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Determining and Tracking Your Blog s Popularity (Getting Noticed Part 2)
In part 2 of the Getting Noticed series we ll determine the current popularity of this blog, and how to measure changes in its ranking over time.
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3 days ago by DawMatt
Derek Thompson: "Hit Makers: The Science of Popularity in an Age of Distraction" | Talks at Google - YouTube
- we strive for familiar but novel, too novel doesn't work as well
- viral is not the right analogy: series of amplifiers
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10 days ago by igrigorik
"open source project classification system that takes a lot more than popularity into account.

It breaks projects down into three main components:


Source: http://rubyfacets.com/7
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10 days ago by ebouchut
New data claims vinyl brought in more revenue than album downloads in the UK last week
There’s been an odd trend shaping up in the music industry as of late. As streaming services become more prominent, music downloads are starting to become a thing of the past. At the same tim…
tech  music  industry  streaming  commerce  vinyl  popularity 
february 2017 by krannon
iPhones account for 8 of top 10 cameras in 2016 Flickr report, Apple c
Photo sharing site Flickr noted that Apple remains the leading camera brand among its users, filling eight slots of its top ten most popular cameras. iPhones now account for 47 percent of its photographers, compared to 24 percent using Canon cameras and 18 percent using Nikons.
Apple  iPhone  camera  popularity 
february 2017 by krannon

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