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Tobias Ahlin
Tobias Ahlin | Designer and developer
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3 hours ago by ashwath22
Rachel Schmitz
Rachel Schmitz is a San Francisco-based Product Designer interested in
social gaming and education. She's previously worked at Google, Rumble
Games, AVG Technologies and Presidio Knolls School. Most recently she's
been working at Secret Mumbo, where she released MsgMe WordGuess and MsgMe
TicTacToe for iMessage, which Apple featured in its iOS 10 launch this past
Fall and now have almost 1M downloads between the two.
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3 hours ago by ashwath22
Jihoon Suh
This is the design portfolio & personal blog of Jihoon Suh.
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3 hours ago by ashwath22
DigitalOcean Cloud
Jesse Chase is a product designer in New York City, currently Creative Director at DigitalOcean
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3 hours ago by ashwath22
Beyond | A design and technology ideas company
We help companies create new value with design and technology. We power their momentum by transforming the way they think and work.
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3 hours ago by ashwath22
Mike Wagz - Creative Developer
Mike Wagz is a creative web developer focusing on interactive storytelling, motion design, and web accessibility.
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2 days ago by ashwath22
Lap of Luxury | Design Anthology Magazine
How Australian interior design studio Infinite Design gave a 1980s penthouse a modern revamp.
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2 days ago by sevenforasecret
Jennifer Heintz - Designer & Illustrator
Jennifer Heintz is a multidisciplinary designer & illustrator focused on bringing brands to life in print & online.
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3 days ago by ashwath22

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