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I've Found a New Baby - knight_tracer, thefourthvine - Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch [Archive of Our Own]
“Peter, what --” he began, and then he saw the baby I was cautiously unwrapping on the table that I think, once upon a time, was for visitors’ attache cases.

He blinked. I felt him cast something complex and subtle, something I hadn’t even seen him use before, maybe a seventh-order spell. Nothing happened, and his brow wrinkled slightly. “That’s a real infant,” he said, his tone flat and just a little disbelieving.

“The crying was my first clue,” I said, and pulled back the last fold of the blanket.
fic  podfic  author:thefourthvine  podficcer:knight_tracer  slash  rivers.of.london  thomas.nightingale  peter.grant  peter/nightingale  baby.acquisition  kidfic  pod_together 
august 2017 by partofthewhole
an end, a start - knight_tracer, lady_ragnell - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
After the war against the First Order ends, everyone seems to want something from Rey, but all she wants is time to figure out what she wants. Finn and Poe propose a marriage that will keep everyone at bay until she's ready, and it seems like a good idea. The only danger is that she's really in love with them.
fic  ot3  author:lady_ragnell  podfic  podficcer:knight_tracer  star.wars:the.force.awakens  finn  rey  poe.dameron  finn/poe/rey  marriage.of.convenience  pod_together 
august 2017 by partofthewhole
Sibelius's Eighth - idellaphod, lirin - Oxford Time Travel Universe - Connie Willis [Archive of Our Own]
Ever since the net had reopened to objects, Dunworthy had been given plenty of suggestions for what could be retrieved. A script for a lost play, books from a lost library...or the sheet music for a lost symphony.
fic  podfic  author:lirin  podficcer:idellaphod  gen  connie.willis  james.dunworthy  pod_together  oxford.time.travel  to.say.nothing.of.the.dog 
august 2017 by partofthewhole
From the Voicemail of the British Government - in_the_bottle, lavvyan, podlizzie - Sherlock (TV), Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms [Archive of Our Own]
No Archive Warnings ApplySherlock Holmes/John WatsonSherlock Holmes John Watson Mycroft Holmes Original Female CharacterPodfic & Podficced Works Community: pod-together Implied Relationships POV Outsider Surveillance

A week in the life of two of Mycroft's minions as they report to his voicemail.

Written by lavvyan, narrated by in_the_bottle and podlizzie.

Please be aware that this story is explicitly meant to be listened to, not read. Thanks! :)
5-eng  #2k  @totag  author-lavvyan  reader-podlizzie  reader-in_the_bottle  podfic  pod_together  gen  lemonless  sherlock  character-original  sherlock-mycroft  sherlock-john  sherlock-sherlock  element-voicemail  humor  sliceoflife  @rec  @fav  @viarec 
october 2013 by jiele
Cautionary Tales
The Inuit tribes from Repulse Bay have a story about a gluttonous half-wolf, the noisy ptarmigan, and the hare that got away.
podfic  no_text  c:podfic_lover  b:none  pod_together  benton_fraser  diefenbaker  ray_kowalski  due_south  post_cotw  camping  benton_fraser_ray_kowalski  pg13  2013  traditional_storytelling 
september 2013 by akamine_chan
anchors and stars
Gerard knew nothing but the ocean. He was born to the sea, he would die among the waves, and in between he would live his life in her cool embrace. It was the way of his people, from the beginning of time.
podfic  c:rhea314  pod_together  jersey_shore  b:andeincascade  b:lucifuge5  gerard_way  mikey_way  frank_iero  bandom  my_chemical_romance  merfolk  undersea  transformation  1001-5000  frank_iero_gerard_way  pg13  2013  pining  mythical_creatures 
september 2013 by akamine_chan
The hotel room was trashed. Okay, maybe not in the more traditional rock-star sense of trashed—all the furniture was still there and nothing looked broken. But there were pizza boxes stacked on every available surface and scattered across the floor were fast food containers, candy wrappers and junk food packaging. Gerard took another step into the room and a mostly empty Dorito bag crinkled underfoot.
b:andeincascade  b:lucifuge5  pod_together  gerard_way  frank_iero  my_chemical_romance  bandom  gift:shinetheway  consent_play  1001-5000  podfic  c:shinetheway  frank_iero_gerard_way  nc17  2012  restraint  domination_submission  teasing  dirty_talk  ND 
september 2012 by akamine_chan
Time and Relative Perspectives in Space - cantarina, MoragMacPherson, nickelmountain, weimar27 - Doctor Who, Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
"Tall Tales" four years later. With an unearthly twist. Notes: Fandoms: Doctor Who and Supernatural Written by moragmacpherson Performed by cantarina as Sam Winchester, weimar27 as Dean Winchester, nickelmountain as The Tenth Doctor Story Betas: callowyn & switchbladesis NB: DSP = Dean from Sam's POV; SDP = Sam from Dean's POV
author-moragmacpherson  pod_together  crossover  supernatural  supernatural-samanddean  gen  humor  drwho  drwho-ten  +podfic  @rec  5-eng  @viarec 
july 2012 by jiele

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