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Women's Pockets are Inferior.
Oh wow. Mind blown.

"For women, it was (and still is) about equality. Pockets, unlike purses, are hidden, private spaces. By restricting the space in which women can keep things safe and retain mobility of both hands, we are also restricting their ability to “navigate public spaces, to carry seditious (or merely amorous) writing, or to travel unaccompanied.” If you think this idea is outdated, think about the last time a woman asked her boyfriend/male friend/anyone in men’s pants to carry her phone/wallet/keys on an outing.

So women, we’ve got a right to be upset. The data proves it.

What do we want? Functional pockets. When do we want it? NOW, but really like several centuries ago."
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5 weeks ago by alexpriest
Drumroll please.
Episode 3 of Articles of Interest is about
pockets  from twitter_favs
6 weeks ago by simonbronson
James Alan Gardner on Twitter: "Facts: 1. A huge number of women want clothes with pockets. 2. Few stores sell women’s clothes that have pockets. Conclusion: Capitalism isn’t as shit-hot as it thinks it is."
“1. A huge number of women want clothes with pockets.
“2. Few stores sell women’s clothes that have pockets.

“Capitalism isn’t as shit-hot as it thinks it is.”
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10 weeks ago by handcoding
Long suspected, now proven | MetaFilter
Another potential option for pants with pockets?
“Ureshii will put pockets in almost any of their dresses and skirts. Pants, too, and the hoodies. Ureshii is a fine company and I wear the hell out of everything I have by them. I can't wear a lot of it to work on days when I have meetings, but most days, it's just me alone in my office.”
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12 weeks ago by handcoding
Long suspected, now proven | MetaFilter
Some potential pocket ideas?
“Hm. This is what I got from searching "pockets women's clothing." Five pages of searches, pruned down to the most usable/actually uses the word "pockets" results. Most of the links were just to shopping websites with no actual pocket mentions.”
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12 weeks ago by handcoding

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