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Independent Police Commission Wins - Schaaf’s, Parker Overruled
(This) enabling legislation … assures that the staff and the legal adviser will operate under the supervision of the commission and not the city administration,” said Rashidah Grinage of the Coalition for Police Accountability, speaking at the City Council meeting.

The City Council gave final approval this week to an ordinance that will allow the newly formed Police Commission to function independently of the Oakland Police Department and City Hall administrators who work closely with OPD.

The “enabling” ordinance, which passed 6-1 at Tuesday’s council meeting, lays out guidelines for the commission that were not covered in Measure LL, an amendment to the City Charter approved by 83 percent of the voters in 2016.

Voting in favor of regulations that require commission staff to report to the commission and not to the City Administrator and the City Attorney were Councilmembers Larry Reid, Rebecca Kaplan, Lynette Gibson McElhaney, Dan Kalb, Abel Guillén and Noel Gallo. Annie Campbell Washington voted no.

At its first reading at the last council meeting in June, the measure passed over the objection of the City Attorney’s office and a legal consultant hired by the City Attorney.
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The Administration of Mayor Rahm Emanuel Keeps Monitoring Protesters — ProPublica
Chicago police and City Hall tracked anti-Trump demonstrators — and now state legislators want to let them use drones.
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In “Blindspotting,” Two Artists Go Home to Examine the True Costs of Gentrification – Mother Jones
Layered with gripping monologues and meditations on police brutality, the film confronts race relations in a gentrifying city where police brutality has remained a front-and-center issue for almost a decade. Blindspotting serves as the latest silver screen homage to Oakland, premiering just weeks after Sorry to Bother You, the highly-acclaimed satire by filmmaker Boots Riley, and five years after Ryan Coogler’s Fruitvale Station, which documented the story of Oscar Grant, who was shot and killed by a white BART police officer. The Fruitvale station shooting was an inflection point for rising tensions between the police and communities of color in Oakland, and the duo says it heavily influenced the film.
Oakland  movie  police  violence 
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Body cam footage shows officers use coin toss to decide whether to arrest driver
In video of the April incident posted by Atlanta NBC-affiliate WXIA this week, 24-year-old Sarah Webb is seen being pulled over after Roswell police estimated she was driving about 85 mph in a 45 mph zone in rainy conditions.
A woman identified as officer Courtney Brown is heard in the video confronting Webb about speeding in wet conditions.
The footage then shows Brown returning to the cruiser, where she discusses with the other officer, identified as Kristee Wilson, that they do not have any speed detection technology or tickets. They then discuss whether or not to arrest Webb.
Brown proceeds to open a coin-flipping app on her phone, according to WXIA. Using the codes “A” for arrest on heads and “R” for release on tails, she then flips the virtual coin. Though the coin reportedly landed on tails, the officers decided to arrest Webb anyway.
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Probe found Fla. police chief told officers to pin unsolved crimes on random black people: report
The charges were part of a long history of targeting random people to achieve a spotless crime-solving record before an internal investigation in 2014, the Herald reported.

“If they have burglaries that are open cases that are not solved yet, if you see anybody black walking through our streets and they have somewhat of a record, arrest them so we can pin them for all the burglaries,” Officer Anthony De La Torre said as part the probe. “They were basically doing this to have a 100 percent clearance rate for the city.”

Four officers — a third of the tiny, 12-man force — admitted to an outside investigator that they felt pressured to file inaccurate charges.
racism  police  policebrutality  preschoolToPrisonPipeline 
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Mark Zuckerberg says he’s ‘fundamentally uncomfortable’ making content decisions for Facebook - Recode
“Things like, ‘Where’s the line on hate speech?’ I mean, who chose me to be the person that did that?” Zuckerberg continued. “I guess I have to, because we’re here now, but I’d rather not.”
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