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James Alan Gardner on Twitter: "Facts: 1. A huge number of women want clothes with pockets. 2. Few stores sell women’s clothes that have pockets. Conclusion: Capitalism isn’t as shit-hot as it thinks it is."
“1. A huge number of women want clothes with pockets.
“2. Few stores sell women’s clothes that have pockets.

“Capitalism isn’t as shit-hot as it thinks it is.”
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19 days ago by handcoding
Long suspected, now proven | MetaFilter
Another potential option for pants with pockets?
“Ureshii will put pockets in almost any of their dresses and skirts. Pants, too, and the hoodies. Ureshii is a fine company and I wear the hell out of everything I have by them. I can't wear a lot of it to work on days when I have meetings, but most days, it's just me alone in my office.”
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28 days ago by handcoding
Long suspected, now proven | MetaFilter
Some potential pocket ideas?
“Hm. This is what I got from searching "pockets women's clothing." Five pages of searches, pruned down to the most usable/actually uses the word "pockets" results. Most of the links were just to shopping websites with no actual pocket mentions.”
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28 days ago by handcoding
Long suspected, now proven | MetaFilter
Ooh—more potential pocket options:
“Being a tall lady with large quads, I rotate between three pairs of Eddie Bauer curvy jeans and three pairs of REI lightweight hiking pants. All have larger pockets than what I find in the fashion stores and all fit my iPhone 8 and my keys.”
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28 days ago by handcoding
Long suspected, now proven | MetaFilter
Ooh—more on pants that have pockets:
“I don't know if anyone else has mentioned Duluth Trading Womens Pants. Their NoGa pants and line of work pants offer pockets, including a back-thigh "pointy things pocket", which fits my cell perfectly and does not interrupt my "line". They have zipper pockets, and tiny hidden pockets that honestly are worthless, but some pants will offer five pockets for your needs. They also offer dresses that will have usually a hidden side seam pocket. Their items are quality and long lasting and comfortable as heck.”
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28 days ago by handcoding
Long suspected, now proven | MetaFilter
(Some potential options for dresses with pockets?)
“3) dresses with pockets. Basically 80% of my wardrobe is now Boden dresses.

“In the fall when I hit the depths of pants desperation I am going to try Duluth Trading Company pants - they seem to have many pocket options and the ability to choose inseam lengths.”
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28 days ago by handcoding
Long suspected, now proven | MetaFilter
“There's a 4-in one dress from Betabrand (reversible inside/out and front/back) that's really great AND has pockets. It's basically two full dresses sown together, so the skirt is double-layered. But I did have to train myself to not fret over the fact that two sets of side seam pockets, one for each layer, made my hips look bigger because of all the extra fabric. And in fact, some of the reviews/comments about the dress on their website complained about the pockets for the same reason. So part of the problem is not just the lack of/tiny pockets, but the origin of it which is heaven forbid a woman's body look anything other than as thin as possible. Even though intellectually I know that's garbage, I'm a bit pear-shaped to begin with and DO have to fight this internal desire for my lower half to look thinner. “
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28 days ago by handcoding
Long suspected, now proven | MetaFilter
“Like so many things on the internet, we could find complaints and anecdotes galore but little data illustrating just how inferior women’s pockets really are to men’s. So, we went there. We measured the pockets in both men’s and women’s pants in 20 of the US’ most popular blue jeans brands. Take a look at what we found.”
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28 days ago by handcoding
Women's Pockets are Inferior.
“We measured the pockets in both men’s and women’s pants in 20 of the US’ most popular blue jeans brands. Take a look at what we found.”
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28 days ago by handcoding
Women's Pockets are Inferior.
What do we want? Functional pockets. When do we want it? NOW, but really like several centuries ago.
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4 weeks ago by sspela
What Do Women Referees Wear? - The Atlantic
The lack of appropriate clothing for female sports officials is a widespread problem. When Sarah Thomas, the first female NFL referee, was hired in 2015, the league had to figure out what uniform she would wear, since they only made them in men’s sizes. And not having appropriate uniforms hinders female officials in significant ways. Having pants that fit properly can help add height, which matters when a 5’6 female official is trying to establish on-field authority with a 6’2 male player. And if a woman doesn’t look as polished as the men on her officiating team, she can immediately appear out of place—a perception women are already trying to shake. “It’s hard enough being a female and walking out on that ball field and giving everybody the impression you belong there,” Ila Valcarcel, a baseball umpire, told me. “They don’t know you, so your impression is what they get to see and if what they see is equipment and clothing that don’t fit, you already have one strike against you.”

