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Color Cycle Survey
A color cycle is an ordered set of colors used for plotting categorical data for visualization. Unfortunately, most existing color cycles are not colorblind-friendly. This is an issue since a significant fraction of those viewing a particular plot may be colorblind, especially in fields with diversity shortcomings. This survey was conceived out of frustration with this status quo, in particular with the default color cycle of the Matplotlib plotting library widely use in physics. The technical aspect of this can be resolved by enforcing minimum perceptual distances between colors, both for normal color vision and for various types of simulated color vision deficiencies, a technique that was also used by an earlier effort that created a colorblind-friendly color cycle picker.

The above mentioned technique was used to randomly generate 10 000 color sets each of six, eight, and ten color sets, which have minimum perceptual and lightness distances enforced (see this blog post for details); full deuteranopia, protanopia, and tritanopia simulations were used. However, this leaves the aesthetic aspect, which is where this survey comes in. The goal of this survey is to crowd-source the information needed to generate aesthetically pleasing color cycles that are also colorblind-friendly. Randomly generated color sets and cycles, which have a minimum perceptual distance enforced between colors, are presented for the user to choose the most pleasing one. These data will then be used to train a model to generate aesthetically pleasing color cycles. Additionally, once anonymized, the collected data will be released under a permissive license.
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2 days ago by bezthomas
eclarke/ggbeeswarm: Column scatter / beeswarm-style plots in ggplot2
Column scatter / beeswarm-style plots in ggplot2. Contribute to eclarke/ggbeeswarm development by creating an account on GitHub.
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6 days ago by cutterkom
Visualizing Multivariate Data with Radviz
In Radviz, each dimension in the dataset is represented by a dimensional anchor, and each dimensional anchor is distributed evenly on a unit circle. Each line in the data set corresponds to a point in the projection, that is linked to every dimensional anchor by a spring. Each spring’s stiffness corresponds to the value for that particular thing in that particular dimension. The position of the point is defined as the point in the 2D space where the spring’s tension is minimum.
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9 days ago by cjitlal
A Midnight Clear - bazooka
No one knew who it was. The name Krampus had been given ages ago to… to whoever it was that was wreaking havoc across the solar system. It came from an old Earth story, one of the companions to Santa Claus. Krampus, the demon who carried chains and a bundle of birch branches and a sack slung over his shoulder to drag bad children to Hell. Maybe it had been a news story, some over-excited journalist trying their hand at giving out code names. Maybe it had been someone whispering behind their hand in the mess hall of a military base. Maybe it had been in a leaked memo released org-wide in one of the thousands of crime conglomerates littering the system. Wherever it had come from, it had stuck - and now Krampus was everywhere.
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28 days ago by melodiousb

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