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Bewerbungsfotos in Hamburg Barmbek - überzeugen mit starken Portraits
Die beste Adresse für Bewerbungsfotos in Hamburg (Barmbek) » Lass dich vorab beraten und freue dich auf überzeugende Bewerbungsfotos!
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21 hours ago by joba
Inga Sommer PHOTOGRAPHIE | Fotostudio in Hamburg Ottensen / Altona
Professionelles Fotostudio in Hamburg Ottensen / Altona für individuelle Bewerbungsfotos, Businessbilder, Portraitaufnahmen, Sedcard und Familienshootings
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21 hours ago by joba
About — GARDE.
I had the honor of shooting this wonderful crew: 📷
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6 days ago by webjay
Toward a More Radical Selfie
And then there is the tactility of the whole thing, the knowledge that each and every thread had passed through Knowles’s real fingers as well as her painted ones. Right after her wedding, Knowles wrote that she refused to become “a poor passive machine … a mere smiling Wife.” Needle painting is the antithesis of machine work. The insistence is on human artistry over a sewing machine’s productivity. Sewing was something that women were supposed to do to distract themselves, to pass the time. It was not serious, and it certainly was not work. Like the selfies of today, sewing was meant to be labor without a telos. Yet Knowles, through her self-representation, insisted on challenging the very concept of “women’s work.”
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6 days ago by madamim
Focal Length and Field of View Explained in 4 Steps
On a full frame camera, a 50mm fixed lens has a 47-degree field of view. That 47-degree field of view is roughly what we see with our own eyes.

But, put on a crop sensor camera, that same 50mm lens has a different field of view. Now, there are different levels of crop, but assuming the camera has a crop factor of 1.6x, the field of view lessens to about 30-degrees.
focallength  fieldofview  portrait  photography  reference 
8 days ago by bwiese
Bellow length for 240mm lens | Photo.net Photography Forums
With a maximum extension of 270 mm and a 240 mm lens, you are not going to be able to do macro photography. The relevant equations are on the photo.net Lens Tutorial, located at http://www.photo.net/learn/optics/lensTutorial. (With recent site reorganizations, one is unlikely to find this page unless one knows about it.) Using the equation M = (Si-f)/f, your highest magnification M will be M = 0.125, or an image of 1/8 lifesize.
The equation also shows that to reach M = 0.5 with a 240 mm lens that 360 mm of extension is needed, i.e., 90 mm additional extension on your Ebony 45s. I don't know whether this much extension would work well on your camera. To reach M = 0.25 (i.e., 1/4 life size), the required extension is 300 mm, or 30 mm addtional. This amount of extension is feasible.
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10 days ago by bwiese
photo technique magazine » Closeups with Artificial Light
Gerber Daisy was photographed with a 180mm lens in order to make the image three times life size. Even with the shorter lens, the 8×10 Deardorff bellows was nearly fully extended.
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10 days ago by bwiese
APO-Ronar 480 for 8x10 Portrait | Photrio.com Photography Forums
The M Nikkor is the most highly developed of the apo-tessar type lenses, and has a slightly higher contrast than the Ronar.

In use, either needs to be mastered for portraits. They can easily be too cruel until you learn to see as they do, and use gentle lighting and careful development.

Ronar is that they are easy to use wide open: the image is clear enough to compose and focus, and even shoot. F/9 is fast for a 480 !
480mm  nikkor  ronar  450mm  portrait  8x10  largeformat 
10 days ago by bwiese

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