The most important thing is that we focus on the work that needs to be done now. While so many have been doing what it takes to protect the marginalized and to make society more just, we must increase our urgency on those efforts, even while we grieve over this formidable defeat.
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december 2016 by seekknowledge
Get Ready to Fight for What Matters | Library Babel Fish
A roundup and great commentary on the American Library Association's statements about the election and next steps (many librarians are unhappy with the ALA approach.)
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november 2016 by seekknowledge
wendelah1 | We Won't Go Back
Roundup of articles and links about access to abortion.
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november 2016 by seekknowledge
Weekend Reading: Post-Election Classroom Resources – ProfHacker - Blogs - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Roundup of different approaches for discussing the post-election world in the classroom, as well as a wealth of resources for self-education
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november 2016 by seekknowledge
Meet the Real Face of the Trump Voter | Dame Magazine
Many voters elected Trump not for his economic policies, but for the hate and fear he’s stoked in the American people—which this half-Black, half-White writer discovered first-hand.
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november 2016 by seekknowledge

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