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Pasco County Schools
Sample policy about cyberbullying.
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Japan's Hometown Tax | Patrick McKenzie | Kalzumeus
..Tokyo and the regions could have resolved their differences through the democratic process, in which the regions outvote Tokyo and could have altered Japan’s national tax and economic policies to their advantage. Tokyo obviously doesn’t want this, and instead agreed to an opt-in system which allays some of the regions’ concerns. To the extent that taxpayers donate to their hometowns, Tokyo no longer freerides on the substantial public expenditures required to raise and educate internal migrants. Putting potentially 40% of Tokyo’s residence tax in play is not a small carrot. Individual residence tax is roughly 45% of the city’s revenue. That works out to roughly $30 billion a year.
..There exists a culture in Japan of reciprocating gifts. While it varies based on where you live, in the areas I’ve lived, the general rule of thumb is 30%: if you give someone $300 cash on the occasion of their wedding, as is customary for gainfully employed people with respect to someone outside their immediate family, they’re socially obligated to find a way to give you $90 of value back. (The mechanisms for doing this could merit their own post; the word is 返礼品. A dictionary translates this as “quid pro quo”, but the sentiment does not match the common English usage of that phrase. This is simply a ritual; to not participate in it would be non-normative.)

While not formally defined in the legislation for the Furusato Nouzei system, someone at a city government figured that it was just not appropriate to let someone just give ~3% of their salary to the city without receiving a token of appreciation in return. So they sent something back; a can of locally-produced plums, say, to remind you of the tastes of your childhood. And this was a beautiful idea! It directly improved the ability of the system to cement relationships between internal migrants and their hometowns, one of the declared goals of the system. It motivated people to fill out paperwork and float the city a bit of money for part of a year, because who doesn’t like free plums. (You might sensibly object that they aren’t free given the time value of money, but prevailing interest rates in Japan are indistinguishable from zero.) And it let cities specialize in marketing this initiative. And specialize they did.

.. The government wasn’t willing to adjudicate one’s “true” hometown; 帰る場所 is where the heart is. And then some bureaucrat realized that this created a market: you, as a city government, can bid for taxpayers to select you as a hometown.

..Well, remember the sites which are acting as brokers for donations? They all have search engines, so that you can search by e.g. who has wagyu available if that is your thing. Your thing could, plausibly, be travel to your hometown. So your hometown could, plausibly, buy you tickets back to home. But this would be gratuitously operationally intensive. You have to call city hall. They have to arrange transport. Why do this when Japan is a country with perfectly functioning travel agencies? It would be far better for everyone for your hometown to just send you a gift card to a travel agency.

See where this is going yet? A gift card for e.g. Japan’s largest travel agency is a highly liquid cash equivalent. In addition to using it for any good or service from that travel agency, you could liquidate it for about 97 cents on the dollar in any gift certificate exchange in the country. (These are extraordinarily common in Japan.) A few rounds of vigorous capitalism later, many rural towns without large expatriate (inpatriate?) populations and without much to differentiate them in terms of local food had bid the consideration for a donation up, up, up. Eventually the central government stepped in and said that the maximum they’d allow is you rewarding a taxpayer with 50% of the donation in consideration. So, if you “donate” ~3% of your gross salary to one of these cities (which is 1:1 matched by e.g. Tokyo; you’re donating someone else’s money), they will give you ~1.5% of it back in all-but-cash.
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Forced labour being used in China’s ‘re-education’ camps | Financial Times
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Before its abolition in 2013, China’s gulag-style laojiao sys...
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