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How podcasts became a seductive—and sometimes slippery—mode of storytelling • The New Yorker
Rebecca Mead looks at Serial and the millions of other podcasts, and their sometimes unreliable narration, with this sidetrack on monetisation:
<p>Podcasting has offered advertisers a new means of reaching demographically targeted consumers. Many podcasts feature extended endorsements, read by the host, that often include a discount code for a product or service. For listeners accustomed to a separation between advertising and editorial, the blurring of lines can be disconcerting (or embarrassing, such as when podcast hosts like Joe Rogan and Tim Ferriss expound on how much they enjoy wearing Me Undies). For advertisers that have spent heavily on podcasts, like the omnipresent Casper and Blue Apron, the effectiveness of such campaigns can be measured in increased sales. A representative for Blue Apron, which has launched its own branded podcast, “Why We Eat What We Eat,” in addition to advertising on hundreds of shows, told me, “We view podcasts less as an advertising channel and more as a content channel to win new customers and engage existing customers.”

Podcast advertising remains a relatively new science. Producers and advertisers can instantly tabulate how many times a show has been downloaded, but it’s harder to ascertain how many people have listened to the whole thing. A commercial marketplace puts pressure on podcasters to create content that can attract millions of listeners, which does not necessarily make for the strongest, or most subtle, content. Linsky, with some frustration, noted that it doesn’t matter much to an advertiser if a podcast takes an hour to record or months to report; all that matters is whether it attracts a lot of listeners. New ways of monetizing podcasts are being explored, including a paid-subscription model; apps such as Stitcher Premium offer ad-free listening and bonus episodes.</p>
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Retail TouchPoints: Holiday Insights Podcast: Extending The Value Of Pop-Ups After They Shut Down - Brian Solis
Industry publication Retail TouchPoints recently did a podcast episode on the subject of pop-up stores and how their benefits can be extended past their closing date, and featured Brian Solis talking on the subject.
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is the new doudou. Faites du bien à vos oreilles. Ce soir, essayez-nous !
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Elson - Adoptez les sons magnétiques
is the new doudou. Faites du bien à vos oreilles. Ce soir, essayez-nous !
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Audiobooks and Podcasts: Friend or Foe? - Publishing Trends
Smart speakers, also referred to as voice-first devices, are seen by many as a boon to the audiobook industry. “Everyone who has a smart speaker has an audiobookstore in their home,” says Penguin Random House Audio President Amanda D’Acierno. With more sophisticated syncing now available, consumers can purchase audiobooks on a phone, computer or smart speaker and then read on all those platforms wherever they left off. The same is not yet true with podcasts, because at the moment it depends on which mobile apps are compatible with the smart speaker, though interoperability will undoubtedly expand.
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Pandora Podcast Beta
are coming to and its 78M users 👏
You can subscribe to the beta version here:
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📣 On s'approche doucement des 100.000 écoutes depuis le début du , pour l'occasion un épisode spécial se pr…
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