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Matchmaker, Make Me a Match
Hermione's wand seems to be having problems. Lo and behold, it seems Malfoy's wand is suffering the same issues. Hmmm…
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1 hour ago by Red_Paladin6
Book Review: Love And Other Words I Mispronounced — ONI MAGAZINE
"Instead of layers of irony and distance that, like with the poets referenced above, add up to a superficial, sarcastic, hipster-ish voice what this book offers is a sincere expression, beauty in vulnerability, and self-reflection and a search for truth in the aftermath of an abusive relationship."
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3 hours ago by robertogreco
So what if we’re doomed? (Down the Dark Mountain) — High Country News
" Kingsnorth embraced Jeffers’ inhumanism, and Tompkins his ideas on beauty. But the immensity of the ecocide demands more. Our grief comes from the takers and their modern machine, which is one of violence and injury. If our sanity is to survive the ecocide, we must address these two pains in tandem: grief for the loss of things to come and the injustices that surround us.

We can do this through beauty and justice, which are closer together than they first appear."

"However, he is also arguing for integrity, which is close to Jeffers’ ideal of beauty: “However ugly the parts appear the whole remains beautiful. A severed hand / Is an ugly thing, and man dissevered from the earth and stars and his history ... for contemplation or in fact ... / Often appears atrociously ugly. Integrity is wholeness, the greatest beauty is / Organic wholeness, the wholeness of life and things, the divine beauty of the universe.”

Perhaps, then, the way through the ecocide is through the pursuit of integrity, a duty toward rebalancing the whole, toward fairness, in both senses of the word."

"This is no cause for despair; it is a reminder to be meaningful, to be makers instead of takers, to be of service to something — beauty, justice, loved ones, strangers, lilacs, worms."
apocalypse  climatechange  ecology  anthropocene  additivism  2017  briancalvert  paulkingsnorth  environment  environmentalism  california  poetry  justive  beauty  via:kissane  balance  earth  wholeness  integrity  robinsonjeffers  darkmountain  multispecies  posthumanism  morethanhuman  josephcampbell  ecocide  edricketts  davidbrower  sierraclub  johnstainbeck  anseladmas  outdoors  nature  humanity  humanism  edwardabbey  hawks  animals  wildlife  interconnected  inhumanism  elainescarry  community  communities  socialjustice  culture  chile  forests  refugees  violence  douglastompkins  nickbowers  shaunamurray  ta-nehisicoates  humanrights  qigong 
3 hours ago by robertogreco
Leithart blog - Poetry that affects the body
John Ciardi (How Does a Poem Mean?, 113)) imagines a “philosophical captain” giving his men a pre-battle pep talk:

“Men of England, here at this brink of battle, let us summon to mind the triumphant image of Saint George the Dragon slayer, and with him ever in our minds as a symbol of our high heritage, let us move resolutely against the foe. Thank you.”

It’s the “Thank you” that seals this – as if the captain had to beg for the attention of his troops. A commander giving such a limp speech would probably have to beg.

Compare that with “Saint George and the Dragon for Merrie England.” This is poetic because it is muscular, a “rhythmic unit to which a man on a horse can swing his sword arm. The phrase involves the whole body in its muscular spasm. And that muscular spasm is far more important than the precise meaning of the statement. The cry is intimately linked with an action. Its function is to make the muscles twitch.”
leithart-blog  poetry 
2 days ago by xianoforange
George Moses Horton | Poetry Foundation
Born a slave on William Horton’s tobacco plantation, George Moses Horton taught himself to read. Around 1815 he began composing poems in his head, saying them aloud and “selling” them to an increasingly large crowd of buyers at the weekly Chapel Hill farmers market. Students at the nearby University of North Carolina bought his love poems and lent him books. As his fame spread, he gained the attention of Caroline Lee Whiting Hentz, a novelist and professor’s wife who transcribed his poetry and helped publish it in her hometown newspaper.
2 days ago by joek
T.S. Eliot – Ash Wednesday | Genius
Teach us to care and not to care
Teach us to sit still.
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3 days ago by suddenlyjen
RT : Share your & short films on instagram - tag & for exhibition at the…
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3 days ago by LibrariesVal
'Inside the display fridge it’s always daytime' by Valeria Tentoni — The Lifted Brow
The things in there don’t complain, don’t ask any god
to turn out the light. They wait their turn.
Some are past their use-by, but stay there all the same.
I’d like to be the Coca-Cola bottle
that I fill with water from the tap. Something that accepts its lot
without a fuss.

I live above a Chinese supermarket.
The other day I hung trousers from the window
and the wind carried them off. I had to go downstairs, had to ask permission.
They let me into the storeroom: it was like arriving
at the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
For a long time I thought the noise was from the bakery
half-way down the street. Turns out it’s not,
it’s from the Chinese place.
There’s a huge motor they use to ventilate their goods.

The things in there don’t complain, don’t ask any god for quiet.

Everything that shines is a satellite of some faint star.
Some day the star will expire
before its rays
and we’ll plummet into a foolish faith.

If there weren’t sadder things,
that would be a sad thing.
3 days ago by ineptshieldmaid

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