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Poland saved Europe from ACTA: can they save us from ACTA2? | Electronic Frontier Foundation
Six years ago, Polish activists flooded the streets to oppose ACTA, an incredibly damaging, secretly negotiated Internet treaty hatched in the US to push both America and its European trading partners well beyond anything that could be democratically arrived at.
Six years later, as the EU fumbles its way to an even more extreme Internet censorship proposal through the new Copyright in the Single Market Directive, the spark of rebellion is being rekindled in Poland, where the Directive is being referred to as "ACTA2."
A massive coalition of 15,000 Polish creators whose videos, photos and text are enjoyed by over 20,000,000 Poles have signed an open letter supporting the idea of a strong, creator-focused copyright and rejecting the new Copyright Directive as a direct path to censoring filters that will deprive them of their livelihoods.
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For Christmas, trains in Poland will have onboard confessionals — Quartz
According to a survey by public-polling institute CBOS, about 92% of Poles identify as Catholic. But the number of Polish Catholics taking part in religious activity is falling somewhat—in 2016, only 37% attended Mass, according to research from the church (all links above in Polish). That was a record low—the number has hovered around 40% for about a decade—but it’s important to note the unusual methodology: Each year, all parishes count Mass attendees on one chosen Sunday.

[A case study for Intro Stats discussions about study design?]
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9 days ago by civilstat
Snowlandia – World’s Largest Snow Labyrinth Opens In Poland
Snowlandia – World’s Largest Snow Labyrinth Opens In Poland on – In Poland, the Snowlandia Zakopane park invites you to discover the largest snow labyrinth in…
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