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Podcast: trovarli è facile con Podzinger
Un potente motore di ricerca mirato esclusivamente ai podcast
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october 2011 by dulcimer
EveryZing Introduces Multimedia Optimization Tools For Publishers, SEOs
speech-to-text recognition to spawn pages of searchengine-optimised transcripts of video and audio... interesting development!
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february 2008 by pascalvanhecke
EVERYZING - the world's premiere audio and video search engine.
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october 2007 by psychemedia
The Sorry State Of Podcast Search
"I don't get why podcast search isn't more supported by the major search engines." Maybe there's less money to be made...
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october 2007 by pascalvanhecke
Study: Video Ads Should Be Short, Relevant
The research revealed that consumers prefer 10- to 15-second ads. one minute on average for video compared to three minutes for audio clips. For longer content, like a 7.5-minute video or 22-minute audio, consumers tend only to play the first 15 percent o
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november 2006 by gugelproductions

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