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Trident-wielding surfers ride Lake Superior waves during Polar Vortex
Photographer Devon Hains captured a slew of frozen photos featuring Daniel “Surfer Dan” Schetter and Allen Finau surfing on the Great Lake in Marquette County amid the polar vortex that swept Michigan last week.
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6 weeks ago by emkay
Ecotricity CCS | Page 3 | Speak EV - Electric Car Forums
Some are in areas without fast mobile data access, which is still a requriement for the Polar Instant App to function, so if you only have 2G or 2.5G data, then the Polar Instant App will time out before it finishes loading in the state of every chargepoint in the UK on the Polar Instant access, which it does every time you fire up the app.
Some are underground, and you probably won't get a mobile signal, so the Polar Instant App wouldn't work.
Some pre-date the legislation that required new installs to be available without a pre-existing contract (it happens that all of the ones near Warwick are accessible to Polar Instant customers).
Some chargemaster units are set up for a closed-user-group access, typically those in workplace car parks. These wouldn't show up on the map, and wouldn't be available to the Polar Instant Map, because Chargemaster try to hide the existence of these charge points from the general public.
If you happen to still have a Polar card associated with your Polar Instant account, from the days when they would happily issue cards to repeat Polar Instant customers, then the RFID will work in some places where your mobile phone app will fail. They stopped issuing RFID cards to Polar Instant customers soon after launching their Polar Plus membership scheme.
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7 weeks ago by fbotha

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