...In the male-dominated field of professional baseball umpiring, there are few mentors who can help women dress: Only eight women have ever umpired in the minor leagues, and there has never been a woman umpire at the major-league level. “For us, that’s half the battle right away, just presenting as polished and professional,” said Perry Barber, who has been an umpire for 38 years.

Sports officiating isn’t the only field that has failed to consider women’s bodies when making uniforms. Some women who play sports themselves find it difficult to find the right equipment. While there are shoulder pads made explicitly for women who play tackle football, some smaller players have trouble finding pads that both fit and are constructed to withstand adult impact; junior-sized shoulder pads may fit adult women well, but they aren’t built to take the kind of hits dished out in an adult league like the Women’s Football Alliance.

...Female professionals in non-sports fields contend with ill-fitting attire, too. With women making up more than half of all medical-school students in the U.S., it makes sense that they should be able to find lab coats that fit. Having a properly fitting coat is also important for scientists, who sometimes work with dangerous chemicals and are put at risk if parts of their skin are exposed. In a story for Racked last year, though, Alexandra Bausch wrote that most lab coats aren’t designed with women in mind. Even when lab coats are made specifically for women, they’re often a smaller version of men’s coats, which fail to take into consideration differences in women’s wardrobes, such as lower cuts on the necklines of shirts.

The dearth of women’s clothing for certain professions reflects a broader numbers issue: The fields with limited clothing choices for women—sports, science—tend to be ones in which women are underrepresented. While women have made leaps in many fields, they still have a long way to go when it comes to officiating. And for many apparel companies, it doesn’t make business sense to carry items that don’t seem likely to sell well. Scott Kennedy, a business-development specialist at Ump-Attire.com, which provides uniforms for Minor League Baseball as well as other sports attire, said in an email, “We make multiple requests with manufacturers to fill the female’s industry needs, but the minimums”—the number of items required in a bulk order—“are so high that it’s not economically feasible” to offer many options for women.

The FHSAA began a new contracting partnership with multiple uniform suppliers, as opposed to the single supplier it had worked with in the past. Of the uniform suppliers from which FHSAA officials can now purchase logoed clothing, a couple of their websites advertise women’s shirt sizes for some FHSAA sports, and some items can be made upon request. Still, no FHSAA-logoed pants, or umpire equipment, seem to be available in women’s sizes. It’s an improvement, but, as far as Grubb is concerned, not a big enough one.

Not long ago, Grubb followed up with Hernandez, of the FHSAA, to ask that the absence of women’s clothing be addressed at the association’s annual conference. Hernandez promised a discussion but added, “We tried to base our decision on what was best for our associations as a whole and not based on a specific gender.” Refereeing is a shrinking field, though, and it’s hard to recruit women when there isn’t clothing available that fits them.
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7 weeks ago by thegrandnarrative
For the love of god, stop retweeting that 18thc Men Banned Ladies’ Pockets nonsense and read this instead.
1/ Right. Pockets. We seem to keep needing to do this. Without going into the-lack-of-pockets-in-female-clothing-now (economics; fast fashion; design), here's some Thoughts on Early-Mid Nineteenth Century Pockets, including book excerpts
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june 2018 by fjordaan

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