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New Dynamics 365 Portal Feature: Diagnose and Resolve Problems | Magnetism Solutions | NZ (Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch & Dunedin)
With recent upgrades to the Dynamics 365 Portal there are a few new options available on the Portal Configuration page. These options can be seen on the left side navigation in the screenshot below. via Pocket
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april 2019 by TobiwanKenobi
10 Custom React Hooks you Should Have in Your Toolbox
Hooks came and conquered React and shook the whole developer community. Scrolling down your twitter feed without noticing the word hooks is a rare occasion these days. And by this day, I hope you…
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march 2019 by jimthedev
Strategies For Headless Projects With Structured Content Management Systems
Wrapping my <ahem> head around this strategy for structured content delivery via API and headless cms. Ex. I like the idea of turning collections databases and DAMS into services that abstract away from their always awful default UIs to let us make our own portals #dams #api #musetech
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february 2019 by davidnunez
5 things you need to fix in your API documentation - Osaango - Open the right doors using APIs!
maybe only 3 things? but decent "1. What does your API do?

This should be obvious from the first title and sentence on your API documentation. And for each endpoint. Make sure it’s written for your target audience. The worst I’ve seen is “Search API: Search API is used to do searches”. Ok, but to search what? Why? Are there limitations or special combinations? If it’s an API in a developer portal containing public, partner and private APIs then who is this API for? Or could it you open it for everyone? This is something you would need to think about already when designing the API.

Wrong purpose, terrible API - Arnaud Lauret, API Handyman, NordicAPIs Platform Summit 2018

This is also the starting point in the creative-commons licensed APIOps CyclesTM -method http://www.apiopscycles.com for API development. It all starts from the API Value Proposition.

2. Stop with the sequence diagrams, explain your product"
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october 2018 by earth2marsh

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