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The photographer documenting subcultures that refuse to die
Share this Late one balmy August night in 2016, Owen Harvey stood outside Manhattan’s Bryant Park, nervously awaiting an encounter that would determine the next…
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10 days ago by lalabadie
A little selection of a few of my recent dog portrait commissions
Art  DrawYourDog  Bulldog  Dog  Portrait  from twitter_favs
11 days ago by stevechic
The AI superstars at Google, Facebook, Apple—they all studied under this guy
Geoffrey Hinton spent 30 years hammering away at an idea most other scientists dismissed as nonsense. Then, one day in 2012, he was proven right. Canada’s most influential thinker in the field of artificial intelligence is far too classy to say I told you so
portrait  ai 
14 days ago by SimonHurtz
Numero Berlin - Peter Funch
3x3 etc collage style polas and analog
PHOTOGRAPHY  art  portrait 
19 days ago by gnf00x

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