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Why Apple bought Texture | iMore
Apple just bought Texture, the all-you-can-read magazine app...
But what does that mean for current Texture users (including on Android) and for Apple News? In the age of fake news, extremist click-bait, bots, and bubbles, will anyone really care about trusted sources and sustainable publishing? And how much does Apple really care, given neither News nor Texture are available in more than half-a-handful of countries?
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19 hours ago by rgl7194
Just The Tip
The Just The Tip comedy podcast, featuring Amy Jane Gruber and Paul Kafasis.
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2 days ago by segfault
You're the Expert
You're the Expert features three hilarious comedians trying to guess what a scientist studies all day. It's a live show and a podcast hosted by Chris Duffy.
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2 days ago by segfault
Your Daily Lex: A daily podcast from Lex Friedman
This is a daily podcast from the Internet's own Lex Friedman.

Topics include whatever Lex feels like discussing.

The show is generally no longer than five minutes. Your feedback is welcome.
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2 days ago by segfault
Transcription tool.
2 days ago by jalada
Christine Dancke har laget en veldig fin podcast sammen med psykolog og forfatter Carina Poulsen, som godt kunne vært pensum på VGS!
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2 days ago by danmichaelo
The 1st episode of my new business , 99 Light Bulbs, is now live! Join me as I talk to Paul Jarvis ()…
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2 days ago by sillygwailo
The Checklist 80: Digital Legacies - SecureMac
For all our listeners of The Checklist, it is no secret that we are strong advocates for security. Usually, we come on this show to talk about how to secure your digital life and keep unauthorized individuals from snooping through your information. Security is important, and in just about every situation, it’s not just desirable — it’s necessary. There is one unfortunate scenario, though, when it quickly causes problems: when you’re not around anymore to enter your password or walk through the reset process.
On today’s show, we’re thinking about the digital legacies we leave behind after we pass. It might seem like an unusual subject; when was the last time it was something you considered? Yet that’s exactly why we need to think about it; with more of our lives “going online” and treasure troves of valuable and necessary personal information and paperwork now stored behind passwords and encryption, we need to consider how to make it properly accessible when your family needs it most. Today we’re discussing ways that allows your loved ones to reach important information in the event of your death. On our list for today:
Make sure family can access your devices
Store important information securely
Backups can be critical
Different service providers, different rules
Digital property
podcast  security  privacy  RIP  digital  legal  passwords  data 
2 days ago by rgl7194

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