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Nones on Sunday by Joseph Mirra | Articles | First Things
One day I woke up and became a None;
It gave me lots more time to think and pray.
3 days ago by fairyrevel
Hyperobjects for Artists
A book of theory, essays, stories, and poems released in association with the exhibition Hyperobjects at Ballroom Marfa, which explores the overwhelming scale of today’s ecological crisis.
hyperobjects  objects  theory  essays  stories  poems  ecology  crisis  TimothyMorton 
3 days ago by stjp
Sean Ziebarth on Twitter: "The effects of outlining on writing. Via “Several short sentences about writing” by Verlyn Klinkenborg #teachwriting #aplangchat #2ndaryela #elachat #engchat… https://t.co/iu9kcxup0F"
"The effects of outlining on writing.
Via “Several short sentences about writing” by Verlyn Klinkenborg
[https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/93789/several-short-sentences-about-writing-by-verlyn-klinkenborg/9780307279415 ]
#teachwriting #aplangchat #2ndaryela #elachat #engchat

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In the outline and draft model of writing, thinking is largely done up front.
Outlining means organizing the sequence of your meanings, not your sentences.
It derogates the making of sentences.
It ignores the suddenness of thought,
The surprises to be found in the making of sentences.
It knows nothing of the thoughtfulness you'll discover as you work.

It prevents discovery within the act of writing.
It says, planning is one thing, writing another,
And discovery has nothing to do with it.
It overemphasizes logic and chronology
Because they offer apparently "natural" structures.
It preserves the cohesiveness of your research
And leaves you with a heap of provisional sentences,
Which are supposed to sketch the thoughts you've already outlined.

It fails to realize that writing comes from writing."

[later: "I can’t believe I’ve survived the past six years without “Several Short Sentences About Writing” by Verlyn Klinkenborg. #zen #wordnerd"

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"There's nothing permanent in the state of being written down.
Your sentences, written down, are in the condition of waiting to be examined.

You commit yourself to each sentence as you make it,
And to each sentence as you fix it,
Retaining the capacity to change everything and
Always remembering to work from the small-scale—The scale of the sentence—upward.

Rejoicing and despair aren't very good tools for revising.
Curiosity, patience, and the ability to improvise are.
So is the ability to remain open to the work and let it remain open to you.

Don't confuse order with linearity.
You'll find more than enough order in the thought, and sentences that interest you.
By order I mean merely connections—
Some close, some oblique, some elliptical—
Order of any kind you choose to create, any way you choose to move."]
seanziebarth  verlynklinkenborg  writing  outlines  howwewrite  unschooling  deschooling  drafts  meaning  thinking  howwethink  sentences  poems  poetry  scale  linearity  order  thought  connections  meaningmaking  2018 
12 days ago by robertogreco
sushila-gupta | nxsvns
https://nxsvns.wordpress.com/2018/10/04/sushila-gupta/ ;;;
https://wp.me/p2lv2v-bI ;;;
tags: nxsvns wordPress link to page with poems and essays by SXG sushila gupta sushilaGupta ;;;
nxsvns  wordPress  link  to  page  with  poems  and  essays  by  SXG  sushila  gupta  sushilaGupta 
18 days ago by neerajsinghvns
The Waste Land: Five Limericks [by Wendy Cope]

In April one seldom feels cheerful;
Dry stones, sun and dust make me fearful;
Clairvoyantes distress me,
Commuters depress me--
Met Stetson and gave him an earful.
19 days ago by ahall
Webcam Poetry -- Joe McAlister
Webcam poetry is a project that uses dense captioning and my own generative poetry engine to create expressive poetry based on live camera streams...
art  online  internet  2018  jomcalister  poems  poetry  web  webcams 
25 days ago by atran
It’s Not Like Nikola Tesla Knew All of Those People Were Going to Die
The only difference between sunsets and funerals
is whether or not a town mistakes the howls
of a crying woman for madness.
poetry  poem  poems 
26 days ago by missparker
A sad, sad thought went by me slowly:
Sigh, O you little stars! O sigh and shake your blue apparel!
5 weeks ago by famkejnell
I laid down on the grass
and it swallowed me whole
little blades
green crawling through my nose
tiny clover sing song in my ears
as the marigolds and the dandelions
coiled a crown through my hair
and I cried for my evolution
half way understanding
poems  *favorites 
5 weeks ago by famkejnell
Knot of gnarly wood
of twisted vines
and putrid mud

Rot of fall and floods
of frosted fields
awaiting snow

Thoughts of winding roads
of daring strolls
past haunted homes
and creaking trees

The season of the cold winds
5 weeks ago by famkejnell
August 26, 2018


i.m. Anthony Bourdain
poems  napomo 
6 weeks ago by moireach

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