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go on, take everything (I want you to)
In retrospect, Kyle should’ve seen it coming. In retrospect, he really didn’t.
Part 2 of the ‘Might Last a Day’ series
Sequel to ‘might last a day (minus forever)’
fanfiction  South_Park  Kyle/Cartman  author:cherryvanilla  post-canon  romance  emotional_hurt/comfort  established_relationship  sexual_content  word_count:1-5k   
2 hours ago by lostinreverie
might last a day (minus forever)
At twenty-five, Kyle Broflovski thought he had his life all planned out. He was living in Denver with Stan with a nice apartment and a decent job. Suddenly, his world is turned upside down when Stan breaks up with him and he loses his job all in the span of a few months. Now Kyle is back in South Park, living with his parents, and trying to figure out where he goes from here. Enter Eric Cartman, who always got under Kyle’s skin as a kid, and who was now about to do so again, in more ways than one. (A story about reevaluating yourself and your life. Or, How Kyle Broflovski Got His Groove Back.)
Part 1 of the ‘Might Last a Day’ series
Sequel: ‘go on, take everything (I want you to)’
fanfiction  South_Park  Kyle/Cartman  Stan/Kyle  author:cherryvanilla  post-canon  romance  emotional_hurt/comfort  jealousy  sexual_content  shipper_on_deck  pining  word_count:50-60k  !   
23 hours ago by lostinreverie
and it's a long way back from seventeen
“Dude, are you /ever/ gonna tell me what exactly happened there?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, Stan,” Kyle replies, even though he’s barely breathing now. Of course Stan had to go there. This was the /one/ fucking secret Kyle’s ever kept from him and he’s done a pretty damn good job of it. He was planning on taking it to his fucking grave because the patheticness of the situation was just -- well, it was pathetic.

Stan snorts. “Yeah, alright. You fuckin’ clam up anytime I mention his name, man. I really thought you guys had started to put all that sworn enemies shit behind you senior year.”

1. Dammit — blink-182
2. Island of the Misfit Boy — Front Porch Step
3. Up All Night — blink-182
4. Dark Blue — Jack’s Mannequin
5. Bored to Death — blink-182
6. Hands Down — Dashboard Confessional
7. Lifeline — Angels & Airwaves
8. The Adventure — Angels & Airwaves
fanfiction  South_Park  Kyle/Cartman  author:cherryvanilla  post-canon  romance  angst_with_a_happy_ending  pining  past_relationship  shipper_on_deck  sexual_content  word_count:5-10k 
4 days ago by lostinreverie
Our Lotus Pier
“Wei Wuxian.”

He glanced back at Jiang Cheng, who was still gazing at the Pier with a wistful look. “What is it?”

“Is this... the Lotus Pier that you wanted to return to?”
author:Silverne  2019  wc:1-5k  dreams  =mo.dao.zu.shi(fic)  *jiangcheng&weiwuxian  friendship(fandom.tag)  post-canon 
7 days ago by claudine
Kyle appreciates Eric's praise perhaps more than he really should. It is rare, after all.
fanfiction  South_Park  Kyle/Cartman  author:shortstackedcheesecake96  post-canon  romance  established_relationship  sexual_content  word_count:1-5k 
14 days ago by lostinreverie
I Won't Fall For You
Just when Kyle thought turning up alone to a wedding - that was starting to feel like a college reunion - couldn't get any worse, it turns out Eric Cartman is invited too. But Eric may just be his saving grace, and Kyle decides to run with his inevitably crazy plan even if he thinks he knows better. But Kyle is a lot smarter than his college friends, he won't fall for Eric that easily... will he?
fanfiction  South_Park  Kyle/Cartman  author:shortstackedcheesecake96  post-canon  romance  emotional_hurt/comfort  angst_with_a_happy_ending  word_count:10-20k   
15 days ago by lostinreverie
Kyle and Eric have a pretty nice set up, or at least Eric thinks so. Eric is in South Park, Kyle is in Phoenix, and they have a great time whenever they see each other. But when an opportunity arises for Kyle that could change all that, Eric doesn't know whether to embrace it or run from it. Or, Eric has commitment issues and the flu.
fanfiction  South_Park  Kyle/Cartman  author:shortstackedcheesecake96  post-canon  romance  hurt/comfort  sickfic  emotional_hurt/comfort  established_relationship  sexual_content  pining  shipper_on_deck  word_count:5-10k 
15 days ago by lostinreverie
yantantether - Soaring birds come home together
Shen Wei brings one hand up and starts petting at Zhao Yunlan’s face, nearly poking him in the eye. Zhao Yunlan gets out his phone and shines the torch on him. Shen Wei yelps and tries to cover his eyes, knocking the phone out of Zhao Yunlan's hand in the process. It hits the ground, clattering against something hard, and the light goes out. “Sorry,” Shen Wei says sheepishly.

