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For the love of god, stop retweeting that 18thc Men Banned Ladies’ Pockets nonsense and read this instead.
1/ Right. Pockets. We seem to keep needing to do this. Without going into the-lack-of-pockets-in-female-clothing-now (economics; fast fashion; design), here's some Thoughts on Early-Mid Nineteenth Century Pockets, including book excerpts
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8 weeks ago by amy
Pocket Conspiracies: Explaining the lack of pockets on women's clothing.
It’s not news to any of us that still, in 2017, women’s clothing either completely lacks the potential for a pouch or, even worse, has COUNTERFEIT POCKETS that inspire a millisecond of hope before crushing your dreams when you realise it only has a depth of two centimetres.

But historically, women have always been deprived of pockets. And the reason why is disturbing.

In a piece on Racked, journalist Chelsea Summers puts it most simply when she writes, "the less women could carry, the less freedom they had".

Think about that for a second.

LISTEN: Maggie Alderson on fiction, Anna Wintour and fashion after 40. Post continues...

Before the seventeenth century, both men and women's clothing weren't conducive to pockets, and both genders would have to add purses or bags to their attire. But towards the eighteenth century, men's clothing all of a sudden got pockets. Women, of course, were left behind.

"Take away pockets happily hidden under garments," writes Summers, "and you limit women’s ability to navigate public spaces, to carry seditious (or merely amorous) writing, or to travel unaccompanied".

In the mid to late 1800s, as women were fighting for liberation, pockets were introduced to clothing. Pockets represented independence - as did the pants women started to wear. Post war, however, pockets went out of fashion, in an effort to make women's silhouettes 'thinner' and more feminine, whatever that means.
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RT : This guy helps run the Canary, the main Corbynista website
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march 2018 by gaelicWizard
Tweets with replies by Ashley Bischoff (@openapple) | Twitter
“2yo referred to her coat pockets as ‘snack holes’ and this is what I shall forever call them”
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