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The Pope in Mexico: Syncretism in Public Ritual on JSTOR
Andrew Beatty
American Anthropologist
Vol. 108, No. 2 (Jun., 2006), pp. 324-335

Popes, Religious rituals, Catholicism, Religious syncretism, Symbolism, Ceremonies, Polynesian culture, Cultural diversity, Aztec culture, Anthropology of religion
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10 days ago by gdw
Pope Francis Stops Hiding From the Church’s Sexual-Abuse Epidemic
The pope’s moto proprio, which will take effect in June and remain in place as an experiment for three years, is a definitive and concrete step forward for the Church, demonstrating that Pope Francis is taking sexual abuse seriously. The new law is not a panacea, however: It does not detail specific punishments for Church leaders who violate these norms, and it does not mandate the involvement of authorities outside the Church.The new law institutes a detailed mechanism for reporting allegations against bishops, and offers protections to whistle-blowers.The new law is a major departure from the Vatican’s past action—or, more precisely, inaction—on sexual abuse. Rather than a panacea for past sins, “Vos Estis Lux Mundi” is a tentative promise to the future that no Catholic leader will be allowed to get away with abuse or cover-ups again. It is now up to the Church to fulfill that promise.
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عظة اسبوع الالام /اشتريتم بثمن / البابا شنودة Eshtoritom Besaman
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<a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.snapeplus.com">سناب بلس</a>
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<p>The post <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.snapeplus.com/%d8%b9%d8%b8%d8%a9-%d8%a7%d8%b3%d8%a8%d9%88%d8%b9-%d8%a7%d9%84%d8%a7%d9%84%d8%a7%d9%85-%d8%a7%d8%b4%d8%aa%d8%b1%d9%8a%d8%aa%d9%85-%d8%a8%d8%ab%d9%85%d9%86-%d8%a7%d9%84%d8%a8%d8%a7%d8%a8%d8%a7/">عظة اسبوع الالام /اشتريتم بثمن / البابا شنودة Eshtoritom Besaman</a> appeared first on <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.snapeplus.com">سناب بلس</a>.</p><img src="http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/snapeplus/~4/hD_CMBJtdwY" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>
فيديو  Bavly  Bavly  Phone  Channel  Besaman  christian  songs  Eshtoritom  pope  shenouda  iii  اسبوع  اسبوع  الالام  اشتريتم  اشتريتم  بثمن  الالام  البابا  البابا  شنودة  البابا  شنوده  الراهب  الصامت  السيد  المسيح  المسيح  بافلى  بالموسيقى  بثمن  ترانيم  ترنيمة  شنودة  عظات  البابا  شنودة  الثالث  عظة  عظه  فون  from instapaper
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Conservatives want Catholic bishops to denounce pope as heretic - Reuters
The new letter lists pages of what it calls “Evidence for Pope Francis being guilty of the delict (crime) of heresy”.

It attacks him for having once said that the intentions of Martin Luther, the father of the Protestant Reformation, “were not mistaken”. It says he has not condemned abortion strongly enough and is too lenient with homosexual Catholics.

The letter criticized Francis for signing a joint statement with Lutherans in 2016 in which the pope said Catholics were grateful for the “theological gifts” of the Reformation.

It attacked the pope for a common statement with a prominent Muslim leader in Abu Dhabi in February which said the pluralism and diversity of religions was “willed by God”. Conservatives say the Roman Catholic Church is the only true one and that members are called to convert others to it.
catholic  pope  heresey 
25 days ago by bwiese
Margaret the Dragon Slayer
In an 11th-century English life of Saint Margaret, or Marina, of Antioch, there is a moment when she gets the devil in...
