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Maidenhead school asks parents to buy toilet roll - BBC News
Amazon Wish List // A school in Theresa May's constituency has sent a list to parents of things it says need buying to keep it running - including toilet paper. [...] On Monday, the school emailed parents with the items on the wish list, including a request for a "never-ending supply" of toilet paper, as well as adhesive tape, pens, A3 paper and Blu Tack.

It reportedly said it had lost £70,000 in government funding cuts.
UK  education  policy  Austerity  Theresa  May 
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History of ICE child policy
Details on how America came to be a country separating children from their parents
politics  immigration  policy  history  trump  obama  bush 
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Crazy maths makes nonsense of Irish climate change policy
'John FitzGerald on madness of Ireland burning peat for electricity:

'the current subsidy per job involved is at least €100,000 a year. The Bord na Móna annual report indicates that, in the year 2016/2017, its workers’ average pay was €50,000. In other words, the subsidy per job is around twice what the workers involved actually earn.

If the peat-fired power stations were closed tomorrow, and the workers involved continued to be employed on their current wages, subsidising these jobs would only cost €50 million, not €100 million. Electricity consumers would pay less to subsidise these jobs, and Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions would fall substantially as a result of discontinuing this polluting fuel use.'

We should plan for closure by 2020 of peat-fired electricity generation:

–greatly benefit environment;
–save electricity consumers money;
–protect livelihoods.
environment  peat  ireland  electricity  fossil-fuels  policy  climate-change 
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Tackling the Ethical Challenges of Slippery Technology
When Anab Jain writes, it's worth paying attention. Here she discusses AI and ethics. Also, her partner in <strike>crime</strike> Superflux Jon Ardern cuts to the chase: “We imbue technology with the ideals of the people who have created it, rather than those who use it.”
Jon Ardern, Superflux"
newsletter  ai  tech  policy 
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