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don we now our gay apparel 2003 | Thirteen Hours from New York to Rome
Banter and sex. Everything I want in timbertrick. And it's mile high club sex I mean come on
fic  chris/justin  popslash 
july 2017 by sometimesalways
Internal, by Arsenic Jade
Summary: "Howie gets broken. Nick has to put him back together."
popslash  bsb  pairing:howie/nick  length:10001-15000  author:arsenic.jade 
june 2017 by morgana
Still one of my favorite things ever and with the most accurate and perfect summary in the world. No summary will ever top it. That summary is my entire adolescence at the skating rink.
fic  popslash 
october 2016 by sometimesalways

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00:30:00-00:45:00  aj/justin  alternate-universe  angst  au  author:arsenic.jade  author_site  bsb  cartercest  chris/jc/justin  chris/jc  chris/justin  chris/lance  chris/nick  drama  explicit  favorite_fic  fic  first-time  humor  jc/chris  jc/joey  jc/lance  joey/justin  justin/jc  justin/nick  justin-timberlake  length:10001-15000  magic.stiles  mature  multi  nick_carter/chris_kirkpatrick  nsync  pairing:howie/nick  pensnest_performer  pensnest_reccer  podfic  resources  self-reccage_event  sga  zombies 

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