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Photo Real: On Photoshop, Feminism, and Truth - VICE
To get a "true" photo, you need to remove artifice. This means removing art. Art's opposite is bulk surveillance.
6 weeks ago by mrled
'It hurt so bad': Indiana teachers shot with plastic pellets during active shooter training
One day some fucking cop is going to do this to a child and their bosses will defend it to the press
march 2019 by mrled
I helped catch Silk Road boss Ross Ulbricht: Undercover agent tells all • The Register
“I said, ‘yeah, we know that’,” recalled Der-Yeghiayan. “We didn’t know that! I played it cool and said ‘that’s silkroad.com right?’ The guy said ‘nah, dot-onion, Tor.’ I said ‘Yeah, I was just testing you!’ My training officer later said ‘good interview’.”

Lmfao good one my dude, I’m sure they didn’t see thru that instantly
God, fucking narcotics cops, the most self important job in the world maybe
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january 2019 by mrled

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