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Descript - Transcription and Audio Editing
escript is powered by Google Speech, which means you get state-of-the-art transcription accuracy. Audio is synced to text, so you can always hear the sound beneath the words - and search audio by searching text. If you need the perfection that only human-powered transcription can provide, upgrade to White Glove for 24 hour turnaround, just $1 per minute of audio.
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22 hours ago by mandarine
♫ Episode #83 – Daniel Spreadbury on Music Notation Software | The Next Track
We welcome Daniel Spreadbury to discuss the software that composers use to put their notes onto virtual paper.
This week’s guest:
Daniel Spreadbury, Dorico
Show notes:
ARM processor
An original score of a fugue by Johann Sebastian Bach
A score by William Byrd
German organ tablature
French-style lute tablature
Bach’s unfinished fugue
Real book
A shakuhachi score
Our next tracks:
Kirk: Stan Richardson: Shakuhachi Meditation Music
Doug: 10cc: Sheet Music
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23 hours ago by rgl7194
An Overview of the Mac's Most Important Built-in Security Features - SecureMac
For this week’s show, we’re back to talking about the Mac — more specifically, addressing some of the most important security features baked directly into macOS. What steps has Apple taken to keep users safe, and what tools are there to make sure we’re all enjoying our Macs safely and securely? Perhaps you know someone who is about to get a new Mac, or maybe you’re even the one giving it as a gift for the holidays! Being able to learn about staying safe on a new machine is important. Just as important, though, is that you understand these security features too. So, whether it’s your curiosity or someone else that’s focused on the security of macOS, we’re here to help you become more familiar with them.
Today, we’ll be hitting several topics in rapid succession, so buckle up — our topics include:
Understanding Gatekeeper
What is System Integrity Protection?
The importance of XProtect
Sandboxing: how it works
Firewalls: what do they do?
Secure Kernel Extension Loading explained
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yesterday by rgl7194
In my remarks below think I may speak for more than one host on the issue of today here in…
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