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VIDEO: Oakland city attorney recommends $1 million settlement in police sex scandal claim | KRON4.com
OAKLAND (KRON) — The City of Oakland was recommended to pay nearly $1 million to settle a claim filed by the woman at the center of last year’s police sex scandal.

At Tuesday’s council meeting, City Attorney Barbara Parker’s office recommended settling the case for $989,000.

Jasmine Abuslin, formerly known as Celeste Guap, now 19, sued the city for $66 million in damages in September 2016. Absulin, who is the daughter of an Oakland police dispatcher, alleged that Oakland police officers exploited and victimized her in violation of her civil rights.

Criminal charges have been filed against four former and current Oakland police officers for allegedly knowing about her claims but failing to inform supervisors, having sex with her when she was underage and giving her confidential police information.

John Burris, the woman’s attorney, said he’s recommending that the woman accept Parker’s offer if it’s approved by the City Council.
Oakland  police  settlement  sex  scandal 
2 days ago by Quercki
"Are you illegal?" A policeman's question to a Honduran who had just been run over by a car
A 31-year-old undocumented Honduran bicyclist, Marcos Antonio Huete, was hit by a car in Key West (Florida) on his way to work. The policeman's camera shows him inquiring about the victim's immigration status before offering medical assistance. He was later detained by the Border Patrol.
immigration  legal  crime  police-state  police 
2 days ago by sfriedenberg
Turkish-trained Free Police Number 1,600 in Azaz Border Town - Syrian Observer, May 8,2017
A source, who spoke to Zaman al-Wasl on the condition of anonymity, said some high-ranking positions in the new Free Police force have been filled by civilians with little experience except for security affairs.
Mar15  police  BufferZone  Aleppo  Turkey  aid  salaries 
2 days ago by elizrael
Texas Police Department Scores 1,005-HP Chevy Corvette Z06 Cop Car - The Drive
Somewhere, Chuck Norris is jealous. 
On the off chance you think of police cars in Texas, you probably think of, well, trucks. Texas is more or less synonymous with passenger trucks; one in five pickups sold in the United States leave the lot in the state, according to Edmunds, and automakers tend to celebrate that fact by showering Texans with special-edition rigs. It's an image that's also helped by media portrayals of Western lawmen and their macho rigs, such as the Dodge Ram Chuck Norris drove while portraying Texas ranger Cordell Walker in the mid-to-late Nineties. 
police  cars  corvette 
2 days ago by rgl7194
Thinking about the 'what ifs' in light of Manchester attack | KUOW
KUOW's Jeannie Yandel spoke with Officer Simon Phillips, community engagement officer with the UW Police Department, about how to respond in a crisis and whether you should do anything differently when you go to big events.
KUOW  !UWitM  2017  Police  terrorism 
3 days ago by uwnews
A Remarkable Photo of a Protestor in Baton Rouge, Louisiana - The Atlantic
Many were equally upset that I had not spelled out that the protestor was violating the law by obstructing a highway and refusing to comply with instructions to move to the side of the road.
photo  police  atlantic 
3 days ago by jaltcoh

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