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Don Coles, 90, a revered poet who wrote mind-expanding verse - The Globe and Mail
Less well known is how Mr. Coles, who only published his own first book when he was in his late 40s, quietly mentored other struggling writers. Flashing an acerbic red pen is an easy way to dominate, but Mr. Coles, who was never interested in scoring cheap points, always sought out something he could praise – an intriguing phrase or an incisive metaphor.
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“June” | The New Yorker
this is a very good poem about the best day in new york
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How thousands of songs composed in concentration camps are finding new life - Meagan Flynn (Washington Post)
Ilse Weber, a Jewish poet, was imprisoned at the concentration camp at
Terezin in German-occupied Czechoslovakia when she wrote a song called
“When I Was Lying Down in Terezin’s Children’s Clinic.”
The song was about caring for sick children at the camp where Weber worked
as a nurse. She had little-to-no medicine available. But she had her poetry
and her music — some of which her husband managed to salvage by hiding the
written verses in a garden shed after her death at Auschwitz in 1944.
“When I Was Lying Down” was among the songs he saved. For decades it was
just lyrics on paper tucked away in storage, the song’s melody unknown. But
Jewish Italian musicologist and pianist Francesco Lotoro has devoted his
life to unearthing thousands of songs and scores written during the
Holocaust. Lotoro found the one person who remembered how it went: Aviva
Bar-On, who, 70 years earlier, was Weber’s patient as a girl at the
concentration camp.
On Sunday, Bar-On performed the song from memory before an audience of
thousands in Jerusalem, including Israel’s prime minister and dozens of
fellow Holocaust survivors and their descendants. It was among 11 songs
performed at the concert, called Notes of Hope
<https://www.jnf.co.uk/notes-of-hope/>, representing a mere snapshot of
Lotoro’s 30-year search for the music of the Holocaust. The concert,
organized by the Jewish National Fund U.K. <https://www.jnf.co.uk/news/>
and conducted by Lotoro, marked Israel’s 70th birthday.
One man he visited several years ago started recalling the song sung by
Polish Jews on a train bound for a concentration camp.
“I had to be careful, asking him to sing to me one, two, three or four
times,” Lotoro said. “Sometimes it can be hard for them. He remembered the
melody. It was a beautiful melody, a fantastic melody. The melody gives it
When Lotoro first met Bar-On in Tel Aviv, he said, it was months before she
could remember Ilse Weber’s song in its entirety. But the more they talked
with each visit, the more it came back to her, he said.
“She was a wonderful, smiling lady,” Bar-On said of Weber in an interview
with the Guardian
after the concert. “She played the mandolin and sang. Some of her songs
were very funny. Now I’m the only one in the world who remembers them.”
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Caroline Crew is Cyrus's wife. She is a poet. This is her website.
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