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When to match :focus-ring:? · Issue #33 · WICG/focus-ring
Discussion in the :focus-ring polyfill as to what behaviour it should have.
accessibility  css  polyfill  a11y 
13 days ago by sentience
- Stickybits is a lightweight alternative to `position: sticky` polyfills 🍬
sticky  js  polyfill 
14 days ago by tedw
qss/README.md at master · tomhodgins/qss
Note that this is a helper for other actual polyfills
elementqueries  js  polyfill 
20 days ago by stuarth
- Prolyfill for CSS Container Queries
elementquery  polyfill 
21 days ago by tedw
Maria's Developer Blog – requestAnimationFrame and polyfill in React 16
solving the problem with warnings: Warning: React depends on requestAnimationFrame. Make sure that you load a polyfill in older browsers
react  react16  conversion  upgrade  polyfill  requestAnimationFrame 
4 weeks ago by tamouse

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