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CK: 3 tier arch, 3 environments: Lucidchart
Check out my diagram at Lucidchart. Make your own diagram or flowchart and share it with your friends. - http://lucidchart.com
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10 hours ago by dot404
QuickLens – Explore the UI, down to the Pixels
Explore the UI, down to the Pixels
Powerful Mac App to zoom into pixels, sample colors, measure distances, check alignments, and much more.
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23 days ago by interactivelogic
Phinney on Fonts » Point Size and the Em Square: Not What People Think
(Thomas Phinney on matching font sizing:)
“The catch for purposes of measurement and standardization is that while there are some restrictions on how large one can draw letters in the design space, there is no necessary and required relationship between the size of the letters and the em.”

“On average, with Latin-based languages such as English, the ‘cap height’ of capital letters is about 70% of the point size, and the ‘x-height’ of lower-case letters is about 70% of the cap height, or about half the point size. But (and I cannot stress this enough), those are only averages.”

(And here’s the heart of it:)
“So what variables does the law need to control when it wants to legislate a minimum size and legibility?

“Instead of (or even in addition to) declaring a minimum point size, one could declare both a minimum cap height (defining that as the height of the smallest of the capital letters A-Z), and a minimum x-height (defining that as the height of the smallest of the lowercase letters a-z), both in physical units. For example, one could require a cap height of at least 7 points and an x-height of at least 5 points, which would be met by 12 point type in most everyday text typefaces.”

(And then just for good measure there’s this part:)
“Adequate width also needs to be legislated. You don’t have to be a font geek to go out and license an ultracondensed font. One way of avoiding this would be to say that the total advance width of the letters a-z and A-Z, at the chosen font and size, meet some minimum. Times set at 12 pts clocks in at roughly 208 pts for A-Z and 143 pts for a-z. After checking many other fonts, I believe one could go with minimums of perhaps 162 pts (2.25’) wide for A-Z and 120 pts (1 2/3’) for a-z as minimums.”
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26 days ago by handcoding
Fitbit signs on Adidas, Blue Apron, Deezer for new rewards program | Mobile Marketer
Fitbit is testing a rewards program as the maker of wearable fitness trackers debuts four lower-priced devices. The rewards program lets wearers earn points for everyday activities like steps, sleep and active minutes, according to a company announcement.
Adidas, Blue Apron and music streaming site Deezer are among the brands that are providing rewards to Fitbit customers who participate in the program and reach their activity goals. Fitbit plans to test the program and other software features before starting a paid premium service later this year.​
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5 weeks ago by dancall

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