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"This is true , this is true grit and determination. The only way we can take down this…
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Rage, rapture and pure populism: on the road with Nigel Farage | Politics | The Guardian
Either way, Farage concedes he has “never had a more straightforward message. And never have the other side made it easier.” Why had he not once used the word immigration in his speech? “Five years ago the burning issue in this country was open-doors immigration. And right now, it is not the burning issue. The burning issue is Brexit. Purely Brexit.”
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Deutschland: Dem Rechtsruck auf der Spur | ARTE Re: Doku - YouTube
[ verhaertete fronten, Neu Rechte, einige fast demokratiegefaehrdent, inklusive conspiracy theories ] Deutschland steht im Herbst vor entscheidenden Wahlen in drei Bundesländern. Die Republik droht weiter nach rechts zu rutschen, besonders in Sachsen. Engagierte Reporter der Sächsischen Zeitung gehen rechten Umtrieben im Land nach und zeigen, wie rechtspopulistische Ideen die Mitte der Gesellschaft erfassen.
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we are mitú
“Never in my life did I think I would like to see a dictator,” the woman told the crowd. “But if there’s going to be one, I want it to be Trump.”

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