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In the Stillness of Remembering - elise_509 - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Steve Rogers is a reminder of a past that Tony Stark would rather forget. But when Steve’s own ghosts suddenly become the present, Tony finds he and Steve need each other to face the future.
fandom:Marvel  uni:MCU  post-Avengers  ship:steve/tony  angst  hurt/comfort  misunderstandings  length:50k-100k 
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All Along the Watch Tower - Chapter 1 - Dyslexic_Marvel - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Since Clint’s been back he’s barely eaten, barely spoken, barely moved. Bruce can only imagine how little sleep he’s been gotten. None, based on the circles in his eyes. Bruce always found him sitting in the same set of bay windows facing out over the city. Will Banner manage to find away to get Clint to come out of his cocoon and join the living again?
fandom:Marvel  uni:MCU  post-Avengers  2012-Avengers-era  ship:clint/bruce  angst  hurt/comfort  protective!bruce  hurt!Clint  get-together  length:15k-20k 
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No Ordinary Love - Chapter 1 - 51stCenturyFox - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Thanks to a magical spell by invading aliens from another realm, Tony Stark becomes a woman...for three months.

Obviously there's no way he's not going to take his new body for a test drive. And who better to help him with it that our very own Captain America, Steve Rogers, the straighter-than-a-ruler guy he's been falling in love with totally against his will and who's finally noticing him now...
fandom:Marvel  uni:MCU  post-Avengers  2012-Avengers-era  ship:steve/tony  magic  Tony-is-a-woman  humor  gender-swap  get-together  length:10k-15k 
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Orientation - marchingjaybird - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Bruce Banner starts a new project with SHIELD and slowly comes to realize that SHIELD agents really don't have enough to do with their spare time.
fandom:Marvel  uni:MCU  post-Avengers  2012-Avengers-era  ship:clint/bruce  fluff  length:1k-5k 
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The Mission - missbecky - Marvel Avengers Movies Universe, The Avengers (2012), The Avengers - All Fandoms [Archive of Our Own]
Steve drags Tony along with him when he makes an impulsive decision to chase after Hydra. Things go downhill from there, and Steve discovers a new mission for himself.
fandom:Marvel  uni:MCU  post-Avengers  2012-Avengers-era  protective!Steve  PTSD  hurt/comfort  hurt!Tony  length:50k-100k 
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Trust - Neery - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
The Council wants the Hulk monitored 24/7. Fury can't tell them to go fuck themselves, but he can assign the one man the Council trusts even less than Bruce Banner.

Clint's not thrilled to get stuck on babysitting duty, and Bruce would be glad to get rid of his guard, but for now, they're both determined to make the best of a bad situation. Somehow, two guys who didn't expect to have much in common end up learning to trust each other.
fandom:Marvel  uni:MCU  post-Avengers  2012-Avengers-era  ship:clint/bruce  PTSD  forced-proximity  angst  length:10k-15k  *all-time-faves* 
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Bend and Break - missbecky - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
The first two times Tony invited him to stay in Stark Tower, Steve said no. But that was before he realized that sometimes even the great Tony Stark needed help.
fandom:Marvel  uni:MCU  2012-Avengers-era  post-Avengers  protective!Steve  hurt!Tony  hurt/comfort  PTSD  length:10k-15k  ship:steve/tony 
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Reasons Why (Whether They're Real Or Not) - infinite_wonders - Marvel Avengers Movies Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Tony is slow, has very little self-worth, and thinks that the universe hates him as much as he hates himself. Everyone else is long-suffering, especially Steve, because disproving that notion could take a while.
fandom:Marvel  uni:MCU  post-Avengers  2012-Avengers-era  low-self-esteem!Tony-Stark  injured!Tony  protective!team  team-fic  protective!Steve  angst  hurt/comfort  length:5k-10k  ship:steve/tony 
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i'm subtle like a lion's cage - vulpesvortex - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
The bottom of his stomach drops out in surprise, sparking memories of falling, falling, falling, and it’s slowly coming back to him now, the death drop and the jerk of his body that felt like it nearly snapped his spine, Hulk’s eyes sad under thick, frowning brows.

(Or, Hulk drags Clint off like a damsel in the middle of battle, which surprisingly turns out to be harder on Bruce's dignity than Clint's.)
fandom:Marvel  uni:MCU  post-Avengers  2012-Avengers-era  ship:clint/bruce  length:5k-10k  fluff  hurt/comfort  get-together 
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I Think I Made You Up Inside My Head - Chapter 1 - sparklylulz (sparklyulz) - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Hulk shoots him an inquisitive look. “Yes, I took the crusts off, I know you hate those.” Satisfied with this response, Hulk sticks out his hand to take the first sandwich.

“What's the magic word, Hulk? I raised you better than this.” Clint chides as he walks over with the bag of sandwiches he spent the past hour making while Stark and Cap bickered over who had the tighter suit.
fandom:Marvel  uni:MCU  ship:clint/bruce  protective!Clint  pre-slash  post-Avengers  2012-Avengers-era  length:5k-10k 
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Arms And The Man - copperbadge - Marvel [Archive of Our Own]
His best friend keeps cockblocking him, his relationship guru is a computer, and he might be gay. The future is very complicated.
fandom:Marvel  uni:MCU  ship:steve/tony  first-time  coming-out  length:10k-15k  get-together  post-Avengers 
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Stop, Drop, and Cuddle - Amuly - Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
right, so, there are sick tony prompts everywhere, and steve can't technically get sick with "terrestrial diseases" so let's stick him with an extraterrestrial disease of some sort - maybe he catches an asgardian flu or something. so, yeah, it requires a bit of screwing around to make it work, but sick!steve - is tony a competent caretaker or a horrible nurse? can be pre-relationship or during. pre- might actually be funnier.

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fandom:Marvel  uni:MCU  post-Avengers  fluff  sick!Steve  cuddling  hurt/comfort  length:1k-5k 
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Tomorrow Belongs To Me - valtyr - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Steve wakes up in the 21st Century. He doesn't think much of it, and it's dubious about him. He meets a Norse God, joins a superhero team, and feels terribly awkward about the whole monument at Arlington he's rendered obsolete by not being dead. Meanwhile, Tony is trying to make his mark on history by being the man who finally drove Nick Fury over the edge.
fandom:Marvel  uni:MCU  ship:steve/tony  post-Avengers  2012-Avengers-era  get-together  magic  tony-hits-on-cap-outrageously  virgin!Steve  length:50k-100k 
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The Worst You Can Do Is Harm - theladyingrey42 - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
So what if Tony Stark has a folder of pictures JARVIS recognizes alternately as Project Rebirth (when Tony's sober), Project Hero Worship (when he's tipsy), and Project Spank Bank (when he's drunk)? No big deal. Unless Loki destroys Avengers Mansion and Hawkeye ends up finding the damn pictures and showing them to Steve. And if there's maybe a teeny-tiny misunderstanding about why precisely Tony has them.

In which Loki is a dick, Thor is the bestest drinking buddy ever, and Tony has a hard time saying what he means.
fandom:Marvel  uni:MCU  ship:steve/tony  post-Avengers  get-together  misunderstandings  drunk!Tony  clueless!Steve  Tony-likes-pre-serum-Steve  length:5k-10k  low-self-esteem!Steve 
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