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Headliner - Promote your podcast, radio show or blog with video
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yesterday by actionhero
How to Create a Great Podcast, According to the Professionals
Starting your own podcast is hard. Making your podcast better is even harder. And a lot of advice out there is too vague. How do you make it more interesting? How do you identify your target audience? So we asked 14 successful podcasters one question: What’s a podcasting tip that most people don’t think about? Here’s what they said.
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9 days ago by kger
Werk It 2018: The Podcast: Werk It Survey: What Podcasting Pays Now | WNYC Studios | Podcasts
Panels, sessions and events by and for women podcasters from Werk It: A Women’s Podcast Festival in 2018.

Both cities (Los Angeles & NYC) came in with median hourly pay at $40-44/hr (corresponding to $72K to $80K as an annual salary), while the remaining top ten media market cities (Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas-Fort Worth, Washington DC, Houston, San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose, Boston, and Atlanta) posted median hourly pay at $35-39/hr (corresponding to $63K to $72K as an annual salary), and podcasters elsewhere clocked $30-34/hr (corresponding to $55K to $62K as an annual salary).
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15 days ago by yolandaenoch
Barack and Michelle Obama to produce podcasts for Spotify - BBC News
Former US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle have agreed to produce a series of podcasts for music streaming platform Spotify.

The couple's production company, Higher Ground, announced on Thursday a multi-year partnership with the music giant.

Under the deal, they will "develop, produce, and lend their voices" to podcasts distributed worldwide.
19 days ago by lwhlihu

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