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New site helping you register and vote in the United States
unitedstates  voting  politics  tootme 
1 hour ago by nelson
Building the Future - Tiffani Ashley Bell
A GitHub-produced profile of Tiffani Ashley Bell, founder of The Human Utility.
civics  politics  engineering  femalefounders  water 
1 hour ago by beep
How anti-immigrant rhetoric crept into Chinese Canadian politics – VICE News - news.vice.com
Progressive voices in the community warn it is being used to galvanize voters in the Toronto area.
immigration  canada  chinese  refugees  politics 
2 hours ago by insertrealname
Host - The Atlantic
good article on the world of talk radio and the mechanics of on-air blowhards. often worth a re-read in the era of Alex jones et al.
article  culture  politics  systems  structure  talkradio  blowhard 
2 hours ago by aaronbeekay
ParlGov · parties, elections, cabinets
approximately 1600 parties, 940 elections (8700 results), and 1500 cabinets (3700 parties).
data  elections  politics  international 
3 hours ago by paulbradshaw
Parallel lives: matching portraits from South and North Korea
Jones said of his photos: “You can put the pictures side by side but the people can’t stand side by side in real life and there’s something inherently captivating about that.”
photography  korea  politics 
4 hours ago by terry
Brett Kavanaugh Is a Threat to Disabled People’s Rights - Tonic
Kavanaugh’s record suggests he doesn’t recognize the inherent humanity and value of women like Weintraub and the disability community at large. One significant concern is Kavanaugh’s opinion in Doe v D.C., a case that involved three developmentally disabled women who received elective surgery without consent — two of the women had abortions, and another had eye surgery. Kavanaugh was tasked with determining whether the District of Columbia had violated its own policies and the women’s autonomy by proceeding with surgeries without consulting them.

He ruled no, claiming because they lacked legal capacity, their wishes didn’t need to be considered. This rings alarm bells for the disability community, which has faced a long history of forcible medical procedures including abortion and sterilization. It also has bigger implications for the discussion about disability and autonomy, especially in light of the movement to reform guardianship.
Further, Kavanaugh hasn’t ruled favorably in a number of cases delving into issues like employment discrimination where he ruled against a disabled employee in a discrimination suit, and the right to education for the disability community, as in a 2007 case where he overturned a court order requiring the District of Columbia to provide education services to an incarcerated minor. As Senator Tammy Duckworth noted in an opinion editorial for Time, many in the disability community are worried about what this means for the future of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), landmark legislation that has been used extremely successfully to defend civil rights for the disability community.
by:SESmith  from:Tonic  disability  politics  geo:UnitedStates 
4 hours ago by owenblacker
Volksentscheid Gesunde Krankenhäuser
Laut Gewerkschaft ver.di fehlen ca. 3000 Pflegestellen in Berliner Krankenhäusern.
Wer kennt es nicht: überlastete Pflegekräfte, überfüllte Rettungsstellen, zu wenig Zeit für die Versorgung von Patientinnen und Patienten. Der Grund: Überall wurden Stellen abgebaut, um mit geringeren Kosten möglichst viel Gewinn zu machen.
Um das Wohl und die Sicherheit von Patientinnen und Patienten zu gewährleisten, haben wir den Volksentscheid für Gesunde Krankenhäuser gestartet.
politics  Germany  lang:de  revisit 
6 hours ago by archangel
Notes on some artefacts | The Monthly
The former-NBA star Dennis Rodman being sent to North Korea to “assist” in the peninsula peace talks, his fare paid for by a cannabis-backed cryptocurrency. That’s an artefact.
internet  politics  material 
7 hours ago by osfa

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