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President Duckface 2040 – Rally Point Perspectives – Medium
Similarly, the internet may seem harmless since we’re separated from it by our phone screen or our computer screen, but the attention it drains from us is released back into the planet in the form of entropy. We may have more information, but we have less sense of what to do with it. We have major difficulties separating out the signal from the noise. And if most everything appears to be noise to us, then it follows it must also be noise to other people.
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17 hours ago by astrogirl
Defend Tim Farron, a true liberal, even if it makes us queasy
You cannot demand respect from others. You can only earn it. You cannot force others to admire you, endorse your lifestyle and drop even private doubts about you. You can only persuade them to see what good there is in you. And if you don’t know by now you that cannot compel others to love you, you never will. All you can do – and all you should want to do – is take the deal when a politician says: don’t ask if I respect you, ask if I respect your rights.
17 hours ago by terry
The War on Sensemaking – Rally Point Perspectives – Medium
In 1917, a young Edward Bernays was asked to help the American war effort by applying his uncle Sigmund Freud’s theories of the unconscious to a new German technique called “propaganda”. Thus began the current war.
While we continued to fight the last war in trenches and hedgerows, a new form of war was developing in medias res. This war wasn’t one about destructive force in the energetic sense. This war was fought on an entirely different battlefield — sense and meaning. Guns, germs and steel began to give way to spies, lies, distraction and seduction.
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21 hours ago by astrogirl
Understanding the Blue Church – Rally Point Journal – Medium
I assign a significant portion of the surprising victory of the Trump Insurgency to the fact that the transfer of power from broadcast to digital has crossed the tipping point.
It is this technological transition that leads me to the conclusion that while the Blue Church (and its allies in the Deep State and the Establishment) can certainly struggle and hold for a while, their day is done. The climate is changing and they must adapt or die.
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21 hours ago by astrogirl
Latest Totals: Storm Dumps Over Foot Of Snow Near Denver « CBS Denver
DENVER (CBS4) – For some it’s hard to imagine, but ‘Springtime in the Rockies’ often means heavy, wet snow. Evergreen – 13.7″ (Paul Luzetski) East of Conifer – 12. via Pocket
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22 hours ago by Buffalo_Goku
“Trump's First 100 Days Have Completely Undermined America's Political Standards”, by Lauren Duca
“Perhaps the most condemning diagnosis of all is simply that perpetual chaos has become the standard. There are no alarms left to sound.”
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23 hours ago by beep
Mr. Trump Goes to Washington - NYTimes.com
Politics is far, far harder than business.
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