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Donald Knuth once said: If I find too many people adopting a certain idea I'd probably think it's wrong.
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26 days ago by vipom
2017 JavaScript Rising Stars
A complete overview of the JavaScript landscape in 2017: trends about front-end and node.js frameworks, tooling, IDE, Static site generators...
ranking  tools  javascript  popularity  2017 
4 weeks ago by program247365
2017 JavaScript Rising Stars
A complete overview of the JavaScript landscape in 2017: trends about front-end and node.js frameworks, tooling, IDE, Static site generators...
popularity  2017  ranking  javascript  tools  awesome  bwg-links  development  js 
5 weeks ago by otlib
Football Still Americans' Favorite Sport to Watch
2017 survey of americans fave sport to watch

all: 37-11-9-7
18-34: 30-11-6-11
35-54: 40-12-7-10
55+: 39-11-14-1
sports  popularity  football  basketball  baseball  soccer  suverys 
6 weeks ago by actualitems
Repetitive pop songs 'more likely to be hits' - Telegraph
A pop song’s success may be down to how many times its chorus is repeated.

For each repetition, a song’s likelihood of making it to number one increases significantly, according to researchers who analysed more than 2,400 songs released over the past half century.

But the chances of a song becoming a hit decline for each additional year in the age of the singer.

Chorus repetition is a winning formula because repetitive songs are processed by the brain more quickly, according to Professor Andrea Ordanini, of Bocconi University, Milan.
music  popularity  planning_JKAF  popculture 
6 weeks ago by JohnDrake
What Makes a Hit Song? Science Tries to Find the Answer. | Evolver.fm
Hit songs are becoming: louder, longer, bouncier, more energetic.

They move people more; and by 'move' it means physically move, rather than emotionally move.
music  popculture  popularity  planning_JKAF 
6 weeks ago by JohnDrake
The Science of Hit Songs
In the social influence group, participants were provided with the same song list, but could also see how many times each song had been downloaded.

Researchers found that popular songs were popular and unpopular songs were unpopular, regardless of their quality established by the other group. They also found that as a particular songs' popularity increased, participants selected it more often.
music  popularity  socialmedia  planning_JKAF 
6 weeks ago by JohnDrake

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