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Hört endlich mit eurem narzisstischen Podcast-Gelaber auf! - watson
Ich kann's nicht mehr hören. Wirklich. Also wirklich nicht. Dass «so ein Podcast schnell gemacht ist», haben sich in den letzten zwei Jahren ungefähr alle Medienmenschen zwischen Wien und Zürich gedacht. Kaum ein Blog, kaum eine Influencerin, die heute noch ohne auskommt. via Pocket
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3 days ago by hansdorsch
RYW 208-Raising Capital for your Real Estate Projects and Business – Refresh Your Wealth
Join Mat and Mark as they discuss several options to raise money and do it legally without going to jail. They have consulted thousands of clients over the past 15 years helping them bring on partners, lenders and investors into their businesses and projects. It’s critical to be careful in the methods you use to inject capital in your real estate projects or business. In this show, you will not only learn numerous options for raising money, but also some of the biggest pitfalls that could land you in hot water. LLC money raise
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4 days ago by Chirael

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