dragon  woman  saint  pope  slayer 
4 weeks ago by xer0x
The crisis is about more than a disintegration of moral theology
Benedict offers his impressions, as an observer, on the tumult in 1960s society. As a diagnostic exercise, however, his essay is inadequate.After all, the phenomenon of clerical abuse is recurrent, if not perennial: even in Apostolic times, St Paul had to deal with gross immorality among those appointed to lead the flocks he founded and in those flocks themselves. Other examples abound, from Pope St Gregory the Great, to Sts Peter Damian and Charles Borromeo, inter alia. US bishops knew they had a serious problem well before the tumult of the 1960s. Rome knew. Everybody in a place to do something knew .decades before the crisis became a major public scandal. Even the report of the German Church regarding clerical abuse cites cases going back to the 1940s.Nor is the crisis merely one of a disintegration in moral science where matters of sexual morality are concerned. The libido coeundi (sex drive) is subject to perversion, but the principal driver of clerical culture at present is the libido dominandi (lust for power), which is intrinsically perverse. The latter will make use of the former. Indeed, the perversion of the libido coeundi is often the result of the libido dominandi’s pernicious work in the soul. Nevertheless, persons addicted to sexual perversion only gain power and place by way of their prior addiction to – and direction by – the libido dominandi. Power – the lust for it, which murders souls – is the great key to this crisis
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5 weeks ago by thomas.kochi
Pope Benedict’s letter on sex abuse is not an attack on Francis (or Vatican II)
The first part, seeking the origins of the abuse crisis, restates Benedict’s well-known horror at the cultural and sexual “revolutions” in the West in the 1960s and their effects on the church.The second part of the article, on the church’s evolving legal response to abuse, is also interesting. Rather than blame the lack of willingness to make use of canon law in the post-conciliar period, as he has often done in the past, he criticizes an imbalance in the law itself that he calls “guarantorism.Benedict’s third part contains to me his most important—and helpful—suggestions. Noting how the crisis has led some to see the church “as something almost unacceptable, which we must now take into our own hands and redesign,” he warns that “a self-made Church cannot constitute hope.”It seems obvious that this is a riposte to many of the right-wing responses to institutional failure that treat the church as a kind of renegade corporation needing a purge of bad employees under new management.Benedict does not use the word, but Francis did recently on his return from Morocco, when he warned of “the church’s danger today of becoming Donatist, making human regulations that are necessary, but limiting ourselves to this and forgetting the other spiritual dimensions, prayer, penitence and self-accusation.” Francis similarly warned the U.S. bishops on the eve of their New Year’s retreat that “many actions can be helpful, good and necessary, and may even seem correct, but not all of them have the ‘flavor’ of the Gospel.”Is this not Benedict’s point, when he follows his master St. Augustine—who battled the Donatists of his day—in calling up Jesus’ descriptions of the church as a fishing net containing both good and bad, or a field in which both wheat and darnel grow?Surprise, surprise. Both the pope and the pope emeritus are at one in defending the freedom of the church to be redeemed by God’s mercy, and in opposing any attempt at neo-Donatist reform.They are very different men, and very different popes. But on the fundamentals, there seems to be little distance between them. That is why it is not just courtesy for Benedict to sign off by thanking Francis “for everything he does to show us, again and again, the light of God, which has not disappeared, even today.”