A suspicion begins to dawn. “Fuck, are you drunk?”
guardian  yantantether  shenwei/zhaoyunlan  au:stillalive  post-canon  established.relationship  wc:5-10k 
16 days ago by goodgriefcharlie
It was evident to pretty much everyone in town who their soulmates were, as shown by the matching tattoos they shared with them. Since it was a small town, nearly everyone found their soulmate at a young age. However, a few others were left alone with their tattoo, unable to find the person that held the matching one.
fanfiction  South_Park  Kyle/Cartman  author:ricksanchez  post-canon  AU  Soulmate_AU  romance  emotional_hurt/comfort  pining  word_count:1-5k 
24 days ago by lostinreverie
Fate, Fiction, and the Future
A connected introspective "character analysis" look on my favorite TGCF arc cast and some sort of implied fix it.

Part I. He Xuan and hate. He gets to redo some events - some stay the same, nothing changes, and then there's that. (birthday fic for chii!!)
Part II. Shi Wudu and fate (“我命由我不由天”). They believe him fated to be great - a god. But he knows the truth; beneath his skin and bones - he is human.
Part III. Shi Qingxuan
wc:10-15k  author:daiki  wip  *gen  *shiqingxuan&shiwudu  2019  post-canon  character-study 
27 days ago by claudine
A Very Respectable Marriage - WerewolvesAreReal - Temeraire - Naomi Novik [Archive of Our Own]
Temeraire pushes to pass a law that lets dragons adopt human families. Issues with the paperwork lead to some unexpected, but not unpleasant, consequences.
fic  f:Temeraire  slash  s:Laurence/Tharkay  established_relationship  marriage:accidental  humor  post-canon  'ao3 
29 days ago by esther_a
Let’s Meet In Our Dreams Tonight
The coffin within the Holy Mausoleum. Luo Binghe, feverish in his arms. And that slow, scraping sound in the room outside—the Blind Corpses, their dried-up fingers dragging against the stone as they searched for them.

The pieces clicked into place. Of course.

This was a dream of the past.
wc:1-5k  2019  author:straightforwardly  =scum.villain  *luobinghe/shenqingqiu  dreams  porn  post-canon 
4 weeks ago by claudine
Dual Cultivation or Date
“Shizun said I made you feel so good,” Luo Binghe says, “that I could fuck you any time I wanted.”

Liu Qingge stops breathing for a second.

“What,” he blurts out.

Shen Qingqiu could tell he’d been into it?!
2019  wip  author:acernor  =scum.villain  porn  post-canon  D/s  humiliation  voyeurism  *liuqingge/luobinghe  *liuqingge/luobinghe/shenqingqiu  wc:10-15k 
4 weeks ago by claudine
“I’m taking the day off,” Mark told Eduardo in bed this morning, as soon as he woke up.

“Is the world ending?” Eduardo asked sleepily, and squirmed, laughing as he got a swift pinch to the side in response.
fic  thesocialnetwork  mark/eduardo  post-canon 
4 weeks ago by allieyy
Noip13 - the family skeleton
Five ways Miguel stays connected to the dead side of his family, and one way he learns to be close to the living.
fandom:Disney  year:2019  Rating:General-Audiences  gen  family  heartwarming  bonding  post-canon  podfic_wishlist  words:3.500-4.000 
4 weeks ago by hear-the-rain
(act as if) the world is watching
A lot of things are different from when they did this last. They’re more visible when they go out, now; and when Mark stops them in the middle of the sidewalk and goes up on his toes and kisses Eduardo until they’re panting for breath, he knows there will be pictures online, and his body thrums with the satisfaction of knowing that they will be seen everywhere.
fic  thesocialnetwork  mark/eduardo  post-canon 
4 weeks ago by allieyy
the truth untold
Five truths he'll never tell; and one Lan Xichen told, but Meng Yao didn't.
author:wolframvonbielefeld  2019  wc:1-5k  =mo.dao.zu.shi(fic)  *lanxichen/jinguangyao  post-canon  grief/mourning 
4 weeks ago by claudine
Facebook Shares fill
Fill for the tsn_kinkmeme prompt: Mark wants Eduardo to forgive him, but even though Eduardo says he's not mad at Mark anymore, he also says that he's realized that Facebook will always be more important to Mark than he is, and he's not willing to go back to that kind of relationship. So Mark gives Eduardo half of his Facebook shares.
fic  thesocialnetwork  mark/eduardo  post-canon 
5 weeks ago by allieyy

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