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Hannah Arendt on the Time She Met W.H. Auden
It seems, of course, very unlikely that the young Auden, when he decided he was going to be a great poet, knew the price he would have to pay, and I think it entirely possible that in the end—when not the intensity of his feelings and not the gift of transforming them into praise but the sheer physical strength of the heart to bear them and live with them gradually faded away—he considered the price too high. We, in any event—his audience, readers and listeners—can only be grateful that he paid his price up to the last penny for the everlasting glory of the English language. And his friends may find some consolation in his beautiful joke beyond the grave—that for more than one reason, as Spender said, “his wise unconscious self chose a good day for dying.” The wisdom to know “when to live and when to die” is not given to mortals, but Wystan, one would like to think, may have received it as the supreme reward that the cruel gods of poetry bestowed on the most obedient of their servants.
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“Giovanni”, an interview with Jamila Woods by Fatimah Asghar, on the release of her new video (for Poetry Foundation)
“I like thinking about genre as a vision, or as a filter, something you can apply to whatever you make. I intermittently write poems when I’m teaching, or if I end up in someone’s workshop, but when you also do a lot of other things you’re like, am I not a poet anymore? If I haven’t written in a while, is that part fading away? But it’s been cool to lean into my poetry as a songwriter. At the same time, when I work with other artists, that’s when I realize how much I have to grow and learn.”
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The Four Ages of Poetry - Wikipedia
The Four Ages of Poetry , an essay of 1820 by Thomas Love Peacock, was both a significant study of poetry in its own right, and the stimulus for the Defence of…
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Thomas Love Peacock - Wikipedia
Thomas Love Peacock (18 October 1785 – 23 January 1866) was an English novelist, poet, and official of the East India Company. He was a close friend of Percy…
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Late at the Library: Superjam – 50 Years of Radical Words - The British Library
Jazz poet Michael Horovitz has been performing, writing, publishing and re-consitituting the literary applecart since the late 1950s. His appearance at the International Poetry Incarnation in 1965 alongside Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso and Lawrence Ferlinghetti remains landmark counter-cultural moment. For this event he re-ignites his Bankbusted Nuclear Detergent Blues project, recorded in 2014 with Paul Weller and tonight’s guest musicians Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon.
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