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Without Thinking Twice Perfect Popovers
Serves 6 teaspoons unsalted butter

2 eggs, lightly beaten, at room temperature
1 cup milk, at room temperature
1 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
Before whisking the flour mixture into the egg mixture, stir in 2 tablespoons prepared horseradish. When the batter is smooth, stir in 1/2 cup finely grated Gruyère cheese, and proceed as directed.
popovers  horseradish  ham  christmas 
december 2018 by pegasus505
Blue Cheesy Yorkshire Pudding Recipe | Jeff Mauro | Food Network
Make a light sauce instead of just dumping blue cheese in the middle.
Recipes  FN  holiday  JeffM  baking  bread  popovers  elegant  yorkshire  bluecheese  sauce 
june 2018 by lala7625
Nice library for tooltips and popovers -- handles flipping direction when scrolled out of view, etc.
javascript  library  tooltips  popovers 
august 2017 by TRMW
Ratchet - Build mobile apps with simple HTML, CSS, and JavaScript components
Ratchet - Build mobile apps with simple HTML, CSS, and JavaScript components. Components to make Mobile app that looks and behaves like a native iOS or Android app as well as the frameworks own theme.

GitHub - https://github.com/twbs/ratchet/
Project - http://goratchet.com
Demo Apps - http://goratchet.com/examples/
Mobile  UI  UX  CSS  CSS3  HTML  Framework  JavaScript  Buttons  Modals  Lists  Icons  Popovers  Tables  Forms  iOS  Android  History  AJAX  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Web-Dev-Tools  WebDevAppModule 
april 2017 by jasondavis
Bootcards - App UI Framework with panels and mobile app designs can build CRM UI/UX
Bootcards is a cards-based UI framework. It is built on top of Bootstrap and uses it's responsive features. Unlike most other UI frameworks, it includes a dual-pane interface for tablet users.

We think Cards are the design pattern for mobile of the future. Cards are used already on sites and apps like Twitter, Google (Plus, Now), Spotify, Pinterest and Amazon. To kickstart your (and our) projects we decided to create Bootcards.

Main features
- Native look & feel for iOS and Android.
- Independent scrolling columns to support master/detail views.
- Single-pane mode for tablets in portrait: in a master/detail view, the list is hidden to leave more room for the content.
- All markup based on Bootstrap v3.
- Optimized for smartphones AND tablets.

GitHub - https://github.com/bootcards/bootcards
Project - http://bootcards.org/
Docs - http://bootcards.org/site/docs.html
Demo -
Image - https://www.apollowebstudio.com/screenshots/2017/chrome_2017-01-19_09-09-17.png
Image - https://www.apollowebstudio.com/screenshots/2017/chrome_2017-01-19_09-10-16.png
Image - https://www.apollowebstudio.com/screenshots/2017/screencapture-localhost-labs-js-bootcards-ui-framework-samples-double-navbar-html-1484835033686.png
Image - https://www.apollowebstudio.com/screenshots/2017/chrome_2017-01-19_09-12-11.png
Image - https://www.apollowebstudio.com/screenshots/2017/chrome_2017-01-19_09-16-04.png
Image - https://www.apollowebstudio.com/screenshots/2017/chrome_2017-01-19_09-16-38.png
Image - https://www.apollowebstudio.com/screenshots/2017/chrome_2017-01-19_09-17-39.png
Image - https://www.apollowebstudio.com/screenshots/2017/chrome_2017-01-19_09-18-23.png
Image - https://www.apollowebstudio.com/screenshots/2017/chrome_2017-01-19_09-18-54.png
JavaScript  jQuery  Mobile  iOS  Android  iPad  iPhone  CRM  Modals  Popovers  CSS3  Web-Development  Web-Dev  Web-Dev-Tools  Web-Agency-Studio-Tools  Freelance-Tools  Dev-Tools  Design  Charts  Framework  UI  UX  Dashboard 
january 2017 by jasondavis

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