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2018 Adam Ferguson POS-JJ | World Press Photo
Boko Haram Strapped Suicide Bombs to Them. Somehow These Teenage Girls Survived.
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6 weeks ago by reginajmc
A Visual Record of the Joys, Fears and Hopes of Older Transgender People - The New York Times
“We wanted to create representations of older transgender people, and gender nonconforming people, to both capture their stories, preserve their history, record some of the activism that they had been a part of,” Ms. Dugan said. “But we also wanted to create representations for younger transgender people to see a road map for what their life could look like, to see people aging and living these complicated and exciting and robust lives in many cases.”
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6 weeks ago by reginajmc
Art at arm’s length: A history of the selfie
In some way, selfies reach back to the Greek theatrical idea of methexis—a group sharing wherein the speaker addresses the audience directly, much like when comic actors look at the TV camera and make a face. Finally, fascinatingly, the genre wasn’t created by artists. Selfies come from all of us; they are a folk art that is already expanding the language and lexicon of photography. Selfies are a photography of modern life—not that academics or curators are paying much attention to them. They will, though: In a hundred years, the mass of selfies will be an incredible record of the fine details of everyday life. Imagine what we could see if we had millions of these from the streets of imperial Rome.
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10 weeks ago by terry
Portrait Photographers: Here's an Easy Trick for Posing ANYONE
Still getting the hang of posing your subjects and getting the expressions you want? Here's a neat trick for you to try when you go shoot portraits today! 
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11 weeks ago by kger
Redefining Representation: The Women of the 116th Congress - The New York Times
Just over a century ago, Jeannette Rankin of Montana won a seat in the House of Representatives, becoming the first woman ever elected to federal office. In 1917, 128 years after the first United States Congress convened, she was sworn into its 65th session.

One hundred and two years later, one has become 131 — the number of women serving in both chambers of the 116th Congress as of this month.
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january 2019 by reginajmc
Portraits - Washington DC Photographer Stephen Voss
I love some of these. A nice reminder that “portraits” don’t have to be headshots. (via The Online Photographer)
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january 2019 by philgyford

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