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KOMO asserts Seattle is dying with misery porn | March 20 - 26, 2019 | Real Change
Political revolution, KOMO insinuates, is in the air, and the “idiots” on the City Council are responsible for Seattle’s collapse.

There is no mention of the homeless “state of emergency” that, three years ago, concentrated the power to act in the hands of the mayor.

It is not a homeless crisis, we are told. It is a “drug crisis.” Former City Attorney candidate Scott Lindsay’s “System Failure” report is twisted to conflate homelessness, criminality, and drug addiction into a seamless whole.

“I don’t know one person who’s gotten treatment and gotten off the street,” says KOMO reporter and Executive Producer Matt Markovich.

Johnson interviews the most unsympathetic homeless person in Seattle, a daily meth user who’s racked up 34 criminal cases, including assault and attempted rape, in just four years.

“The system has exalted me,” he says. “I’m having a blast. It’s just so much fun!”

Yeah. Being a homeless drug addict is a real joyride.

From here, the special pivots to solutions, and the answer, says an anonymously quoted cop, is simple. “Lock them up. People come here because it’s called Freattle.”

This narrative is not backed up by facts. In fact, the data says the opposite. A 2018 survey asked 900 homeless people in King County: “Where were you living at the time you most recently became homeless?”

Eighty-three percent of respondents said they became homeless in King County. Only 3 percent said they came here seeking services.

The problem of homelessness, KOMO says, is not complicated. It’s not upstream. The problem, obviously, is homeless people. And the solution “can be boiled down to two simple words. Enforcement and intervention.”

Screw all those troubling reality-based studies that say incarceration for poverty crimes mostly worsens outcomes, or that forced treatment usually fails.

As the special ends, the camera pans over Washington State’s closed federal prison on McNeil Island. “Maybe that billion dollars we spent last year could be spent on a tough, compassionate concept that actually works. That saves lives.”
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FISK is a highly collaborative art and design studio, gallery, and publisher located in Portland, OR.
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piepdx/pie-cookbook: PIE is an experiment. We've been everything from a coworking space to a community hub to an early stage startup accelerator. Now, we're open sourcing everything we've learned from nearly a decade of helping startups.
PIE is an experiment. We've been everything from a coworking space to a community hub to an early stage startup accelerator. Now, we're open sourcing everything we've learned from nearly a decade of helping startups.
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It's like someone flipped the "get-on-your-bike" switch in .

All the sudden, people on bikes everywhere.…
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Study warns of 156,000 Oregon households at risk of homelessness - oregonlive.com
"...policymakers have spent too much time and money alleviating the symptoms of homelessness and catering to residents who believe homelessness is a choice caused by people who don’t seek help for addiction or mental health issues."

“A lot of the policy solutions are in the space of what I would call the policy of last resort -- which is shelter expansion.”

"...the study provides a more clear-eyed look at quantifying what the challenges are for stemming the flow of people into homelessness by separating people considered to be chronically homeless and those who are homeless because of unexpected situations in their lives."

“This is a broad economic issue. It is an issue that involves the state Legislature, it’s an issue that involves community planning departments in cities and counties across the state, and it also involves the federal government that is the major provider of subsidies to low-income families.”
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8 days ago by corrales
Books With Pictures
Books with Pictures is a new comics shop in Portland, OR. We carry a wide range of books, including super hero comics, indie comics, kids’ picture books, all-ages comics, LGBT comics, and small-run handmade comics.

Our mission is explicitly inclusive; we strive to be a space that is welcoming to people who love good stories without regard to age, race, sexual orientation, gender expression, or disability status. We believe that representation of diverse perspectives is crucial to our mission, and stock content reflecting that belief.
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Univ. of Arizona master’s students are touring this week. Yesterday’s bike tour highlighte…
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Vanlife Northwest
importer of Toyota Hiace in town
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