AmericaMag  catholic  pope  debates  scandals 
6 weeks ago by thomas.kochi
Pope Francis celebrates largest Mass in the history of Morocco
Pope Francis concluded his historic visit to Morocco by celebrating a Mass enlivened by a mixture of Gregorian chant with the beat of drums and the rhythmic dance, music and song of 10,000 faithfulAmong those attending the Mass was Brother Jean-Pierre Schumacher, O.C.S.O, the last monk survivor from the monastery of Tibhirine in Algeria. (Seven Trappist monks were killed at Tibhirine during the Algerian civil war in 1996.) Commenting on the Gospel reading of the day—the parable of the prodigal son—Pope Francis, speaking in Spanish, emphasized that the father’s joy “would not be complete without the presence of the other son,” so he set out to find him and invite him to the festivities. But, he recalled, the older son found it hard to accept the father’s joy when he embraced the other son, and so he was unwilling to participate in the celebration. By doing so, “he fails not only to recognize his brother, but his father as well.”ndeed, the pope said, the older son “would rather be an orphan than a brother. He prefers isolation to encounter, bitterness to rejoicing. Not only is he unable to understand or forgive his brother, he cannot accept a father capable of forgiving, willing to wait patiently, to trust and to keep looking, lest anyone be left out: in a word, a father capable of compassion.”Francis remarked that “at the threshold of that home, something of the mystery of our humanity appears,” and what we see “is the tension we experience in our societies and in our communities and even in our own hearts—a tension deep within us ever since the time of Cain and Abel. We are called to confront it and see it for what it is. For we, too, ask: ‘Who has the right to stay among us, to take a place at our tables and in our meetings, in our activities and concerns, in our squares and our cities?’” The question seems constantly to return: “Am I my brother’s keeper?Francis said “the greatest legacy and wealth of a Christian” is to see things with “the compassion and loving eyes of the Father,” and in this way, “instead of measuring ourselves or classifying ourselves according to different moral, social, ethnic or religious criteria, we should be able to recognize that another criterion exists, ”Returning to the Gospel parable, Francis noted that “it leaves us with an open ending. We see the father asking the older son to come in and share in the celebration of mercy. The Gospel writer says nothing about what the son decided.” Then applying the parable to the situation in which these believers live, the pope (himself the son of migrants to Argentina) said, “we can imagine that this open ending is meant to be written by each individual and every community. We can complete it by the way we live, the way we regard others and how we treat our neighbor.
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8 weeks ago by thomas.kochi
Exclusive: Inside the election of Pope Francis
“I call as my witness Christ the Lord, who will be my judge, that my vote is given to the one who, before God, I think should be elected.” As for Bergoglio, the first vote revealed that he was indeed a strong candidate, stronger than many had realized. There were many factors in Bergoglio’s favor. He was known to be a very holy man, a humble, intelligent, inspiring pastor, devoid of ambition, who avoided the limelight, lived a simple life and had a passionate love for the poor. He had never lived or studied in Rome and did not have a Roman outlook. He had governed the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires for 15 years in a truly pastoral way, with decisiveness, prudence and creativity; he had a talent for government. Ever since the 2001 synod his stature had grown internationally, and at the Celam meeting in Aparecida, Brazil, in May 2007, he had emerged as the undisputed leader of the church in this region, where almost 50 percent of the world’s Catholics live. Above all, he was a man of courage with a vision, a missionary vision, able to open new horizons for the church, a man committed to dialogue—with Jews, with Muslims, with other Christians and with those who professed no faith. He was above all a pastor. His brief intervention in the General Congregation as well as his interaction with many cardinals during these days had revealed this clearly.
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9 weeks ago by thomas.kochi
Bannon descends on Rome, sowing chaos
Steve Bannon’s whirlwind tour of three continents took him to Italy’s capital on Thursday, to deliver a head-spinning diatribe on world events, economics, the environment and the prospects of Donald Trump’s reelection, about which he characteristically.Eyes grew glazed, yawns were stifled and when the show was finally wrapped up, photographers surrounded Bannon, nearly mobbing him, until in an instant he had disappeared into the night and, hopefully, into a bed for what appears to be much-needed sleep. managed to be both cryptic and definitive at the same time.If Trump can last the next six months, “and that’s a big if,” Bannon said, he will win bigger than in 2016... speaking before a group of around 150 journalists at the 17th century Biblioteca Angelica, a gorgeous high-ceilinged building lined with a million old books.The stunning library was built in 1604, he noted, “three years before the British set foot in Virginia, my home state,” a remark whose significance was lost on most of the Italian journalists present, and the Americans...And even though Russia was thuggish, it should be embraced, because the world would need its help against China, whose president, along with the pope, seems to have become one of Bannon’s newest targets.
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